Satmeet – Dhan Dhan Experiences

Dandaut Bandana Aapji De Satcharana Vich Pyaare Satguru Pitaji 🙏🏻🌹

Pitaji With Aapji Sat Grace We are Sharing Few Experiences Which Aapji Showed Us Kottan Kottan Shukrana Aapji Da For Blessed Simran Sessions

Pitaji During Kakao Sangat Aapji Showed A Very Huge Mountain Covered With Snow, then Shiv ji Vishal Roop Appears, we started Chanting Dhan Dhan Mera SATGURU POORA and Shiv ji disappeared, Then A very Unique SATNAAM along with Bell like a huge bell sound Could be Heard which we never heard before, then Aapji Vishal Roop Appears on the Snowy Mountain, Dressed in White attire, Very calm and Peaceful environment all around Aapji Sitting in Deep Samadhi, Then a Huge Circle Formed at Aapji Chest and Golden Ray’s started coming out from it, Firstly those Ray’s Spread across other mountains Covered with snow making them look like diamonds shinning and then those Rays Spread in the Whole Universe making Prakash Everywhere, after a While Aapji Showed us Mansarovar, There White Elephants were Roaming and Then Someone with Monks attire but of White Colour hands Folded Going inside Mansarovar

At Night During Simran Session, Aapji Showed there was Golden Doors we Were Standing in front of those Huge Doors, Then We Did Dandaut in front of doors, and those doors opened Up, The Moment we entered the Door Suddenly White Prakash Spreaded everywhere, And the place was all White as Well, We Kept on Moving Forward in Prakash in that Place, Then a White Soul Came in our Room, Did Dandaut To us, we Did Dandaut to Them, and They Merged inside us, Then we reached back to that White place again, and Then a Pure White Horse full of White Prakash Appeared there, we Did Dandaut to Horse and Horse did Dandaut To us, then a Voice came to Sit on that Horse, We Sat on it and Horse started moving Forward, after moving for a while, the Horse Jumped and next moment Horse was Flying/Moving in The Air, after a While we entered another White Place, Where on Both Sides White Souls Were Standing, Horse stopped inside that place we got down and then that Horse Converted into a White Soul, Which Told Us that “There Sewa is Till here Only, and we had to Go Ahead on our own Now” and they converted back into the Horse,

So we started moving Forward and Saw there were three ways/Paths, on Right it leads to a Singhasan a White Huge Chair was there on a certain Height, On Left it was Leading to somewhere else, and One in the Centre Going Upwards, We Got Confused so we Sat There where we were Standing and Started Chanting Satnaam, and in a While We got signal to go on Centre Path and That Path started opening Up as Well, So we started moving on that centre path and Aapji Showed there were Soo Many Stairs there going Upwards, there was a Tower in between the Clouds but it was way too Up, So We Began Walking Upstairs, After walking half the stairs, There was way leading to Right Side to another Tower, But the moment we reached half stairs that tower also Moved in Center, So Continued moving Upstairs and Reached that Tower we saw was in Between Clouds, We moved on a Straight Path on that Tower and in front saw Sat Parbraham Ji Were Sitting, We Reached Sat PARBRAHAM Ji did Dandaut to Them, They Blessed Us, and Said ” Abhi Toh Sewa Lagni Hain”, and Signalled us to Sit, We Sat at there Satcharans right next to them, then They Put their Hand on our Head and their Thumb on back of our Neck, Then We Saw All the Chakras Lighten Up from back of Spine till Up, Then They Showed The Whole Universe Inside Us, There Stars at our arms, Planets etc in our chest and Stomach area, Sun onllin Right Palm and Moon in Left Palm.

Then We Saw ourself Going Deeper into Mansarovar, After that Sat Parbraham Ji Told Us to “Hun Sanu Aapne Aander Dekh” Then They Showed In our Chest Area Body was of Sat Parbraham Ji in Prakash Form and Face was Aapji, Sat PARBRAHAM Ji Said “Ki Dekh Riha Hain, Dassan Das and We Are One”, Then Sat Parbraham Ji said That The Marg, The Path u Walked and Reached Here is Of Truth, SATNAAM IS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH, Look Again at the Path u Walked and Reached here, When we Saw At the Path again Aapji Showed SATNAAM Was Written Everywhere, Where we were Walking, on the side walls and on the roof and in the Sky as well, everything was Pure White There, On Half Stairs SATNAAM was Written and On Upper Half Stairs SAT Was Written, Then Sat Parbraham Ji Said “Mansarovar Depth is INFINITE”

Then They Showed inside our Head Harmandir and Four Doors/Paths Around it and It was Surrounded With Amrit, Every Path was Full of White Prakash and from inside Harmandir White Prakash Was Coming Out Going on Top as Well, Then a Word heard Khoj, Sat Parbraham Ji Said ” Yeh Kya Yeh Kya Apni MANMAT Main Mat Pado Jisko Jitna Pata LAGNA Hain Sahi Samay Pe Utna Pata Lag JAEGA” “Ik ONKAAR SATNAAM IK SAT YEHI SAT HAIN”

Then Aapji Showed two More White Souls Were Sitting on either side of us in Room those were same Souls which got Converted into Lions Before, They Also Got Merged inside Us, Then We Again Saw Ourself Deep in Mansarovar, we try to look up how far deep we are, Then Sat Parbraham Ji Said “Mansarovar Depth is INFINITE” Then They Took us Much More Deeper into The Mansarovar, and Said, “New Depth Main BAITHA DIA Hain, ab DEPTH KO EXPLORE KARNA HAIN TOH AAPNE ANDER EXPLORE KARO” Then we again Reached where we were Sitting near Sat Parbraham Ji and Our Whole Soul Turned into White Prakash With Sat Parbraham Ji hand Still on our Head

Bhula Chuka Di Shima Bakshna Pitaji,We are Not capable of Doing Justice to what Aapji Showed Us, Aapji is the Writer Aapji is The Doer, AAP JAPAWO AAPNA NAAM, Kirpa ki Sewa Sambhalta Bakshna Pitaji SAB TERA SAB TERA