Comment On Sants Not Delivering The Whole Truth

12 Jan 2010

Harjit: Was Maskeen Ji’s katha ok?

dassandass3: His early on writings are not deep they are shallow, but we have been listening to his katha on tv and except some instances, mostly his katha is excellent.  The issue is not speaking the puran sat all the times, he is very knowledgeable, but sometimes he stresses certain things which are illusions. But it looks like towards the end he was blessed with braham gyan.  And the issue is same with most braham gyanis – not speaking the puran sat.

Harjit: yes, we heard that baba ji blessed Maskeen Ji’s soul after his death, so he must have been a good, if not great soul.  We also listen Sant Ram Singh ji of Nanaksar, we had fond memories of his kirtan & katha from when we first entered into Sikh life.  But now we listened again , and it is so good and sweet, but then they say there is no living Guru –even though they themself are called Sant and are in lineage of Baba Nand singh.  So yes, they dont deliver Puran Sat, they deliver what is acceptable to the masses.

Dassan Dass: that is true, people mistake the living guru for the physical body, but ignore the Puran Jyot Parkash in the body and misinterpret the truth because they are afraid that they will lose the sangat so they point to SGGS Ji.  Which is not bad, but at least they should speak the truth – Puran Sat.    But we should never do a negative criticism
of anybody.

Harjit: The Sikh Sants get accused by half of the orthodox Sikhs of being worshipped anyway.   But, people who go to those Sants know the truth, no matter what the Sant says in public.  We used to go to Jole Wale Sant.  People mutha tek’d at his feet whlist in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib ji, then some people complained, so they said only bow to him in another room.  They denied on stage he was Guru and pointed to SGGS Ji, but in private they said it, "He is our guru."  Yes, no one does that Katha, the true Katha, so that is why the Sukhmani Explanation is gonig to help so many people.