Daily ritual reading of t least five selected Sikh religious texts – also called Panj Bani Paath.  Many people ask about the Nitnem, about what we should do daily.  For most people the Shabad Nitnem nowadays means Panj Bani Paath.  … Read More


Literaly homeless, but it doesn’t mean the person who doesn’t have a place to live.  Nithawan means the person who has given back everything to the Giver – Akal Purakh.  That we dont care about our worldy land and properties. 

Nishkaam Seva

Service without any desire for reward or recognition.  The ones who dedicate themselves to Nishkaam Seva – service without any demands, unconditional love for the SatGur, are transformed into a Sat Hirda.  The real divine service – Seva is the … Read More


Without hate.  God in the SatGur has no animosity with anyone.  He has no enemies.  He doesn’t hate anybody.  He doesn’t discriminate.  He has no hatred for anybody.  He is above all of these negative forces and to be more … Read More

Nirgun Saroop

The Infinite Divine Power that is beyond three attributes of Maya is called Nirgun Saroop.  Experienced as Divine Light.  Also see Sargun Saroop. 


God.  Nirgun is the one which is beyond the three attributes of Maya and can’t be seen with the normal eye.  Nirgun can only be seen and experienced with the divine eye – Dib Drisht – Gyan Netter.  This is … Read More


The ones without pride of money and wealth – the Nirdhanta of Hirda (attitude of gratitude). 


Without fear.  Since God is Nirbhao, Fearless, we need to become fearless too in order to be one with Him.  This is the way that will lead us to go beyond Maya and be one with the Almighty.  It is … Read More


The One who is beyond death and birth, is always Mukt, the one who rules over Maya, the one who rules over everything, the King of kings. We achieving Jivan Mukti whilst living a family life – see Girahst.