P065 – Lose your individuality and the Moh-cobra

DD:  lose your own identity and individuality.  These two traits are all ego and pride.  When you become free of these then you become Jivan Mukt.  Then you become a Junn (total servant of God – Sant). We are such big sinners, Maha Paapi’s, that we cannot even imagine how big sinners we actually are.  Such big Maha Pakandi (great hypocrite), Maaha Paapi (great sinner), Maha Guneghaar (great offender of the Guru), Loon-harami (traitor to the Guru),  Koor-kapati (deceptive).  We are sinners with each and every breath.  This is the ardas (we should all be doing), please save us.  

Nothing is hidden from God.  He knows everything.  He is just waiting for you to admit your sins, so he can forgive you.  As soon as you admit your sins, misdeeds etc you are forgiven.  When you admit your sins you are instantly forgiven.  When she (Roma Ji) first came into Baba ji’s sangat she instantly went into an intoxicated state.  She could not even sit inside the same room as Babaji and the sangat because it was so intense for her.  So she went and hid in the bathroom.  We got her to sit in the sangat with great difficulty because she could not control herself. 

Roma Ji: We could not take Baba Ji’s glance of grace when he looked at me.  (“Brahmgiani ka drisht amrit barsi.” – The look of grace from the Brahmgiani showers us with amrit.  Guru Arjun Dev ji.)

Mata Ji: (Yesterday Dassan Dass ji told Mata ji she has a cobra of Moh sitting at her heart chakra, that is why she is constantly in emotional pain due to her family worries.)  This enemy sitting inside me, this cobra which you have referred to it as, it really is a cobra, it is such a poisonous cobra he doesn’t die, he doesn’t go.  (In sangat Mata ji was doing her simran and saw the cobra for herself).

DD:  Why doesn’t the cobra die?

Mata Ji: We have seen it doesn’t.

DD: Why doesn’t the cobra die?

Mata Ji: The cobra doesn’t die by my saying it.  It does not listen to me.  It will only die with you hitting it with a stick.

DD: We are hitting it.

Mata Ji:  It is such a cobra.  Today I am shocked at actually seeing it inside me.  You blessed us and we saw it for ourself.

DD: If you ask us to give you such a huge hit you would not be able to tolerate it

Mata Ji: Patshah ji (Dear Satguru Ji).

DD: Sit down sit down there.

Mata Ji: You blessed us and we saw that we have a cobra sitting inside us, it does not die it does not go.

DD: that cobra is your Moh-maya, is it sitting in your chest.

Mata Ji: yes

DD:  That cobra is your Moh-maya.  Stop crying about or worrying about your daughters and sons.  Nothing is going to change as a result from your crying.  It hasn’t up to this date and it never will.  This is the truth. You also agree that nothing has changed as a result of your crying and now you are 80 years old and nothing has changed.  Do you think anything will change now with more crying?   So we have told you what to do.   The ones that follow the teachings are sitting in front of you Mata Ji.  They are sitting in front of you.  All of these children are the ones that are doing SatNaam Simran and putting the teachings into practise.  They are sitting in front of you, look and see for yourself. Look at her, look at him sitting behind you, look at all of them.  Put the teachings into practise Mata ji.

(Dassan Dass ji taught before starting SatNaam simran at Amritvela, recite “band band kat aganee meh saray” meaning “cut joint by joint and throw it into the fire.  This is how we burn our attachment to our own body.  Then imagine putting your family and possessions into the fire as well.  And keep reciting “band band kat aganee meh saray.”   In your meditation everyday burn the attachments to family and possessions and anything else you fear losing.  We make attachments only to things we fear to lose.  So go inside and overcome the fear by burning all those things that are entangling us in the web of Maya.  That is how we free ourself.  Not just by going to Dassan Dass ji and praying for him to take away our emotional pain of Moh by requesting him to sort out the problems in the family.  Mind is caught in the logic that “I am unhappy because my family is unhappy.  So my family do not listen to me and are unable to resolve their problems.  So I will escalate this by praying to God via the Guru.  I will request the Guru to say some words to bless the family, so they magically start getting on with each other again.  So when the family is happy, I will be happy and my pain will go.”  That is what Mata ji was doing all the time with Dassan Dass Ji.  And he was trying to teach her that is not the way, no matter how humbly and sweetly she coats her words when she talks ad praises him, she cant put the condition on herself that her pain will go only when her family is happy.  The only way is to free herself from the plight of her family by burning all attachments to them.  “sabh sang toree ik sang joree – breaking all attachment with others, I reattached to the ONE (Satnaam)” – Gurbani.  Then trust in God, pray for all and accept all family members are reaping what they have sown for however long it is written.  But this is the teaching Mata ji would not accept.  She told us that Dassan Dass ji even told her to stop calling her daughter everyday and drowning herself in her emotional pain.  But Mata ji said she cannot stop calling her daughter.  There is no point making a Guru if you don’t want to put into practise what he is saying to you to free you.  No point making a Guru just to try and get him to fix your problems by magic.  Only magic is when you fix yourself inside with their teachings. God Bless All. )