Sach Di Takdi

Benchmark of Truth against which a soul is measured. The yard stick of Sat.  The scales of Truth.  Our Karni is being constantly watched against the yard stick of Sat.  Everything we do or perform is being judged and weighed on Sach Di Takdi.  When we focus on Naam, Bandgi and Seva, we are being watched by God sitting inside us.  When we follow the Panj Doots and desires and perform under their influence and drink this poison, then once again we are being watched constantly by the infinite divine power sitting inside us.  Whateve we sow now so shall we reap in the future.  Therefore, why should we indulge in those deeds whch are poisonous and leave the Amrit aside.  Why not focus on the deeds that will bring us the Amrit?

It doesn’t take any complex study to figure out how we are performing in our day to day deeds.  Just focus for a few minutes at the end of the day on what we did.  What was positive and what was negative.  Keep in mind that all of our deeds are being watched and will be graded by the divine power within ourself.  This kind of daily analysis will give us the opportunity to relfect upon our deeds and allow us to focus more and more on truthful deeds.  We can at least be truthful with ourself and do a truthful analysis of our own deeds.  We don’t need to tell anybody else if we don’t want to.  However, accepting our misdeeds at the Charan Sharan of a Puran Purakh and His Sat Sangat will do wonders for our Hirda.  Our Hirda will be cleansed instantaneously.  It does require a lot of courage to do so, but if we did this then the rewards will be unbelievable.  Just do it and enjoy the divine blessings.