SatSangat Maryaada


With the grace of dhan dhan Sat Paar Braham Maharaj Jee Sat Paar Braham Parmesar Jee entire dargah all sant bhagats braham gyanis satgurus gurmukhs khalsas we want to lay down some ground rules which we will call as SATNAAM SATSANGAT MARYADA from now onwards to serve the Sat in such a way that will help all the Satnaam Parivaar and the new sangat who comes in and the one’s who wish to join and the ones who are destined to join in future.

We will suggest following SATNAAM SATSANGAT MARYADA for all of you to consider and think and let us know if it is accepteable.

  1. Many of you are suhagans and are blessed with fairly good spiritual state, and sometimes sitting in sangat you try to help others with good intentions, but in this process sometimes you loose your amrit and get drained due to the excessie negative energies in the person you are trying to help. So please help others only if the Satguru tells you to do so.

The examples are putting your hand on someone’s head or back etc with the intention to help the person.

the key is to protect yourself from getting any negative energies entering in to your body. Until you reach the pooran awastha there are still holes in your system which act as doorways to attract negative energies into your system.

So when someone in the sangat you see is getting loaded with negative energies then let the Satguru handle it, or the one’s he tells to help him handle it.

  1. The second source of attracting negative energies in to your system is when your body enters in to the space of someone else’s body. This happens when you hug some one or someone else hugs you, the best way to avoid loosing amrit is not to enter in other’s energy space. So please avoid hugging others in the sangat.

The next point we want to emphasise is hugging between male and female sangat members. This has been brought to our notice by some sangat members. This becomes a source of misunderstanding among some new sangat that comes first time and wants to join the sangat as well as also with the family members of the existing sangat.

Avoiding hugging each others, and specially between male and female members will address this issue.

  1. All Sangat members can do dandaut to others, which really is a very helpful divine weapon to kill your haumai. In addition to this you should stress yourself in doing jodyan di seva and langar di seva, that will help you the most.
  2. All male members can hug Satgurus though and all female members can hug Mata Jee.
  3. All male and female members will be free to get blessings of the Satgurus according to their pleasure.
  4. All male and female members will be able to speak to the satgurus and mata jee according to their pleasure.

Sometimes some of you get gyan about your previous relations janams relationships with the satgurus and other sangat members, sometimes we also tell you about these relations, as all of us are connected from previous janams, so it is obvious and a part of your bandgi that you get blessed with this gyan.

These relations shown to you vary from husband and wife, parents, brothers sisters and so on. some of you get stressed and start to think and take this gyan about your relations with others in a wrong perspective.

So if you learn about your relationships from previous janams that doesn’t mean that you should start thinking and acting in that manner and get in to the moh of the person

If you do so that is a gross mistake and wrong, the real relationship is the relationship of satnaam, we are all satnaam parivaar, we are all brothers sisters mothers fathers brothers sons of each other in satnaam

only your spouse in this janam is your husband or wife, none else so please keep this in your mind and stop acting mistakenly if you are doing so or if your are prompted to do so.

Whenever in doubt please ask and don’t try to hide, as hiding is bad and sharing and clearing your doubts is good for you

As many of you share with us everything whatever it may be any secrets of your life and we do listen and try to take you out of the trauma of your life and help you move on the right path, we will continue to do so, and that is a promise and many of you have seen how you have been helped in getting your life on track, so please don’t hesitate to share, don’t be afraid or scared of sharing anything, we are there only to help you and show you the right path and put you on the path of truth

and many a times you may have seen that even if you try to hide something it but truth appears by itself infront of your Satgurus.

It is good to touch the feet of the satgurus when you do dandaut and all of you are free to do so. Massaging and pressing the lower feet and legs of satgurus is not very helpful to the devotee though, we should try to keep it to minimum.

For female members pressing the feet and legs of male satguru jis gets doubts in the minds of some people so we should avoid doing so.

However female members can do so to mata jee.

This is an illusion that pressing the feet and massaging them much will help your spirituality, the reality is that doing what you are told to do will really help your spirituality.

The satguru knows when to help you and how to help you, and he does so when needed in Sangat your simran and surrender will help you the most.

Satguru will give you a hug when he knows you need one.

Sangat is online now and male and female private chats on phone or Kakao etc should also be treated as the same way. It can be easy to chat to someone we are attracted to with the excuse of satnaam but for moh reasons underneath.

Far away sangat can hug satgurus ji and mataji with their surat or when see them in their visions do dandaut and hugging then.

For that matter whenever you have darshans of any sants or satgurus you should all do dandaut to them.

We should observe the Maryada at all times through all mediums.

If satguru ji lets female hug then she can but she can always have his hand on her head for his love.

This maryada is not for your friends it is for sangat.

If somebody comes and hugs you, you follow the maryada and leave rest of it to god.

This is all to help the sangat and the new ones that are trying to come in to the sangat and not to hurt you all at all.

Also only washing the lotus feet of satgurus makes the charan amrit and drinking it gives the sangat benefits.  Washing and drinking Sangat feet only puts their dukh into the water and drinking it does not benefit others.  So only wash and drink the satgurus Sat charan.

Overall the simple guideline is to avoid touching opposite gender in Sangat with the exception of touching satguru jis feet when doing Dandauth. Hugging mata ji for ladies and satguru jis for males is OK. Greet others with Dandauth and cleaning their shoe seva to get dust of their feet.

Satnaam satnaam satnaam dassan dass ji, if you say hug everyone we will do it, if you say hug no one we will do it. Whatever you say we will do it, you see the bigger picture we have little wisdom. Meree mat thoree ram. With your grace we think the MARYADA will prevent alot of the problems in some Sangat over the last year and it’s easier for everyone to focus on seva and simran than on male/female issues.

Dhan Dhan mera satguru poora Dhan Dhan mera satguru poora dhan dhan mera satguru poora.

Also there comes a stage when we are so full of love that God inside us will just hug the whole world to his heart out of love and no care for what society or others think. So these guidelines are just for beginners to overcome their doubts in Sangat due to our Indian culture.

There is a hugging saint called, amma ji, from south India, she hugs everyone and they get healed. That is why dassan dass ji said when satguru ji or mata ji hugs us they are healing us. They can take our pains and give us light. But while we are under five thieves we hug and it causes male/female issues in the mind. So let us all defeat maya and let manifested God inside our heart serve the world as satguru ji and heal others by HIS Grace


Satnaam ji. We have a confession to make. This weekend we were at the satnaam inn helping with the cleaning, and we heard about the new rules of no hugging in the sangat. I was really hurt by this (saying ‘i’ here because the i, me, mine…the identity was hurt, the mind was playing in maya). I couldn’t accept not being able to hug babaji anymore or my friends in the sangat who are male. I couldn’t accept these rigid rules that limit my freedom. I was angry because i was thinking that this was a segregation and i felt the duality of gender identity, and it was making me uncomfortable. I felt worthless to be female because i couldnt hug babaji anymore or dassan dass ji. I couldnt hug my father anymore. I thought the playfulness and warmth in Sangat would go away because of no hugging. I cried. I left kakao. I was upset all night and the morning. Couldn’t enjoy the fire with everyone either. But today i realized that i am a fool for thinking this and questioning gods orders. Because love is not physical, if it is its maya. I don’t need to hug babaji because just thinking about him warms my heart so much. We feel such overwhelming love for babaji and dassan dass ji that it brings tears to our eyes. And thats all we need. We hug from the heart. Which is greater than physical hug. My definition of love was MAYA. sat parbraham thank you thank you for this test. Slowly you are teaching this worthless fool what love really is. Dassan dass Ji we are so so sorry. Babaji, mataji please forgive this fool. All is yours and whatever you say we will do. We said before that we will forever be your servant and we failed at that this weekend. Please forgive this stupid stupid idiot.

Gur preeto:

Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam

Just see what’s happening inside you, outside is just a story. Inside don’t lose faith in dassan dass ji. It’s just a test for you. The destructive  side of the mind tries to break you from Truth and true ones. It’s nothing to do with hugs or not, that’s just the trigger to show up your doubts or trust.

Pass it up to God, everything you know about healing hugs dassan dass ji knows too. So they have their reasons. Don’t lose faith. Be patient and watch and wait to see what happens. Stay detached. Do satnaam.

Pass it up to God, everything you know about healing hugs dassan dass ji knows too. So they have their reasons. Don’t lose faith. Be patient and watch and wait to see what happens. Stay detached. Do satnaam.

First guru asked the Sikhs to eat a corpse. Tenth asked for a Head. Most people questioned their guru, a few passed. Same test is for you. Baba ji says there is always one final test that will make you or break you.

Trust is bandagi.

Rest is upto you. Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam. Everyday praise dassan dass ji and baba ji to overcome the doubts that have entered. Tum karo bhalla hum bhallo na jano tum sada sada dyala. You do good for us but we don’t recognise it, but you are always and forever compassionate.

We have recited that countless times when doubts have come in about our satgurus, it’s only to beat our negative mind. Let the story go, overcome the negative mind.

We can’t prove anything to you, so all we request is you trust us, just say to God I don’t understand, let it go, praise satgurus for doing what is best right now as they see the bigger picture. And watch and wait.

Whenever there is big Sangat like Ufton there is also big tests for the sangat. So don’t get sucked into the story and debate please, stay in your peaceful place as you do, and watch and wait, it will all makes sense later on as your wisdom increases.

God bless all with staying low and loving.

Gur preeto:

So the outside story has shown you what you have to work on still inside.

Nothing should be able to take away our peace.. Jesus on the cross, fifth guru on the hot plate

So you can ask yourself.. “I trusted before and got hurt,  I decided not to trust that much again” and analyse that statement if it is true.

Was it trusting that was bad?

Or was it just the deeds if that other person that were bad.

And does it mean we never trust again.

But trust in the guru is all we have to reach TRUTH.

Trust is bandagi.

We had similar issues with past sant who we trusted whole heartedly and took advantage of us financially.  Took us a long time to rebuild trust with baba ji and dassan dass ji.   They didn’t do anything wrong to us,  but we are carrying on past wrongs of past sant to new sants. Dassan dass ji told us from day one that this time it will take us longer.

Every interaction is just karma playing out.

We get hurt and rejected by others, once bitten twice shy, but then we withdraw from life and hide away.

So do we never love again, never live fully and never try again.

We are the same, can’t stand a bit of rejection wether from opposite sex when we were younger or failing job interviews now, or being ignored in social gatherings at work or school days,  it has effected us all our life.

So analyse further what is about rejection that we don’t like? The emotional pain.

Not being loveable, not being liked, not being approved of.

Some people withdraw like us and go into comforts.. Eating, tv, others drink,do drrug etc.

Some people fight back with a vengeance… “How dare others try and make me feel bad, I will show them!”  And trample over others with no care for their feelings. And collect riches and trophy girlfriends and big houses and cars because these things are desired by others and people with these status symbols are liked by others.

But what is the root cause?

Ego getting hurt. Ego wanting to be liked and loved.

Ego again!

So let’s replay our life if there was no ego and we were in a loving place.

And if we accept everything happened as per karma, just number of days your lover had with you were over. Number of days with your past guru and give and take were over.

And their deeds are their own, which they will have to live with.
But why should we live in anything less than love just because they chose not to?

Why not trust again and again and again with our full heart without fear of getting hurt? Sure we don’t have to trust a person once they have betrayed the trust.  But we can give the next person a clean start and trust them fully, they may not let us down like the previous person. Different karma.


We are not the same unwise person we were back then who got hurt and crawled up in a ball and withdrew to protect them self (the ego from pain).
We trusted , we loved, we experienced something greater than ourself, and yes we got pain afterwards due to the other persons deeds and how our mind didn’t accept it. But we are not afraid of pain now, pain takes us closer to God, we know what to do with pain. And we even know if we have no ego to get hurt there is no pain.
So why not live fully, trust fully, take the risk of trusting again but without the fear of pain.

Wouldn’t that free us from another set of chains we have out around our heart.

Isn’t that what mukti is, liberation from these chains. Isn’t that what we are after.

So that requires great trust. And that is a leap of faith that only we can take and only God sees inside us and comes to us just as fast to catch us.

Baba ji said, “I would rather have tasted a moment of love than to have never lived at all.” And also, “I will trust again and again even if someone cheats me, I will still give full trust to the next person.”

It’s for us to trust, to keep it as highest divine  quality inside us. Trust in the guru leads to Truth, trust is bandagi. But we live in a time were no one trusts anyone anymore. Many scandals have shown Politicians are liars, many priests are paedophiles, many police are prejudiced, many countries are corrupt. Even in our own families husband doesn’t trust the wife having affairs, parents don’t trust their children, everyone does things in secret. When we take a chance and trust someone with our heart in a relationship and they betray the trust, we get rejected and vow never to trust again. We drive out the divine quality of trust and we live a withdrawn life, from head not heart. We have to trust in God and live fully whatever happens, good or bad, but at least we loved, our deeds were of the highest.

When we trust our guru and realise Truth inside, the same love we have for our inner guru, we have for the guru sitting in every heart.  That is what baba ji calls LOVE. But and other kind of love is just moh because there is no god in it.  Not seeing God in the other, just loving their body, mind and emotions.  Then that is why there is all the pain.   Keep your love at the highest for all.  Then love of God comes back to you, not pain.

Satnaam satnaam satnaam ji

Sat Parbraham Maharaj ji said in Ufton Sangat, that narinder grewal was a blessed soul and is sitting now in dargah, and Parbraham is now sitting in his body.    Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam. Sat Parbraham  Maharaj ji said in 2010 that he sent his gurus and prophets in the past, but this time he himself has come.

So let us hug their words to our hirdha every day, let us wrap their divine wisdom around our mind everyday, let our light  merge with their divine light inside, that is the the divine hug.

All Canada Sangat are so blessed do physically be able to hug satguru jis and mata jis even now.  We have met them physically only a few times in 12 years.   And others in Sangat have still not met them physically.   We used to prsy to meet them physically and it came true. Then a few years ago we started praying, “baba ji we want to know you on the inside.”   that is when we will truly know them when we hug them in the inside.

Prabh keejay kirpa nidhan hum har gun gavay gay. Hau tumaraee karo nit aas prabh mohi kab gal laavaygay…… Let us all pray for maharaj to come and hug us to his bosom inside.     Guru ram dass ji is praying,  “o Lord you are the giver of the treasure if grace, I sing your praises,  please fulfil this daily hope of mine,  Lord when will you come and hug me to your chest.”

Dassan Dass ji:

The real source of amrit is the sat charans of satguru.

When you do dandaut to satguru and he blesses you that is the best thing to do.

Keep in your mind at all times there is 1000 suns parkash at Satguru’s charans.

Follow gurbani follow satguru’s bachans, because his bachans are also sat bachans and dargahi hukam.
Many of you have darshans of satgurus sants and braham gyanis, you need to reach that level of awareness that whenever you have darshans of any maha purakh you should automatically go in to dandaut and kissing their charans.

When that happens that will mean that sat charans are getting saturated in your hirda.

sat sat sat bless you all.

Gur preeto :

to make it automatic that we do Dandauth to sants and gurus in our dreams and visions, we need to practise doing it during the day too. So when we get a message from satguru jis on email or Kakao or phone, first practise doing Dandauth to them physically if you can or at least inside. Then read the message. Same with the sangat messages we read, practise first washing their feet so a sinner like us can be ferried across. Then same in the family practise wiping shoes in the morning and doing Dandauth to them all. And wash everyone’s feet in your mind when you are out and about by seeing them as satguru jis feet. By saturating your mind like this in the day, we found it becomes automatic to do Dandauth in your dreams / visions.

Antar gur aradhana, jihva jap gur nao.

Netri satgur pekhna, sravanee sunanao gur nao.

Satguru sethee rathia dargah paavaay thao.

Kahu nanak kirpa karay, jis nu eh vath deh,

jag meh utam kadehaa, virle kahee ke.

Take support of the satguru inside by reciting the guru Naam on your tongue. With your eyes behold them and with your ears hear the guru Naam. The one who becomes saturated with the satguru finds a place in God’s court. Nanak says only the one who is blessed with this gift escapes the world of maya, they are the rarest of the rare.

See your SATGURU in everyone, hear satnaam in your ears and mind all day long, serve all as your SATGURU, do Dandauth in your mind at least to pictures of all satgurus and sants, pray for all, bless all.


Everyone on this group is blessed with this gift of Gurparsaadi Naam.

Now become saturated with it completely and find a place in dargah.

Meree mat thoree ram, all baba jis blessings.