Daily ritual reading of t least five selected Sikh religious texts – also called Panj Bani Paath.  Many people ask about the Nitnem, about what we should do daily.  For most people the Shabad Nitnem nowadays means Panj Bani Paath.  Reading Panj Bani Paath everyday has been a very common thing amongst the masses for a very long time now.  But, please look at what is being said by GurBani Guru.  And that is to do Naam Simran.  Naam going into the mind or Surat is the same thing and is called Naam Simran.  As Bandgi progresses Naam goes into various parts of the body.  Naam Simran is the highest level of Seva we can do for the Gur and Guru.  So which is more rewarding, reading GurBani or doing GurBani?  Just reading doesn’t bring much spirituality inside us, but doing GurBani brings unimaginable spiritual progress in our life.  This is the promise from GurBani.  Naam Simran is a GurParsaad as Naam is a GurParsaad, so is Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva, this is all GurParsaad, and there is only one in tens of millions who is blessed with this GurParsaad.  The one who achieves this GurParsaad is an extremely fortunate soul.  Non-surrender or incomplete surrender by a large number of the Sangat is the reason for zero or minimal spiritual progress.  We all see many people around us who have been doing Nitnem for their entire life, but have made minimal spiritual progress.  Therefore, complete surrender with Tunn, Munn and Dhann is very important for success in spiritual life, and not doing ritual readings of Nitnem.