P066 – Remembering God makes God happy


DD: Like when you remember your friends and you phone them or they phone you and you tell them that you were thinking about them, don’t they get happy that you were thinking about them? Don’t they?


DD: So if you remember God don’t you think God will be happy?

MATA: Sat bachan

DD: only if we know your name or phone number can we reach or get to your house, if we don’t know your name how will we find and reach your house. Same way, if we know God’s name only then can we reach his house if you don’t know God’s name how will you reach him?

MATA: yes yes

DD:  if we don’t know where you lives how are we meant to arrive at your house, same principle, only if you know God name will you be able to reach Gods house. It is very simple, very easy not difficult at all (bhagati), it is very very easy. How difficult was it for you to go into samadhi simran (asks someone in sangat), it just clicked, its so easy. Its not difficult. Bandgi is not hard. Bandagi makes a person so powerful, that whatever may happen, anything, you are so stable that anything that happens around you does not effect you. It will not effect you. Thats what the gurus demonstrated by sitting on a hot plate (as Dhan Guru Arjun Dev ji did), nothing happens, sacrificing your whole family.  This power has been demonstrated by the Gurus and they did it and proved it for us.

You know when people say the gurus made sacrifices/sacrificed themselves for Sikhism, that is not true. None of them died for religion. The gurus sacrificed themself for Truth and showed us all how to serve TRUTH, how to serve Complete Truth and how much power there is in that. What do you think, the Guru had so much power he could have done anything (to avoid sitting on the hot plate and getting tortured) there was  no need for the Guru to sit on the hot plate and get tortured but he did. When Jesus Christ was hung on the cross and tortured, he did not have to do that either (due to all the spiritual powers they had in virtue of their bhagti), but still as Jesus Christ was being tortured he still asked God to forgive his torturers saying ‘please forgive them, forgive them they don’t know what they are doing, forgive, forgive.’ That is what he was saying.

Is there any limit to forgiveness? This divine power of forgiveness is inside of you, you should be using these divine powers, the more you use them the higher the divine qualities will fill your heart, they will never decrease because these divine powers are infinite? Infinity is the limit, these divine powers are all inside of you, the power to do simran is inside of you, humbleness, devotion, trust, forgiveness, kindness, giving, power of giving the highest, biggest power of giving.  Gurbani says “sarabh kala bharpoor – God is overflowing with divine powers.”

This is one of his powers – giving.  Doesn’t he give to everyone. God has given you all of these powers, hasn’t he?  You are not going to obtain these divine powers from outside or externally they are all contained inside of you. You are the source of those powers. Whatever work you do, whatever it may be, haven’t you been given the power to carry out your duties at work etc, you have been given the power to stand and sit down, to walk around, to speak, to see, to hear to breathe all these divine powers have been given to you haven’t they? These senses of yours these powers, animals do not have all these divine powers, but you do have all these divine powers. These are divine powers. Only through these powers can you do your job or study or whatever you do, through these 5 kalaa (power of the senses).  These 5 kalaa you already have, not only that but you also have all the other divine powers. There is no power that you do not have. You have all the powers you have to use them. Power to love, power to devote, power to trust you all have them contained within yourself.

MATA: how to develop them?

DD: you have to exercise them. You have to bring them into your life and do it everyday.  Every single day. Then you won’t ever realise where the 24 hours have gone in the day. It will be so powerful, such a blessing so much anand (happiness) that you will be eternally blessed and happy. Because that power is inside of you.  As it is in everyone else. The power inside of you will be greater than in others so the others will have to bow to you.  We just said to everyone in the sangat whoever has committed any sins say so and everyone did dandauth to us, we did not tell them to do dandauth to us, we have never said to anyone, they did it themselves. This power it is infinite power of SAT. SAT is the source of all power and that is what you are blessed with. All those religious fanatic people and preachers they will all runaway if you all become sants. There is one preacher who comes on tv and slandered the book we wrote (sukhmani sahib book).  We are not going to be scared why should we be scared? We are not doing any crime. Are we doing any crime? Are we doing anything wrong?

MATA: no nothing at all

DD: why do we have to be fearful then? We have to become fearless, we are not doing anything wrong so why should we be fearful of our parents or sisters or brothers our neighbours or other people around. The gurdwara people or other people, why should we be afraid, we are not doing anything wrong we are doing truth. That is what we are practicing in life. Why should I be afraid why should we be afraid? Nobody can confront truth where complete truth/ SAT is being served no one can confront it even if the Akal Takht jathedars (head of Sikh religion) came nothing will happen. There is nothing to worry about.  All they can do is criticise you and do your nindya (slander) and slander it is good for you.

MATA: Yeh (laughing) we should call them

DD:  Whatever happens with you / or any experiences you have you should all write about them. write it and send it to Harjit (Preeto) and he will put it on the website right away. Let people know and others will also benefit. If we had not written about our experiences and there was no website then how would all you have come, if we had not written an email how would NJ have come to us. J we contacted via email through Naamnet (forum), we started writing posting our emails to naamnet and J printed the emails and brought them home for NJ to read. Did you read our first message.

J: yes

DD:  and from our first message their hearts were pierced and Hajjit (Preeto)’s was as well. How many times have we met them in the 8-10 years of knowing  them? (Just a few).  They have done the truth and same thing you are doing following the truth. You are doing the truth…wake up Mata..wake up why are you crying now you should be laughing now, look how many sons and daughters aren’t these are all your sons and daughters sitting here why you worried about 1 biological daughter?  These are all your daughters and sons from previous lives, that’s why you have come here to meet them all. When you started using the power of simran hasn’t the result come in front of you. When you started using the power of trust and devotion haven’t you seen the result in front of you?

MATA: yes straight away

DD: so if it has happened to them (people in the sangat) then why wont it happen to you, there is no question that it wont happen. Truth has to prevail it cannot hide. If X and Y can become suhaagans then why cant you?  Vishnu sat in front of us for a full 45 minutes he was sitting on his rug , for a full 45 minutes we looked at the time, and we were walking in front of him and we did not once do dandauth bandhna to him…we would do dandauth to people who do naam jaapna (Vishnu was trying to make DD into his disciple, but SatGuru is bigger).  Devi devtas come into sangat of a Sant,  aren’t they here?  They are here,  the ones that can see them can see them here because they come into sat sangat, then they line up waiting to be reborn into human body (to do bhagti). There was a girl from rajasthan who contacted us we told her to do satnaam simran and when she did, Shiv jee, brahma etc all of them came and stood in front of her and she said she saw beyond them a light, a power beyond them, beyond the devi devtas. We have not even met that girl once to this day mata not even once. She said all the devi devtas came in front of her before when she used to do “om nama shiva” and we said what are you doing, just do satnaam simran. When she did satnaam simran all the devi devtas came as before and stood in front of her to give her their vision (and for her to bow to them) and then they had to runaway because of the Divine Light of Truth (Satnaam).  They turned up probably thinking this girl was doing “shiva shiva” before but now now she has gone higher than us by doing “satnaam” simran (and we dont want to bow to her0.

Mata: Did you show her?

DD: No, we didn’t show her she saw it herself.

Mata: Infinite Divine Power.

DD:  What do you think, that the Guru patshian (ten Gurus) aren’t here now?

Mata:   Are they?

DD:  they are all here, all 120,000 sants of dargah are sitting here. NJ has done such beautiful seva, Both T and NJ have done such beautiful seva, such great seva that is being done.  Such a huge blessing.  There were countless trapped souls for so long that they freed in the universe. They were asking us what seva should we do, this is what you asked wasn’t it what seva should we do. T said what seva should we do this is what he said wasn’t it and then what did we say. T said, “I have cleaned all of Kurdistan.” We said you have just seen Kurdistan but its not just Kurdistan that needs cleaning there are trapped souls everywhere.

Mata: patshah jee who is T.   (To read more about T, or Mr Singh as he called himself click here.  To read more about NJ click here.)

DD: No he has not come, he lives in the UK, but he will come only when he has hukam.  He is a 22 year old boy he came to us 18 months ago?  We have not even met him yet, not met him physically yet ask him where he is, he is our Guru now (Dassan Dass ji blessed him to merge with the Light, and is showing his humbleness, even being Guru calling his student Guru).  He used to first say to us, ‘we cannot understand what you are saying, please talk slowly’. When we used to write to one another he first said we do not like your title (Dasssan Dass) he said it we did not tell him to say anything. Then he said, “yes I feel you are telling the Truth, you are speaking the Truth.”

For many lives He used to worship Kali Mata and she was after him in this life not to go anywhere but to continue worshipping her. In his previous life he was blessed by Baba Nand Singh jee and he did not preserve or honour the blessings that Baba Nand Singh jee bestowed upon him and started slandering him. He slandered him so he got punishments and the disease and pains in this life and he had bad skin problems . Then we explained to him when the conversation regarding Baba Nand Singh jee came up and we explained that because he slandered Baba Nand Singh jee this is why he is  suffering in this lifetime. These types of pains or suffering you have endured in this life is the direct result of your slandering of Baba Nand Singh jee in previous lives. This is because the one who slanders a saint will automatically suffer all these pains etc.  Sant ki nindak sarabh rog. It is written in the Sukhmani sahib paath all the pains one has to endure due to slandering of a saint and if you have slandered a saint then you will have to endure ALL these pains and suffering. And if you have slandered and can admit it then ask for forgiveness.  And he did do so from for slandering Baba Nand Singh jee.  Now, T comes and tells us now new gyan/knowledge from Sat Parbraham.

Look at this miracle? From not being able to understand what we were saying when he first met us (now delivering new gian).  Prior to this after he first emailed us I his confused state, he said, “I only have a few days left, I am going to die” and we asked him how do you know you are going to die?  That is all nonsense. Then he said, “I am going and went to India to some place in the mountains.” He was looking  for Mansarovar (Mount Kailash – Shiva’s pilgrimage place) and he went over there as he thought he was going to get something as he saw this place in his dream and he was going to get something from there.  Before he even went we told him it was just an illusion but if you want to go you can go. We told him its all your illusion there is no truth in it. But he went anyway and he took all the pain I don’t know how many days he had to walk for and he took all the pain but that was his destiny he had to do it and go because he did not have complete trust in us and what we told him. So when he came back then he said himself ‘’you were right it was only an illusion I couldn’t find anything over there.’’ Then he said, “I’m going to die I only have 2 weeks left,” and we said, “how do you know you have only 2 weeks left, how do you know that? You don’t know that.”

Then we kept on telling him do the same thing then he realised that we are telling him the truth, then he started doing, then he started doing then BOOM. Then he used to give his dasvandh somewhere else in charity then we didn’t tell him to give dasvandh to us, where is Harjt (Preeto) he knows the whole story. We just gave him this knowledge that dasvandh should be given to your True pooran Guru/ Satguru as this dasvandh is the best place i.e. to get you mukti giving to other places like charity is good but you do not reap the full benefits. You only reap the full benefits when you give dasvandh to your Guru.  To give to someone who is not Pooran Satguru is of no spiritual benefit. Boom!  That moment he transferred £755 and how many pence to the Satnaam group dasvandh.  T said, “I have already donated daswandh to charity, but I owe you this much from all my saving so here it is.” The moment he knew what he had to do, he did it straight away and did so with all gyan given to him.  When he would email he would address us as ‘Master, master master master’ he used to address us as teacher at first, “you are my teacher, I am your student,”  then he started saying, “You are my Master, I am your son and slave.”  So then he started asking, “educate me,” then whatever we used to say, “Boom !” he would do it immediately, whatever was written he would do straight away.  Then whatever we said he would say ‘yes that is happening to me.’ We would say this is happening and we would say you are here and he would say ‘Yes. Master, Yes that is true that is happening to me.’

When he reached Dargah for the first time thousands of sants did dandauth to him. Then he asked, “what seva should I do?” and then we told him do this seva of cleaning up spirits and now he says, “there is so much seva, there is no limit to this seva, this seva is infinite.”  He has freed so many souls, to clean the entire world?  Is there any sevadaar like that?  We used to say to NJ to also do seva, but she did not step up, maybe she was afraid.  (Looking at NJ), we have asked you many times?  Ask her Mata ji, she is sitting in front of us. When she started doing the seva with T she said there is nothing else like this (intoxication of amrit – SAT KA NASHA, is experienced more seva we do as SatGuru gives us the Amrit power to do the seva). Ask her she is sitting in front of you.

Mata: There is no need to ask patshash jee.

DD: she is sitting in front of you. Now we don’t need to tell her what seva to do she just does it herself.  She works during the day, looks after the family and then at night goes into Samadhi simran and goes into the astral world and cleans the entire universe for so many hours. You do it, don’t you? Tell them all to open their eyes (i.e. UK sangat treat her as a nice friend, don’t realise she is a Sant).  Don’t just think she is just sitting here says things to you and just puts her hands on people’s head for a bit.

NJ: Yes, 12.30 to 5.00am everyday. We go into the 14 lok parlok/spiritual realms and clean them. Sat ka Nasha/ intoxication of Truth.

DD: Until the entire universe and entire world is not cleaned, SatYug (Age of Truth) cannot appear.

NJ: Our army in dargah is 250,000

DD: 250,000?

NJ: yes its growing.

DD: the 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Gingh jee came to us and did dandauth to us?  If you told anyone at the gurdwara they would think we are a fool a donkey, they would think why would the guru do dandauth to him? Guru doesn’t lie when he says “khalsa mera satguru poora – khalsa is my beloved Sat Guru.”  The one that is a khalsa the guru will do dandauth to them, because they have SAT manifested inside them as GURU.  That’s why they come to a Khalsa, all the devi devtas and gurus come, aren’t they all here? Don’t they come to you, ask ask Om jee? Ask them all.  Om jee is born a hindu, he doesn’t even have a beard but tenth Guru comes to him as he is Khalsa (manifested light inside).  Anyway, a true Khalsa is not Hindu, they do not have any religion, not even Sikh, like we do not have any religion either no caste, no dharam.  Dharam actually means path to union with God, not religion.  It doesn’t mean a Sikh or a Hindu or a Muslim, that is a sect, that society has made, that is man-made.  We are all human beings, thats all it is. It’s this infinite divine power that has made you come here and it’s this power that brings them here and it’s this power that brings everyone here by themselves.   Wherever your destiny is written you will go there is no question that you won’t go (as hukam prevails). There is no question that it won’t happen, if somebody grabs your arm, will you be able to let go?  No, you won’t.  It’s the natural divine process nobody can stop it.   Whatever is written in your destiny only that will happen.  Your destiny can only change by one way and that is Satnaam.  Only Satnaam can overrule your destiny and change your destiny and that will change it in the right direction the way you should be going.  All your previous bad karams that were taking you in the wrong direction are erased and eliminated by Satnaam.  There is no other power that can change it, that is Gods divine law, it is Akal Purakhs Dargahi (Immortal Being’s Divine Court’s) law and nobody can change that or overwrite that. That’s it.

Mata:   O Master, Dassan dass jee, you can change it.

DD:  He cant change it Himself..God cannot change this divine law himself. He cannot or will not break his own laws otherwise what will happen?  (But, the Sat Guru can change it due to his divine love for God.)  What time is it?


DD: 11pm..go go to sleep now

Everyone laughs…

DD: Doesn’t anyone feel tired at 11pm?  Nobody wants to leave, do you want to leave?  That’s theinfinite divine power that is holding you.

MATA: it’s that pull, that force.

DD:  that divine power nobody can beat, no negative power can beat the divine power. All these divine qualities and divine powers these qualities which are called Gunn. Gunn are all the divine powers.  On the other hand, destructive powers (AvGunns) are useless, are destructive. These destructive powers which are bad when they are activated.  When you work or do things under the influence of these destructive powers, then you only get destruction in your life.  If you use divine powers and utilise these qualities and do things under the influence of these qualities then you will go into chadi-kala (highest spiritual state), then your power will increase it won’t decrease. In this age of darkness (KalYug ) there is a very strong force of destructive powers, they are at their peak. However, the good thing or blessing of this age is that even by doing a little bit of simran you reach God very easily. Whereas in the previous SatYug it took people hundreds and even thousands of years of simran to reach the same place. In KalYug a person can reach God in 2 months, 4 months or 6 months. The power of Satnaam is so great?

Stay away from destructive powers, don’t let them come near you, challenge them say ’come (maya) let me break your knees.’ i.e challenge maya.  Anger, let me break your knees. Kaam (lust) Krodh (anger), lobh (greed) moh(attachment) Ahankaar (ego) come let me break your knees.  Give up desires, just accept that whatever you are destined to get you will get (automatically as per your karma), whatever job you are going to get you will get, whatever work is written for you as per your destiny/karma you will do.

Do you think millionaires or billionaires are happy? They are not happy, no they are not. Not even a single one of them?  A king, Raja, President do you think they are happy, go and ask them go and ask the Queen are you happy?  Happiness comes from inside through puran sachyari rehat (abiding by the divine words for inner compliance, not external compliance) when you become completely truthful from inside from then you will become happy. That happiness is never ending and never stops.

If you achieve something outside of this (worldly happiness) that happiness is just momentary it is temporary. You will stay happy for 1 day, 2 days, you get married you are happy for a while – 4 months, 6 months, honeymoon period, after that?  Turns like your mum and dad’s marriage (sour), so do you understand. Then where does the happiness go, where does it go? When you are happy you don’t fight do you? So why do divorces occur? Why do problems occur? Why is there conflict, arguing, fighting in families etc? Why don’t you want to see each other? Why do you start hating each other? This is the only thing to understand, that this is the game of maya (rajo and tamo attributes). It is just the game of maya, the ones who understands the game of maya progresses fast in his bandagi.

Do you want to say anything else? Say it don’t be shy or fearful, you have to become Brave. Is there any limit to braveness? Is there any limit or not? Fearlessness, braveness is there any limit?

MATA: What is that shabad ‘jin prem keo…

DD: thinn he prabh payo “

MATA:What does that mean?

DD:  (Tenth Guru ji wrote only those who love God realise Him).   Simran.  Love comes from the shabad Sat, Satnaam.  Love is born from Satnaam, it is born from Satnaam.  Satnaam is the womb of love, it is born from Satnaam. Jin prem keo thinn he prabh payo.  Prem is infinite divine love.  We haven’t come here for our personal gain have we?


DD:  Have we come here for personal gain? Paying for our own flight tickets and other expenses we haven’t come here for our personal gain have we? Our vacation that we are spending is not for personal gain.  (Not getting paid to come either.)  We love you all that is what has pulled us here and we have come due to your love. It is all of your love that has pulled us here. Because you love us hasn’t that also pulled you here?  You love us don’t you, “jin prem keo”, now do you understand the meaning of it?

MATA: Yes.

DD: one with true love and truth faith and true trust and belief he will meet God automatically there is no question at all that he won’t. God will pave your way to come and meet him, Himself. He will make your way or path to him, Himself. All you have to do is don’t lose the opportunity. Don’t lose the opportunity. Use your divine powers, the powers you have been given to do simran and put into practice in your daily life good deeds and follow bani.  Any wrong deeds you do ask for forgiveness. Pray for that. Prayer is simran too. Admit your sins. Only when you admit your sins will your sins decrease. If you do not admit your sins how will you clean yourself from inside (how will you clean your soul from the lifetime of sins)?

Take any shabad that shabad will take you into Dargah. Take any shabad didn’t that shabad, “Jin prem keo thinn he prabh payo,” take you into dargah.  Whatever you are doing (Simran and seva) please continue to do, if you truly love us.  If you love the sants and the brides (suhagaans) sitting here that are doing seva and you love all the sangat truly, then you will do simran, there will be no questions of you not doing simran.  You will be dying for that love, you will get the love.


DD: Take any shabad from bani it will take you to dargah, there is no question that it won’t. Read it do it and see yourself. When you start doing simran you will start to automatically get the knowledge from inside. Not from reading books etc you do not get knowledge like this. Divine wisdom actually happens within yourself. Then it becomes your wisdom otherwise it is a piece of knowledge. It will become your wisdom when it happens to you, when you do it, then it happens to you physically. Inside you and you experience it then it will become your wisdom. And truth has to prevail. There is no other way Truth can be. Truth has to happen.

You have to do what you have been told to do. Just do that. And then see the result yourself. Don’t think why is that happening to others, why is that not happening to me (eg. Spiritual experiences)?  Don’t compare yourself to anybody. Everybody’s  bandagi is unique. Everybody’s bandagi is different to the next person, it is different it is not the same for everyone (everyone will experience different things each unique to their individual bandagi). Some people have some experiences other will have different experiences and others still we have different experiences…everybody does not have same or see the same sort of experiences etc. Everybody’s bandagi is unique. It is not the same. So don’t think if somebody has said I experienced this and you have not, you should not start feeling inferior.  No! And start asking yourself, ‘why are they experiencing this and i am not, or that person has come later into sangat and they are already experiencing things and go further ahead in their bandage?”

You should not do or think like this. You should be happy and get more motivated with that and thank him for sharing his experiences. It should help you it should not distract you. And don’t get stuck in those kind of things (see spiritual things in your meditation) if it does not happen then say, “so what!” as long as simran is going on inside you. That is the biggest miracle. When simran start to automatically go on inside you what other miracle could you want. So that is all. Is that ok. Everybody’s destiny is unique.

Talks to a member of the sangat:

DD: is it your parents who are Radha Soami

DD: see ‘x’ parents are Radha Soami and they have their destiny and ‘X’ who comes to sangat has her own unique destiny. That is what she needs to understand. It has got nothing to do with her. Whatever is written in her parents destiny is their destiny and she has her unique destiny and you all have your own unique destiny. Due to your destiny you have got married. It does not happen otherwise. So don’t get stuck in these things they (x’s parents) are doing as per their karma let them do. They are not doing anything wrong. They are not doing wrong. Wherever God has taken their destiny to is fine.  And you do as per your karma. Om jee parent’s are Radha Soami as well, he is sitting in front of you. And he received everything by coming into our sangat. He got everything. So this is an example in front of you. His parents destiny was one way (Radha Soami) and his was here in this sangat. If he tells them to come to this sangat then that is not right. And he knows that. And he never told them to do so either.  Did you tell them that they should come to us? You didn’t even tell his father-in-law to come and he himself said let me talk to Dassan Dass. It is all internal. Wherever is written for a person only there it is manifested and you play out your karma.  Dont get stuck with these things. Everybody’s destiny is unique and everybody’s bandagi is unique and everybody’s seva is unique. Don’t get stuck there.

Whatever your parents are doing is good there is nothing wrong in it. She is worried when she talks to her parents that they will say we are Radha Soami why are you going over there (into this sangat). Why are you doing this etc. She might be afraid of all that kind of conversation and argument and this and that. Do you understand. So that is not a big deal. She is a good girl, understanding, educated and not a stubborn thinking girl. She doesn’t have a mind that is blocked and yesterday J spoke to her and she was receptive. So we do not have to speak let them handle it, let NJ will handle it herself.

The one who does or earns the Guru’s words has an effect on someone else. Impression is only caused by the effect it has on you.  Due to effect only then your internal transformation starts to take place. It has already started.

In your lifestyle, whatever non-productive, nonsense activities you do, end them right away. Any good activities you do we don’t tell you to stop them. Whatever good activities you do, go to gym do exercise, watch little TV, but don’t watch TV up to midnight.  If you like a show watch it (record it, watch it not at night time).  We ourself watch TV – 7PM to 8.30pm we may watch TV in the evening.  5pm to 7pm bani comes on TV from Harmandhir Sahib that is always on. Then we may watch 2/3 shows because she (DD Ji’s wife?) likes watching them, sometimes we watch, sometimes we don’t watch the TV shows.  She likes to watch it.  It’s not like we regularly watch the TV shows but you know after you take dinner you can’t go to bed right away , isn’t that right, so 7pm we do dinner. 6.30-7PM is our dinner time. So by 7pm dinner is over and you can’t just go to sleep because you have just had the dinner. You can’t so you have to have some time for the dinner you have just eaten to settle only then will you be able to sleep. So what else you do if TV is running in the house either you go sit on the computer which you have been sitting in front of all day which you can’t do or do. Understand? So it is not like we are saying don’t watch TV if we ourself watch it and its not a crime to watch Tv. The movie the kids were watching today it had such a nice/good meaning to it. The movie you were watching today, the kids.

MATA: Karate Kid

DD: Karate kid, was it karate kid?

MATA: Yes, remake-Jackie Chan.

DD: This movie is so good for kids how they focus and how the cobra (other kid) starts doing the same. Doesn’t he? That trick that gyan/knowledge that child comes to know of it. The last move the young girl does, that she does tames the other child. She tames her opponent by trapping or taming him then he getd trapped and she then hits him. He falls upside down and can’t get up again.

Don’t watch any dirty shows only watch good shows. We used to watch movies but we don’t watch movies now. Because we stay with our grandkids now they sometimes put movies on, on the weekend and then we watch them. Sometimes half the movie or we watch life an hour or 30 minutes of the movie and then say let’s go now.

When we did our bandagi then we put everything aside. Then that was the top priority. And then it was only for 6 months. In 6 months it was all completed.   Do you think we still get up at 1 – 3am and sit and do Simran?  No, we don’t, we don’t do it because simran is continually going on 24 hrs inside us now.  How do I do Simran when it is going on automatically by itself inside us? When our eyes are open simran is going on continuously it never stops.  When we go to sleep at night, we hear divine inner musical sound (anhad naad), even know we can hear it. We hear it and then we fall asleep. That;s it.  Go to sleep. Now you all are young, your bodies can tolerate a lot more, we cannot tolerate physically as much as you all. But if you want us to sit like this all night we will do.

Sangat Laughs…

DD: Practically whatever things are good, help you and are for your benefit do those things only. All other things delete them from your life. And you have the power to do that. Bless you children.  At the start you find it hard to do simran and bandagi but then you start enjoying it. Then you start saying yourself this is happening!   Just focus on your own self for 6 months then see what happens. That is the key to success and it is very simple. It is easy, it is not a hard task. All you have to do is ‘just do it.’

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