Sargun is the One who is present in every creation and operates the creation.  This is the divine power that runs every creation.  In human beings it is the life element; it is the soul that runs the physical body.  It is the divine power present in the form of Sat Sarovars as a part of the Suksham Dehi which is part of the soul.  This divine power is responsible for making us breath and pumping our heart.  It keeps all of the organs of the body functioning and the body alive. 

In the same way this divine infinite power is present in every creation and keeps the creation running and operating.  This divine power keeps the fire contained in the wood.  The same divine power keeps hydrogen and oxygen together and makes it water.  However, these are two completely incompatible elements and can’t be stored together.  One is highly combustible and the other one is a catalyst for fire, but they are held together in the form of water which sustains life.