Heaven is the place where the Devi-Devtas (demi-gods) reside.  It is one step below the Dargah, Sach Khand.  Dargah is also called Baikunth.


Breath.  God gave us the wealth of breath to keep the life element going.


The mind.  Those who do Sat Naam Simran in their Surat becomes Sat.  When Sat Naam goes into Surat or mind then Surat becomes Sat, and as Sat Naam Simran progresses it goes in to other spiritual centers – Sat … Read More

Sunn Samadhi

A stage of complete  trance – no thoughts -complete silence.  No awareness of the self.  When Nirgun and Sargun become one in a person moving on this divine path of Bandgi, then the mind, Hirda, soul and body is taken … Read More

Sunn Samadh Maha Parmarath

This means that Sunn Samadhi is the most rewarding state of mind, Hirda, soul and body.  When we go into Sunn Samadhi then whatever may be happening physically around us does not register.  We do not hear anything; we have … Read More

Sunn Klaa

God’s highest power of complete silence.  Sunn Klaa is the highest divine power of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji.  It has been described in GurBani elsewhere that the entire creation is created by the Creator using His Sunn … Read More


Complete silence, complete peace.  The mind has been replaced by Param Jyot.  No mind means no more thoughts and hence complete silence and unending divine love. 

Suksham Dehi / Sareer

Astral Body.  The Suksham is part of the soul.  It is the source of life energy and power that keeps the physical body in senses and operation.  All of the energy and breathing process, running of blood in the veins, … Read More