1) Whenever the Shabad “Nanak” comes in GurBani it means that Dhan-Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar is addressing “Nanak” with that particular piece of divine wisdom.   This Shabad “Nanak” comprises of two Shabads.  NAA –means not and  ANAK  – means many.  So “Nanak” means “Not Many.”  It means ONE, UNIQUE, Ik Oankaar Sat Naam.  It means that the Shabad “Nanak” unites us with the “Naa  Anak”, unites us with the One, the Ik Oankaar Sat Naam.   So the Shabad “Nanak” means Ik Oankaar Sat Naam in the real divine sense. 

2) Dhan-Dhan SatGur Sachey Patshah Arjun Dev Ji has used the name of Dhan-Dhan SatGur Sachey Patshah Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj in every Pauri of every Astpadi.  Look at His humbleness, He has recited the Sukhmani Bani Himself, but given the praise, the Wadyaaee, to Dhan-Dhan SatGur Nanak Ji Maharaj.   Please keep in mind that since this is Dhur Ki Bani, meaning that it has come from Akal Purakh, it means that wherever Dhan-Dhan SatGur Nanak Patshah Ji’s name comes, it is Akal Purakh addressing Dhan-Dhan SatGur Nanak Patshah Ji. 

SatGur Pancham Patshah Ji has in this way given the Wadyaaee to both Dhan-Dhan SatGur Nanak Ji and Dhan-Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar Ji.  And that is the lesson we should learn from this divine quality of SatGur Sahib Ji Maharaj.  Always giving the Wadyaaee to the Gur and Guru.  If anything good happens it is the Wadyaaee of the Gur and Guru and if anything bad happens it is not Gur or Guru’s fault, it is our fault, so take the fault on our own self.  This is a great divine quality, and believe us, by doing so we delete the effect of the wrong doing and there remains the effect only of the good doing.  This is an extremely truthful behavior that we should all adopt.