Ramanjit – blessed spiritual experiences

Dandanth bandana at your Sat charan pita ji.
Today morning when I was watching Darbar Sahib live on PTC, We closed our eyes for 1or 2 mins ( didnt noticed much) , I saw i was lying on the flowers, and then Guru Gobind Singh Ji came to us and hold my hand and took us into the clouds and told us “what do u want from us” , I did dandout to Guru Gobind sahib ji and said “i don’t want anything for me bas sarbat da bhala ho jaye”, after few mins later i saw each and every house was an lightened with prakash and then i sat on the rock, Guru Gobind Singh ji put there hand on my head and yellow light came out of my head. Then he disappeared , I saw there were stairs which was going downwards , I started using those stairs , there I saw pita ji aapji was standing there and with smile aapji said to me “now you are happy “ , I said “ hanji “, I did dandout aapji nu and closed my eyes after a min I saw aapji and Guru Gobind Singh ji were going on a white horse together.
Bahut bahut Shukrana Pitaji.. Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam jI