Nishkaam Seva

Service without any desire for reward or recognition.  The ones who dedicate themselves to Nishkaam Seva – service without any demands, unconditional love for the SatGur, are transformed into a Sat Hirda.  The real divine service – Seva is the one which is done without expecting anything in return.  The Seva done with demands is not counted as Seva.  Seva is only counted as Seva at the Charans of a SatGur if the Seva is without any demands.  The ones who do Nishkaam Seva are very fortunate as their Hirda is transformed to a Sat Hirda.  They eventually merge in Akal Purakh.  They become one with the Almighty and achieve their objective of becoming a Jivan Mukt.  Those who give up everything to their SatGur and follow His words and lose their own identity in the Seva of their SatGur become Dhan-Dhan as their Hirda is transformed completely to a Sat Hirda.