Sat Sarovars

Seven sources of spiritual energy – or seven sources of life energy, or seven integral parts of the Sukhsham Sareer (Astral body) which itself is part of the soul.  This life energy is called Amrit. In Yoga these are called the 7 chakras.  They are sensed around the following areas of the physical body, although they are not part of the physical body: –

These are seven centers of spiritual energy within human body.  These are located at (the Vedic names are also given in brackets):-

1. Mid-Forehead. (Trikuti; Gyan Netter; Dib Drisht; Agyaa Chakkar).
2. Throat.  (Visudhi Chakkar).
3. Middle of the chest (Hirda; Anhat Chakkar).
4. Navel area (Nabhi; Manipuri Chakkar).
5. Above the sex organ. (Swadhisthan Chakkar).
6. Base of the spine (Mooladhaar Chakkar.  Source of the Kundalini Shakti). 
7. Top of the head.  (Dassam Duaar.  Sahansar Dall kanwal – thousand petal lotus).

They are activated by Naam Amrit.  Once that happens then there is an internal generation of the spiritual energy in the human body.  This GurParsaad is available to the Suhaagans and Sada Suhaagans.