Sat Naam Nirbhao

Sat Naam is Fearless.  Some people get very fearful when they think of death.  They are very afraid of dying.  In fact, if you look inside yourself and focus on death, which is bound to happen for sure one day, you will find that you too are also afraid of dying. 
Everybody wants to live and to live a happy and healthy life.  Being fearful it is not possible to live a happy and healthy life.  When you focus on yourself, you will find that there is a constant fear that you are living in.  This is the fear of losing your relationships, fear of losing your properties, money and worldly possessions.  And on top of these fears the fear of death is also present.  Dhan-Dhan SatGur Sachey Patshah Ji is telling us the solution of this problem of fear, “Nirbhao japai sagal bhao mita.”  This is what we tell people when they come to us with this fear of death.  Therefore, those who are afraid of death and those who want to be fearless should focus on “Nirbhao Sat Naam” Simran.  This removes all fears and makes us fearless.