P064 – Following Maya is Following a Cult

 [Dassan Dass ji is speaking to X, a doctor.  His wife has been coming to sangat for a while and he wanted to check she is not part of some cult, so he wanted to meet Dassan dass ji himself.  Dassan Dass ji welcomed him, didn’t expect him to do dandauth and with a smile sat X down next to him on the sofa.  Without X asking, Dassan Dass ji began answering his questions in order to relieve his doubts.]

DD: the biggest cult is lies, that is the biggest cult.  There is no other cult. The ones in Maya’s cult are following their five vices: kaam (lust), krodh(anger),  lobh(greed), moh (attachment), ahankaar(pride) and desires.  Desires are the thing that takes man deeper and deeper in to the scum of maya.  Desire is the origin of all problems.  Desire and the 5 vices are what most people (not Sant) are operated by.  These are the biggest cults.  OK?  And where complete Truth is delivered there is no cult.  Where lies are told that is a cult. 

This (inner path) is a game of Truth.  Our sangat is not a traditional sangat (following rules and regulations of religious places).  Look at who is in our sangat  – look at all the children sitting in front of you.  They were frustrated with traditional values they were performing and all the traditional rituals and going to the Gurdwara etc, but were not getting spiritually fulfilled.   They gained nothing because complete Truth is not delivered there (Gurdwaras).  When they (priest class) don’t have anything themselves in terms of naam ki kamai (earning Naam) what can they give to anyone else?  So then God Himself has to come and bless those ones and enlighten them.  He is the Doer of everything anyway.  He is the One Divine Power, the  Infinite Divine Power.  You have that same Infinite Divine Power inside you.  So do we.  Everyone has (the light of God inside them).  So become only truthfulness inside and out.  Become the same inside as you are on the outside.  The one that is different on the outside and inside is the member of the biggest cult (of maya).  That is what damages you and causes your destruction.

When a person becomes transformed inside truthfulness comes inside them, and they get the divine powers and qualities.  Negativity runs away and those people are Dhan-Dhan (greatl blessed).  They are no longer part of Maya’s cult.  They are the Mahima (praise) of Akal Purakh (Immortal being).  They Parmatma’s Mahima (Praise of the Supreme Soul).

When you are blessed by God then this happens.

A person should think carefully about joining a sangat.  There is nothing wrong in that.  People do get deceived (and end up in untruthful sangat).  So look at whether it seems right to you.  Decide whether you like this path.  Then decide.  And if you don’t like it then don’t follow it. This is a normal law of nature. Remember before joining a sangat , ask yourself, who are you going to be following?  You are only going to follow TRUTH.  We are not saying follow us, that is NOT what we are saying, don’t follow us, follow TRUTH.

[A sangat member came in and said his goodbyes to Dassan Dass jee and now Dassan Dass jee continues talking about him.]

DD: That boy used to take all types of intoxicants.  The boy that has just left and now he speaks pure brahmgyan (divine wisdom).  You should read some of his messages.  He has complete wisdom written in his messages. He came to us 1 or 2 years ago via the website and emails and has been transformed.  Today he has met us for the first time today.

Roma Ji: Oh, really?

DD: Yeh, first time. So if someone becomes a better person and starts walking on the path of Truth and transforms himself then the rest of the family also benefits as well.  Even people around you and other people benefit from your Bhagti (as you start to overflow with amrit to the surroundings). That’s it.  It’s very simple its not complicated. But, it is right to think carefully before doing anything and if you think, yes, this is right (meaning this path and sangat) then do it. Somebody who is delivering Truth to the sangat will never force you or try to convince you to join their sangat, you will go by yourselves. You will go to that Sant by yourself if it is written in your destiny you will go by yourself.

(That Sant) will not invite you home himself and say come to me, No. They (sangat) come by themselves. Whoever you have past karma with you will come and play out their karma with you. OK?.

X: Yes.

DD:  Are we friends?

X: Yes.

DD: We have named her (your wife) “Satnaam Ki Beti” (Daughter of Truth).  We have named her, ok?

X: Yes.

DD: Because she does SatNaam Simran and have you seen what (good things now) happen in your house (now his wife is calm and peaceful, his life is also calm and peaceful)?    (If you do SatNaam simran too) your patients will also become better automatically (laughs).  When you give medicine or inject someone you should say Satnaam five times then give the medicine and your patients will get better. Then they will say, “he is such a good doctor, go to him.” Mata Ji, do you want any medicine? We have a doctor sitting next to us now. (laughs!)

Mata Ji: (laughs). The biggest Doctor is Satnaam! 

(“Mera Baid Gur Govinda.

Har Har Aukhud mukh devay, katay jam kee fanda.”

My doctor is the God-Guru.

He places the medicine of God’s name into my mouth

which cuts the noose of death (around my neck).  Guru Arjun Dev ji.)