Surrendering Completely

Q:  Have been realising more about surrendering and how much we are still holding back, but at least we are aware and becoming aware of it.  It is quite a scary thing to completely let go and trust only in Satguru ji, but even realising the problem within means we can start praying to let go completely and fall into the ocean of Satgur ji’s feet.


A:  Scary thing to trust a Guru, 1% doubt is doubt. Continue your Seva and continue the Simran, all will happen in due process.


Q: Why don’t people accept the simple truth?


A: The problem is the young minds only want to hear the perfect one liner, rather than recognizing the simple truth. The topics may come across repeating themselves, they prefer to rebel than accept, in this rebellion is excitement, to just accept is too simple, too plain.  This is how Low the Maya takes you into its scum.