Sachee Shardha

True devotion.  True devotion, Sachee Shardha, is a very important and mandatory requirement in our Bandgi process.  Our dedication and surrender is not complete without this divine quality of devotion.  Devotion brings us the GurParsaad.  Devotion brings us the GurParsaad of Bandgi and Seva.  Actually devotion is Bandgi, devotion is dedication, devotion is surrender, without devotion there is no spiritual progress.  It should come from inside of our Hirda, the thirst for seeking the Eternal Truth, the thirst for discovering the Eternal Truth – Sat.  Devotion is the foundation of Bandgi.  Without devotion Bandgi is not possible.  Devotion is a divine gift so please keep on praying for this divine gift until our Hirda gets filled with this divine quality, this divine power.