Jagdeep – powerful experiences

Kottan kott swaas swaas dhandhutt bandhana pyaare pita g aap g de sat charana vch g always g .
Pita g yesterday during zoom sangat aap g shown us that there was an white and golden eagle .And we was travelling on its wing up in the sky and suddenly when saw the eagle took us into the water in the sea . When it move in water firstly we get afraid but then we started doing satnaam satnaam and we felt water very cool , smoothing and Then inside water white place was there there was kirtan all around and sangat members was sitting and aap g was sitting on a big white throne and all guru sahibs was there .And that eagle got sat on Guru Gobind Singh hand and we also started doing Simran .Then all over Prakash was there and water was looking shinnny very beautiful in the Prakash .And on another side aap g show us that there was a sandy and muddy area and we was getting pushed in the sand with a great force but as we started doing dhan dhan dassan dass pita g and dhan dhan satguru Mera poora and then aap g appear and push us out by giving aap g hand .And then aap g blessed us and as we did DANDAUT to aap g. Guru Nanak Dev g appeared in aap g and said ” jo guru de hukam vch rahoge te uh hamesha Apne baah de k rakhege “, because he is a true guru HE IS KING OF ALL AND KING OF SATNAAM . And guru g said u r doing good dhan dhan tere Preet and shardha . And aap g roop become Vishal .
2nd vision pita g during samadhi we was shown was moving onto the water surface without drowning and it was a huge sea but we was praying to pita g to save us because in real we was getting scared on moving surface was water rather than going into water .And we continued doing Simran we again was shown that we r getting bigger and bigger and whole world is looking small .Then suddenly pita g aap g aapear there aap g form was all white and wearing all white clothes and a golden cap it was not turban .and aap g start talking to us and said “dakhya tenu Sara kuj mil Gaya .kiniya supernatural powers mil Gaya Jo Marji Kar sakhde a Raaj Kar sakhde a but pita g we felt from inside that the person in aap g form was not our pita g because these were not our guru teachings .We bargained a lot like we said ” ma ki krna ehna shaktyan da mainu sirf Sade pita g da pyyar te uhna de charana vch Jaga chahide a ” . Aap g ( that person ) again said naam Simran vch kuj nai jad Sara kuj mil jaoga phr .And we as per pita g order started doing Dhan dhan satguru Mera poora .and then we close our eyes and prayed to sat prabharam g to overcome from these situation we want nothing only want our guru and their feets plz gave back our true dassan dass pita g ,huge tears was from our eyes .And then a golden Prakash appeared on us and on one side guru Nanak Dev g and other side Guru Gobind Singh g was there Then Guru Gobind Singh g give us their divine sword and guru g said to touch it on that person who was in the form of dassan dass pita g .As per hukam as we touched divine sword lord Vishnu ,shivji .Indra and many other Devi devtas was standing there and we started saying we said these was not my dassan dass pita g because our conscious was not obeying and feeling a bond of love with that person .And as guru Nanak Dev g gave us Amrit to throw on them as we throw Amrit on them they all got vanished from there .And then we did dhandhutt to guru Nanak Dev g and guru gobind Singh g then both emerged in a light and aap g Vishal roop appeared .We started crying by hugging aap g and aap g bless us with Amrit and in our whole body we can see only Prakash and Amrit and overloaded Amrit .
pita g we want to say that it was very scary and frightened experience for us ,plz we don’t need any super natural power we want little space in aap g feets and naam sewa Simran de sewa baksho .Each and every moment was crucial for us pita g in this experience plz pita g always fetch our ears and Kadi v haumai na aun deo .Plz sanu khtam Kar deo had haumai aye Sade vch plz we beg pita g we only want only space in aap g feets .Aap g ne ena k bond bna Deta a k Ase aap g nu pechnan sakhiye .kottan kott swaas swaas shukrana pita g always g .plz forgive all our sins mistakes misdeeds of this birth and previous birth knowingly and unknowing .We love u a lot pita g .Can’t imagine a bit of life without aap g .Aap g has given everything and inner happiness .