Searching For My Guru

Q: I have become aware that Gobind Singh Ji was my Guru in a past life. I have been searching for the right path and am very much drawn to Sikhism and to Naam. I have been initiated into Radhaswami but it doesn’t feel right. But even listening to Snatam Kaur’s music, I have had beautiful experiences.  So I would ask you if you are the Guru I have been looking for, and is this the Path I should take.


A:  First of all may God Bless you.  Hukam has delivered you to this sangat, as hukam derives every situation including your experiences of the Radhaswami sangat.   You may feel lost but this is all an on going process of self discovery- you are learning by experience (Gyan) which is a blessing for your bhagti (Gurparsaad) to evolve and flourish. And now Hukam (will of God) has derived you here.


You asked if we are your spiritual Guru.  Read through the website and tell us if you recognise the Puran Sat (complete pious truth).


To establish self to the path you must be able to Trust the Puran Sat speaker 100% (1% doubt is still doubt).


Tan-Man-Dhan (body, mind, wealth) must be surrendered to truly discover the vision behind our words.


This path is full of many tests, you are now facing such a test, a very important test.


We are just slaves, here to serve another with the Truth, if you accept us at your feet we are more than happy to serve you.


Have a good read and tell us what your intuition says,


God bless you with Satnaam Simran, Naam Ki Seva and Beautiful Bandgi.


Your Brother & Slave.


A:  Thank you for your reply. I recognise the Truth in these writings as I have been studying the Light and Sound Teachings for many years.








Q: I had a spontaneous raising of the Kundalini until I stopped it, as I did not know what would happen. Should this happen again, do I let it continue all the way up?


A:  Yes. You should never fear (Nibhoa) for the body needs to evolve within. You was born in the scum of Maya, your body only knows Maya hence it needs to shift- many adjustments have to be made within for the Radiance of Light to take its greatest Glow. Let the energies flourish, welcome them, they are for your betterment, they will shift to become vibrations overtime (don’t worry all is a correction process).


Q: Whilst listening to Snatam’s Kaur’s music last year, I felt the presence of Gobind Singh ji in front of me which brought much love and tears.


A:  You received very beautiful Darshans, count your blessings, only one in 10’s of millions receive the glimpse of Truth that you have seen.  Accept us at your feet, your bhagti can only be Truth.


Q:  I do trust that by sharing some of my experiences of the Divine that it will not be a disservice to myself. I do so only to express the wondrous nature of the Divine and what He has given me thus far.


A: You told us of Truth Experiences, there is no folly in forwarding your spiritual education, only Truth reigns Supreme. Experiences are our gifts, use them to educate Self, to inspire self to go further. Go further only to Glorify the Truth witnessed and never to Glorify Self.  You are on the right track, we are with you.  You have been recognized by Truth.