Power Of Prayer

8 Jan 2010

Harjit: We always look to you for blessings, but also we pray for your family and all those meet you to be forever blessed as well.

Dassan Dass: Thanks, keep praying it helps, prayers break all karmic layers and penetrate through and are rewarding, extremely rewarding for both the person praying and for the person being prayed for. Especially from those who are blessed with the gurparsaad, their prayers are heard in the Dargah, no matter what.

Harjit: yes, we didnt understand that before, but prayer is the true power. We have seen with our own eyes how prayer has helped our family last year , from how angry they were with our sister, to welcoming her with open arms, and how our daughter Tavleen skin and emotions have been healed and how our wife has calmed down too.

Dassan Dass: yes we will continue to pray for your wife and parents. As your bandgi continues to go higher with your seva they will continue to improve.  Ask Namjeevan jee to pray for the ones who need as you said earlier. Families that are adamant don’t realize what they are missing.

Harjit: Namjeevan ji listens to our problems every week and is so kind to all of us. We will ask her to pray for our adamant family members.

dassandass3: ask her to pray for our family as well, our wife, son and daughter and son-in-law. Ask the entire sangat to do so as well.