Section 12 – Ego Loses, Humility wins



sukhee basai maskeenee-aa aap nivaar talay.
baday baday ahaNkaaree-aa naanak garab galay. ||1||
Dhan Dhan Guru Sahib Ji Guru Pancham Patshah is very kindly continuing to give us the most priceless jewels of the Brahmgian about ahankaar(ego) and Garibi Ves Hirda (utmost humility) in this Ashtpadi.   Guru Patshah Ji with his utmost kindness for all of us is explaining to us the dangerously damaging and killing effects of  Ahankaar and the ways and means to erase this chronic and deadly mental sickness.

Doing Gurbani is the key to success and not just reading the Gurbani.  “Path Karna” in Punjabi means doing Gurbani and not reading Gurbani.  Most people are engaged in just reading the Gurbani.  There are very few  fortunate ones who engage themselves in the practice of Gurbani in their daily lives.  The ones who do so become Dhan Dhan.  The others just keep on reading it and reading it and reading it everyday, and don’t engage themselves in carving these priceless jewels of Brahmgian in their Hirda.   Only the fortunate ones who will carve these price less jewels of divine wisdom that


Those who don’t do so will remain for an indefinite period of time at the same level where they are today. Ego is the deepest and most chronic mental sickness and keeps us reincarnating through the biggest pain of birth and death for a indefinite period of time until we realize the nature of this mental sickness.
It is believed that cycle of death and birth is the biggest pain and sorrow one has to go through until this cycle stops.   Let us look at it more closely to understand why the cycle of death and birth is considered to be the biggest Rog, the biggest sorrow and pain.  Let us look back on our current life, this Janam.  From our birth, then childhood,  growing through youth, working for building one’s so called life – schooling, college, then find a job and work to support self.  Then perhaps getting married and having children and to support them keeping on working through life.  Growing older then looking after the grand children and helping them grow go through the same cycle.  Then the end comes.  Everything is left behind.  The soul leaves carrying the good and bad deeds – Asat and Sat Karams.  It is basically our deeds,  Karams, that take the shape of the new birth.   Karams appearing in the form of a new physical body carrying the same soul but new body and with a load of destiny due to the Karams.  The newly born is nothing but Karams, born  to continue paying for past Karams.
Above all look back and see how many ups and downs, pains and sufferings, sorrows and short lived achievements and happiness, problems and troubles, hard times and failures, successes and good times, all mixed with no ultimate gain at the end.  The body dies but the Karams don’t die.  They are reborn in the form of a new body some place in time and space depending upon our Karni.   If we are fortunate we might get a human body again and if not then look around us right now.  There are 8.4 million lifeforms (Junie).  Half on land and half in water and who knows what Junie  we will end up in and how long we are going to continue through that process before we are reborn in a human body.
So please ask this question.  Do we really want to be born again and go through the same or similar life again and again?  Or do we want to rest in peace forever?  Do we want to find a place in the Dargah of Akal Purakh and live in there forever?  Do we want to be blessed with the Param Padvi and make for ourself a permanent place in the Dargah of Akal Purakh?  Do we want to become Jivan Mukt and help others in becoming Jivan Mukt too until we exit this body and rest in peace forever.

Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji with all his kindness is telling us that if we live in Ahankaar then we will end up in this biggest pain and sorrow of  reincarnation.  But, if  we live in utmost humbleness, a Garibi Ves Hirda then we will find a permanent place in the Dargah of Akal Purakh.   Trusting and following the Hukam – THERE IS ONLY ONE DOER, and everything that happens is due to His Super Divine Powers and not due to my physical body, and this physical body is run by the Super Divine Powers of God – Karta Purakh, will bring us Jivan Mukti.  It will bring us Param Padvi.  It will make our Hirda a Sant Hirda which will be filled with all the divine qualities.  We will become one with Almighty, go and merge in the Nirgun Saroop and we will physically start seeing the Nirgun in Sargun.
The “maskeenee-aa” is the one who lives in utmost humbleness – Garibi Ves Hirda, lowest of the lowest, Att Neechan Ke Att Neech, Bharpoor Nimarta – for whom everything else is higher.  They become Kot Brahamand Kee Charan Dhool, the Charan Dhool of the entire creation, the slave of the slaves – Dassan Dass.  The “maskeenee-aa” is the one who reaches the stage of Param Anand (eternal happiness), Sat Chit Anand (never ending eternal bliss), the stage of Puran Awastha, Puran Bandgi, Param Padvi.  He is the winner over Ahankaar and becomes a Puran Sant.  The one who is a slave of the Ahankaar remains reincarnating through the cycle of birth and death forever – or at least for a indefinite period of time until he realizes and is blessed with the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva. 
There are many who are blessed with the Naam, but not with the Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  So please always pray for the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.   Parupkaar means uniting others with Naam.  Maha Parupkaar means Jee Daan – Bhagti Daan and Jivan Mukti Daan.  The highest level of Seva is Jee Daan, meaning Daan of Puran Bandgi and Seva.  A Parupkari Hirda is a Sant Hirda.  So we should all pray to the Almighty to bless us with a Parupkari Hirda.  A Parupkari Hirda is the one who drinks the sorrows and pains of others and gives amrit to the Sangat.   Trust us when we can do that then we become eligible for the infinite treasures of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar and a Sada Sukh – eternal bliss and happiness over here on this earth and also after exiting this world.
jis kai antar raaj abhimaan.
so narakpaatee hovat su-aan.
jo jaanai mai jobanvant.
so hovat bistaa kaa jant.
aapas ka-o karamvant kahaavai.
janam marai baho jon bharmaavai.
Dhan bhoom kaa jo karai gumaan.
so moorakh anDhaa agi-aan.
kar kirpaa jis kai hirdai gareebee basaavai.
naanak eehaa mukat aagai sukh paavai. ||1||
Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji is very kindly giving us examples of the Ahankaar – Ego.  Ahankaar of any kind is a chronic mental sickness and forces a man to go away from the spirituality.  “Raaj Abhiman” is one of the forms of the Ahankaar – a very dangerous one.  Abhimaan and Ahankaar are two names of the same thing – Ego.  The ones who are intoxicated with the power of being in worldly positions are living in “Raj Abhimaan.”   The people who have the power to rule over others should never misuse their powers.  They should always remain in utmost humbleness and execute their responsibilities in a completely judicial way.  These kind of people will be able to make good use of their power if they use their powers for doing good to the concerned people and not hurt them.  Tthese kind of people can derive tremendous pleasure and blessings if they exercise their powers for helping others and for the betterment of the society.  But, if these people ignore the betterment of others and work for their own betterment or the betterment of their own family, then they misuse their executive powers and they do so under the chronic sickness of not only being Ahankari but also under the chronic sickness of Lobh and Moh.
If we ever get in such a position where we are given certain executive powers under the law of the land then we should  use those powers for NOT going away from spirituality and hurting our ownself.  See it as we have been given an opportunity to serve others with full honesty by executing these powers truthfully.  By doing so we won’t lose our truthfullness.  Infact, we can make use of such an opportunity to go closer to the  Almighty by serving and protecting the people in such a way that makes our Karni a Sat Ki Karni and not Asat Karni by any means.  This will not let us become a slave of Ahankaar, rather it will bring humbleness in our Hirda.  Our Hirda will get filled with the divine quality of humbleness, the rewards of which are unbelievable.
Always remember we have been given this super divine power by the Almighy to be truthful in our own deeds.  By using this divine super power we will do tremendous good to our own self.   Being born as a human being, we have also been blessed with this super divine power to stay in humbleness,  Nimrata.  By using this super divine power we can kill our Ahankaar.  B doing so we can become one with God.   If we get absorbed in “Raj Abhimaan” then we will for sure, and we say for sure, because it is Guru word – it is God’s word so it is sure to happen in, we will for sure  go into the Junie of a Dog.  We will be reincarnated as a dog living in hell.  The life of a stray dog is called hell by Dhan Dhan Guru Sahib Ji and that is what we will end up in by misusing our executive powers.   Who would like to become a dog and live a hellful life like that?   Definitely not the one who has been fortunate enough to understand this word of the Guru, but may be the unfortunate one who has not been blessed with this divine wisdom.
That is why reading Gurbani is good but, doing Gurbani is the key to success.  There are still alot of unfortunate ones who do read Gurbani every day but don’t really put it into practice in their daily life. Similarly the person who is proud of his outside looks, his youth,  Jawani will go into the Junie of a Bishta Kaa Kira.  These are the insects that live in human waste.    The person who is proud of  being beautiful or handsome and looks down upon others in this kind of Ahankaar, or mistreat others, or abuses others, or discriminate with others gets the life of a maggot in manure – Bishta Kaa Kira.  

The real divine beauty is the beauty of Hirda.  The real divine beauty is the beauty of inside.  The real divine beauty is the beauty of all the divine qualities that are filled inside of a human being.  The real divine beauty is the collection of the highest treasure of the super divine qualities “Gun Nidhaan.”   These bless us withinfinite divine super powers in the form of these divine qualities.  Utmost humbleness is the super divine power, a super divine quality, which when used and excercised eliminates the Abhimaan – Ahankaar – Ego and gives us place in the Dargah of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.
Elimination of Ahankaar – Ego is also elimination of the Krodh – anger.  Which is another one of the deep mental sicknesses.  So the benefit of excercising our super divine power of staying and earning the super divine quality of utmost humbleness is elimination of two powerful Doots, Ahankaar and Krodh, ego and anger.   Utmost humbleness is a super divine powerful weapon to kill our Ego and Anger.

The person whose Hirda gets filled with all the super divine qualities never claims to be a super human being.  The super divine quality of utmost humbleness helps him to stay at the lowest level in his Hirda.  Such a soul will always be blessed with Garibi Ves Hirda.  This means such a soul will always and forever stay in utmost humbleness.  The person who is superficial and boasts in ego about his so called divine qualities and claims to be doing good to others is infact of no use to society, nor does he do any real good for society.  Such a person is never able to get out of the cycle of death and birth.   Even after acquiring all the super divine qualities and carving them inside our Hirda a person should always stay in utmost humbleness and remain Charan Dhool of the entire creation.  Stay lowest of the lowest, slave of the slaves, slave of the Bishta Kaa Kira then we will continue to enjoy the Atam Rus Amrit.   The highest Amrit – Atram Rus Amrit is in being the Charan Dhool of the entire creation and nothing less then that. When a person reaches that stage then he never comes back or never falls back.  All his Karams become Sat Karams, truthful deeds, all his deeds are for the good of others.
Sometime people indulge in the Nindya of such a person without realizing that their eyes under the influence of Maya are not capable of seeing the meaning of His truthful deeds.  Only the divine eye can see the real divine purpose behind His truthful deeds. So please never, never and never indulge in the slandering of anybody, because we may not know the truth behind anybody’s deeds.   Always stay in utmost humbleness no matter what position we may have in the society, or what may be our achievements in life, staying down to earth will always and forever help us.
There is another kind of Ahankaar that makes a place in our head.  By the way the Doot of Ahankaar lives in our head.  The Panj Doots live inside our body: Ahankaar lives in the head, Lobh and Moh lives in the chest portion,  Krodh lives in the stomach and Kaam lives in the lower portion of the upper body.  Ahankaar is in the head that is why it is so powerful.  That is why it always lets us down spiritually.  It never lets us go higher in spirituality.  It is the major road block to let any kind of divine qualities go into our Hirda.  This kind of Ahankaar is connected with our possessions – money, land, property or any kind of precious possessions we have.  Our deep attachment to these possessions is actually due to our deep fear of losing them.  For that matter if we look around at others and look back on our own life we will find that we are surrounded by people who have spent all their lives in collecting worldly possessions, which is nothing but Maya.  We personally know someone who came into our Sangat with alot of Shardha and Vishvaas – devotion and trust.  Baba Ji was sitting on the floor and another person sitting in Sangat asked this gentleman to hold the big toe of Baba Ji’s right foot and he did so.  He started reciting “Vaheguru.”    Baba Ji asked him to recite “Sat Naam”  this person got energised with Amrit right away.  So much Amrit started to flow inside him that he started shouting “Sat Naam” and his face became blushing with redness right away.  His divine doors were opened right away and he was blessed with the Gur Parsaad.   He was blessed so much that he wanted his wife to be blessed right away with the Gur Parsaad as well.  Baba ji gave it to her as well.  But, later on when we asked him if he was coming to Sangat, he backed out and said he can’t do Naam as he has to raise his children and take care of his family.  He said thathis family was the priority for him and not Naam at this time.  He said he would come back at a later time in his life as he was still very young.   He went back to his old lifestyle and engaged himself in the collection of the worldly possessions, as he was taken back by the fear of losing these worldly possessions and so on.   

Losing spirituality at the cost of worldly things like property, money and family attachmets is the most unwise thing he did.  But, this is being done by most of the people and such people have been called fools, blind and ignorant in this paurie.

This means that collecion of money and property and attachment to the same is the worst foolishness.  Such a person is blindfolded to the real divine world and is ignorant of the real divine wealth which he has been born to collect.  Collect it he can keep it forever, the Naam Dhan, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and all the divine qualities.  These can never be lost and remain with us and keeps on multiplying forever.  Wereas  money and property will keep on coming and going.  It will never be ours forever.  It was never ours in the past.  It is not ours now and will never be ours in the future.  Whatever has been born or created in time and space will be swallowed by the time and space, but Bandgi will be ours forever. So please never be proud of our worldly possessions, it is one of the worst kinds of Ahankaar and will kill us for a long time.  Meaning it will take us a very long time to recover from this mental sickness.  Utmost humility is the real divine way to live in this world and discharge our responsibilities at work, for our family and for the society.
Humility is a divine gift, it is the super divine Kirpa – which means super divine power.  Kirpa means divine power, it is the Gur Parsaad.  Gur Parsaad means super divine power.  Kirpa and Gur Parsaad are synonyms for the super infinite divine power.  It makes our Hirda full of humbleness, full of humility and lets us lead a lifestyle full of humility, utmost humbleness and leads us to the ultimate eternal bliss and eternal happiness, a never ending happiness – Sat Chit Anand.   Such a person who has carved his Hirda with utmost humbleness, utmost humility, which has no dimensions, which can’t be measured, which has infinite depth, which is infinite in nature, becomes infinite Hirda and merges in the infinite, becomes Jivan Mukt – becomes a Sant Hirda.  There is no Ahankaar where there is humility and where there is humility God lives in there.
Dhanvantaa ho-ay kar garbaavai.
tarin samaan kachh sang na jaavai.
baho laskar maanukh oopar karay aas.
pal bheetar taa kaa ho-ay binaas.
sabh tay aap jaanai balvant.
khin meh ho-ay jaa-ay bhasmant.
kisai na badai aap ahaNkaaree.
Dharam raa-ay tis karay khu-aaree.
gur parsaad jaa kaa mitai abhimaan.
so jan naanak dargeh parvaan. ||2||
Money doesn’t go with us when we leave the physical body.  No material possessions will be carried along with us when we leave this physical body.  We are not a physical body, we are just a pure soul.  This body is given to us to pay for our deeds.  Good deeds and bad deeds from previous lives take the shape of the physical body.   Our Karams from previous lives are reborn in the form of our current body.  If there are no Karams left to repay then we will not be born again.  Our soul will not need any physical body to come back on this Earth.  If there are no Karams left or if our account of the Karams is closed then we become Jivan Mukt and will not be born again.  However, until that happens, we will keep on reincarnating in the cycle of death and birth to pay for our Karams.
The most interesting thing is that only our Karams – our deeds, good or bad, will go with us when we leave the physical body.   So if we are a rich person in this life that doesn’t mean that we will not be reborn.  We still will keep on going through the cycle of death and birth until our Karams are all paid for and we become Jivan Mukt.   Our riches, our properties, everything that we think is ours in all physical senses, will not go with us.  We will not even be able to take even a piece of straw with us when we leave this physical body. Let us repeat it again, we are not the physical body, we are just a soul, a pure soul and nothing else.  The ones who realize this divine wisdom, their Haumai is killed and they are enlightened  They realize that we are part of the Nirgun Saroop, and when we are enlightened with this divine wisdom then our Karams are paid off and we become Jivan Mukt.  

This means that if nothing is going to go with us when we leave the physical body, the physical body dies and we don’t die, and we don’t carry anything in physical form with us but only our deeds – Karams go with us and then our Karams keep on taking birth after birth to keep paying for our Karams, then what is the use of collection?  We keep on collecting property, money, material things all our life.  We keep on working all our life for collection of these things then at the end we are not allowed to take anything with us.  Only the deeds we performed for collection of these things go with us, which may be untrue deeds – Asat Karams or true deeds – Sat Karams.   If only deeds are going to go with us then it makes sense to focus on our deeds and make them true deeds.  Don’t perform any deeds under the influence of Panj Doots and Desires.  They only give us pain and sorrows in our future destiny.

Perform deeds only under the influence of SATO Birti – SATO Karams – Daya, Dharam, Santokh and Sanjam which will keep on bringing us closer towards the Almighty.  These keep on bringing us closer towards the closing of our account of Karams and will eventually lead to the finishing of this account and bring us Jivan Mukti.
Please keep on working to develop our SATO Birti.  Develop it to the extent that even in our dreams we only talk about SATO Karams.  This is what is meant by “MUNN KAA JAGNA” – having full awareness that we are just a pure soul and that we should be focused only on SAT Karams – truthful deeds.  The goal is to see the truth, to speak the truth, to hear the truth, to serve the truth and to deliver the truth, when that happens then we will go into full awareness and will never be hurt by any untruthful deeds.

Whatever has been born in time and space will be swallowed by time and space.  Whatever is visible with the naked eye is definitely going to vanish one day, and so has happened with everybody in the past and so will happen with everybody at the present time and so will happen with everything and everybody in time and space in all coming ages.  This is the law of nature – divine law and nobody can change it.   That is why many big kingdoms, with big armies came into existance in time and space and vanished within no time, nothing survived.  Powerful people like Hitler and Alexander and many more like them vanished within no time.  A more recent example is the collapse of the Russian communism – the entire nation collapsed, which means that nothing and nothing and nothing that is created in time and space will survive for ever.  Everythng will vanish one day, so hoping they wont vanish is nothing but ignorance.  Only awareness can remove this sheet of ignorance from our mind and make us realize this divine and universal truth that only awareness can take us out of this net of Maya, Maya Zaal.  The is net of maya is the Bhavsagar – the world of material possessions.  Pursuing  the collection of such possessions which will neither go with us nor will they remain forever.
Considering ourself as very powerful is like committing suicide in the spiritual world.  Even if we have achieved  all the worldly powers under the law of the land such as becoming king or a head of state we may  do whatever we like, such as Hitler did, it is like killing our spirit.  It is a serious violation of the divine law.   The law that defines that it is the super divine power of God which makes everything happen in the entire creation.  Our body is just a medium through which this super divine and infinite power acts. 

Those who made or those who make this mistake of considering themselves the source of such infinite power did not survive.  Those who thought that they would conquer the world by using their power, did not survive.  They were provided that role to do good to others but instead they got intoxicated with the power they had and considered themselves the source of this infinite power.  They made the mistake of using their power for destruction rather than using their power or authority to help mankind.  Alexander the Great, Hitler, Aurangjeb, Baber, Mohammed Gajnavi and many others in history are good examples of such true stories.   Saddam Hussain is also a most recent example in the history of the world.

All such people have fallen a prey to their own Ahankaar – Abhimaan – Haumai – Ego.  When their untrue deeds, Asat Karams criminal actions reach the peak level then there is a quick turn around in their lives and then it takes hardly any time for these people to be reduced to ashes.  They are lost in their own ego.  They think only about themselves and by doing so they get intoxicated with their own ego.  All their wisdom is lost.  When the wisdom is lost then all their deeds become untruthful deeds.  They are all performed under the deep influence of Ahankaar – ego.  All their Karni becomes Asat Ki Karni.  Then there remains no chance for them to come back into the human life and instead they are thrown by the Dharam Raaj into hell and other such Junies – lifes where they are punished for a indefinite period of time.

With the Gur Parsaad the ones whose ego vanishes and whose Hirda becomes a Garibi Ves Hirda are accepted in the Dargah of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.   We make it clear over here again that it happens only with the Gur Parsaad.  Yhere is one and only super divine power that makes it happen or can make it happen.  So then what should we do to be blessed with this Gur Parsaad?   The answer is very simple – pray for the Gur Parsaad. Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva are all Gur Parsaad and can only be achieved by walking on SATO Karams and praying for the Gur Parsaad.   If we do so then we are bound to succeed as this is the divine promise, the divine Hukam, the divine wisdom that has been very kindly given to us by the Gurus, Bhagats, Sants and Brahmgianis in the form of Gurbani.   
kot karam karai ha-o Dhaaray.
saram paavai saglay birthaaray.
anik tapasi-aa karay ahaNkaar.
narak surag fir fir avtaar.
anik jatan kar aatam nahee darvai.
har dargeh kaho kaisay gavai.
aapas ka-o jo bhalaa kahaavai.
tiseh bhalaa-ee nikat na aavai.
sarab kee rayn jaa kaa man ho-ay.
kaho naanak taa kee nirmal so-ay. ||3||
Becoming the Charan Dhool of the entire creation is the key to the Dargah.   Becoming a Garibi Ves Hirda is the key to the Dargah.  Utmost humility and utmost humbleness , Nimrata is the key to the Dargah.  Elimination of the ego is the key to the Dargah.  Conducting tens of millions of deeds, Kot Karams done under the influence of ego are all still untrue deeds.  They all go to waste.  There is no reward for tens of millions of good deeds if they are performed under the influence of ego.  Or if they are done for gaining  worldly fame.  A truthful Hirda never looks for any kind of gains, not even spiritual gains.  A truthful Hirda just does it for the sake of giving, giving and giving and never expects anything in return.  Anything performed with a desire in mind for a return is futile.  Even Bandgi is futile if done with the purpose of meeting the desires.   

Humility, humbleness, Nimrata are the same name of this most important divine quality which itself is infinite in nature.  All the divine qualities are infinite in nature.  There is no limit to such divine qualities.  There is no depth limit to devotion.  There is no depth limit to love.  Unconditional love is the real divine love, where there is giving, giving and giving only and no expectations.  Such a love is infinite like God Himself. 

In the same way fearlessness comes when the fear of losing vanishes.   When nothing belongs to us then why there should be the fear of losing?  When we are a pure soul and we are not going to carry anything of physical dimensions that is visible with naked eyes, then why do we live under the fear of losing that which is not ours?  It was never ours and will never be ours.  Fearlessness has depth limit.  It is infinite in nature. Only a fearless person can serve the Truth.  Only a fearless person can deliver the Truth.  A fearless person infact merges in the Infinite and becomes Infinite himself.  Fearlessness has so much power that it can make us infinite.

Similarly, a person who is Nirvair,  Ek Drisht – Single Vision, has no anmosity.  Again unconditional love knows only to give and desires nothing in return.   That is why there is a divine law of giving Tunn Munn and Dhan to the Gur and Guru.   The one who does so become infinite.  There is nothing to lose.  Becoming a part of the Infinite, merging into the Infinite is definitely not a bad deal.  It is for sure the best deal.  By giving everything to Him He becomes ours and by doing so the entire creation becomes ours.  So is it a bad deal?
Humility makes our Hirda infinite and absorbs all the divine qualities in it.  Humility makes our Hirda a pure Hirda, a Khalsa Hirda, a Hirda where Param Jyot Puran Parkash comes and lives in. Our Rom Rom gets filled with Amrit and starts flowing out and wherever we sit.  The entire surrounding gets filled with the Amrit.   Please make it a habit to stay in utmost humility no matter what we do just dedicate it to the Gur and Guru with utmost humility without expecting any returns for it and believe us the rewards will be unbelievable.  

Performance of any kind of Bandgi or Dharam Karams under the influence of ego are a complete and utter waste.  There is no reward whatsoever for such Karams.  Performance of Dharam Karams to satisfy the ego will not bring us the Gur Parsaad of Jivan Mukti and we will still keep on reincarnating through the cycle of death and birth.  Our account for the Karams will not be closed.  Therefore, it is necessary to perform all Dharam Karams in full humility and with a dedication to the Gur and Guru and without expecting any rewards.   The performance of the Dharam Karams is most rewarding when performed in full humility and for the benefit of others and not for our own benefit.  

Kindness is another infinite divine quality.  Forgiveness is another divine quality.  Both of these qualities have a deep connection with the cleansing of our Hirda.  Just as do the divine qualities of humility, humbleness, fearlessness, no anmosity, no hatred just pure and unconditional love for the entire creation and devotion – Sachee Shardha and Sachee Preet.  All of these are infinite in nature and will make our Hirda an Infinite Hirda.  Therefore, cleansing of Hirda is of prime importance.  Only then will it become infinite and all the infinite divine qualities will come in.  We call them super divine powers which we can exercise in our daily life and by doing so we keep on enhancing these divine super powers and divine qualities.  We  keep on moving closer to divinity by using these divine powers in our daily life. The use of these super divine powers will keep on bringing us closer to the Dargah and one day the door of the Dargah will open for us and we will go inside and sit in there in Sat Chit Anand forever.

Performance of Dharam Karams under the influence of ego will not clean our Hirda, it will make it dirtier. Performance of Dharam Karams in full humility will bring us the Gur Parsaad and our Hirda will be cleaned up to the levels of purity where God will appear in full and complete practical senses as recently happened to a devotee.  She has been physically in all senses been blessed with Paar Braham Nirgun Saroop Darshan and she has merged in the Nirgun Saroop.  She was awarded the Gur Parsaad of Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  Further more Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji told her that He is waiting for everyone in the Sat Naam Parivaar (all the devotees who have been blessed with Gurprasad of Sat Naam) to become like her.  That He loves all of us so much that He is waiting for the entire Sat Naam Parivaar to come and become one with Him.   So this is a practical example of how she has been so fortunate to earn the word of the Gur and Guru.  She reached these heights in the spiritual world where her Hirda became so pure that Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji was so pleased that He appeared before her.  He appeared in His Nirgun Saroop and embraced her in Himself forever.  He gave gave her the Gur Parsaad of Seva – Parupkaar and MahaParupkaar.  She has done an incredible service of Sat Naam.  We wish for all of the Sat Naam Parivaar to become like her.  We pray that all the Sat Naam Parivaar do the same kind of Sachee Preet that they all are embraced by the Akal Purakh like her.    We need to become apostles of utmost humility and all other divine qualities as described above and then we all will be embraced by the Almighty and get blessed with His Darshans.
The ones who do good to others for the purpose of satisfying their own ego are no good.  Any Dharam Karams done for the purpose of getting recognition in society is a mere waste of efforts.  The one who does good to others without expecting any rewards or recognition is called Parupkaari.  That one is the real Parupkaari.  A Parupkaari Hirda is :-

·         A Garibi Ves Hirda. 

·         Full of humility and all the other divine qualities.  

·         Lives for others. 

·         Beyond Maya.  

·         An infinite Hirda. 

·         One that takes the pains of others and gives them peace,

·         Is one that takes the poison out of others and gives them Amrit and by doing so becomes a Maha Parupkari Hirda,

·         One that only gives, gives and gives.

Whenever we perform any such Dharam Karams, please perform them with full humility and dedicate them to the Gur and Guru and then they will become our Sat Karams.  These Sat Karams will eventually bring us the Gur Parsaad.   Therefore,  becoming “sarab kee rayn” – Charan Dhool of the entire creation is the key to the purification.  Acceptance of our misdeeds and sins is the key to purification.  Becoming lowest of the lowest is the key to make our Hirda a Khalsa – a pure and clean Hirda.  Becoming a slave of the Bishta Ka Kira is the key to purification.  Utmost humility is the key to purification.  So please replace our mind with humility and our Hirda will be purified.
jab lag jaanai mujh tay kachh ho-ay.
tab is ka-o sukh naahee ko-ay.
jab ih jaanai mai kichh kartaa.
tab lag garabh jon meh firtaa.
jab Dhaarai ko-oo bairee meet.
tab lag nihchal naahee cheet.
jab lag moh magan sang maa-ay.
tab lag Dharam raa-ay day-ay sajaa-ay.
parabh kirpaa tay banDhan tootai.
gur parsaad naanak ha-o chhootai. ||4||
Maya keeps us drenched in it so deep that it is very difficult to come out and win over it.  Whatever is visible with the naked eye is Maya.  The Param Tatt is not visible to a normal human being.  We need to open our third eye, or divine eye to see what is Maya and what is beyond Maya.   We need to open all our divine doors to see the truth, to hear the truth, to speak the truth, to serve the truth and to deliver the truth – SAT.

Param Tatt is beyond Maya so in order to merge with the Param Tatt we need to go beyond Maya.  That is difficult.  The reason why when alot of us sit for Naam Simran it is difficult to concentrate is is because Maya becomes very active.  Maya knows that there is somebody sitting there trying to win over her.  That there is someone who is trying to become her enemy and trying to get out of her influence.  That there is someone who doesn’t want to remain her servant any more.   The only way to get out of Maya’s grip is with  Gur Parsaaad.  If  we are blessed with the Gur Parsaad then we are the very fortunate ones and should never take it for granted.  We need to remain humble and remember that it has taken many Janams to reach this level.    But even reaching this level if  we do not serve the Gur Parsaad, then it is nothing but foolishness.  When we stay focused on serving the Gur Parsaad then Maya will not be able to distract us and do any harm to our Bandgi.   We continue to move forward until we win over the Maya.
Humility is the weapon which kills our ego.  Humbleness is the weapon that will kill our ego.  Killing the ego is the key to the Dargah, the real eternal happiness and the divine eternal bliss.  Happiness forever is in winning over Maya.  But as long as we continue to be slaves of Maya we will never be able to realize this eternal never ending happiness. 
The real divine life is beyond Maya.  The real divine happiness forever is beyond Maya and not being a slave under the Maya.   We should become a ruler of Maya and not remain a slave of Maya.   As long as we are a slave of Maya, we will continue to go through the cycle of death and birth.  Considering ourself as the Karta – doer, is ego.  It is Maya’s slavery.  By doing so we are punished to go through the cycle of death and birth for a indefinite period of time.  Considering ourself as Kiaa – everything is happening due to the divine powers and our physical body is nothing more than a medium – is living in humility.  This will bring us the Gur Parsaad and will open up all the channels for us to move on the spiritual path to salvation.
A pure Hirda is a Khalsa hirda.  A pure Hirda is a Sant Hirda and in a pure Hirda there is no animosity for anyone.  A pure Hirda is blessed with the Gur Parsaad of single vision – Ek Drisht.  This means the pure Hirda is a source of unconditional infinite love for each and every person and for the entire creation.  There is no place for any kind of discrimination or hatred in a pure Hirda.  But as long as we have any kind of hatred, discrimination or animosity for anyone, our Hirda will not become a pure Hirda.

A pure Hirda is an apostle of kindness and forgiveness. A pure Hirda doesn’t look at the bad qualities of others.  A pure Hirda will not think of harming even those who slander,  abuse or hurt him in any way.  All a pure Hirda does is Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  Only such a mind goes into complete silence, thoughtless stage,  elimination of mind, Sunn – Smadhi, which is a very high spiritual stage.  So being Nirvair, which is a infinite divine quality, will take us into this stage of Sunn Smadhi.
Attachment is Maya.  Attachment is being a slave of Maya.  Attachment is fear of losing our physical possessions and relationships.  Attachment is the adherence to the scum of Maya.  Attachment to Maya means our Karni is Maya Ki Karni.  Our Maya Ki Karni results  in us continuing to be punished by Dharam Raaj.  

The shackles of Maya are broken by the Gur Parsaad.  By excercising the divine super powers of humility, fearlessness, kindness, forgiveness, devotion, unconditional love, Sachee Shardha, Sachee Preet and so on. The bonds of attachment are broken only by the Gur Parsaad and with the Gur Kirpa, which is the infinite divine power.  Only then does Maya become our slave.  Our ego is then shattered by the Gur Parsaad and Gur Kirpa.  So please keep on praying continuously for the Gur Parsaad and Gur Kirpa.  
sahas khatay lakh ka-o uth Dhaavai.
taripat na aavai maa-i-aa paachhai paavai.
anik bhog bikhi-aa kay karai.
nah tariptaavai khap khap marai.
binaa santokh nahee ko-oo raajai.
supan manorath barithay sabh kaajai.
naam rang sarab sukh ho-ay.
badbhaagee kisai paraapat ho-ay.
karan karaavan aapay aap.
sadaa sadaa naanak har jaap. ||5||
Lobh, greed,  is a very powerful and negative Doot.  It lives inside our body in the chest area. This Doot of Maya is responsible for instigating us to do deeds under its influence on a daily basis.  The deeds so conducted are untrue deeds – Asat Karams.   Lobh means to make money by any kind of untrue means.  For example by extortion, by cheating, by stealing, by fraud, by any unfair means, by corruption.  This way of making money is very prevalent in Indian beaurocracy, politics and at various levels of the administration. Because of  lobh some of us misuse our authority.  Instead of using it for the betterment of the people and making our job, our Kirat, a pure and pious one, a Punn Karam, we take an opposite course and make our Kirat an Asat Karam.  We do asat karams just for the sake of money which in any case will not be going with us when we exit this physical body.
Alot of us collect money and become rich in this untrue way, but it doesn’t stop there.  The urge to become  richer and richer doesn’t stop.  It continues to grow and never ends, which leads to making heaps of money by corrupt means.  This urge to do this is called the Labh.  Labh is the higher stage of greed.  The thirst to accumulate more and more is never completely satisfied.  We are always looking out for more opportunities to collect more and more without any end in sight.  Actually, this thirst will never be satisfied no matter how much wealth is accumulated.   This thirst will never make us peaceful inside.  This Doot of Maya keeps us running in this direction forever.
Corruption, cheating, extortion and fraud never bring our mind to rest.  Whilst under the influence of lobh and labh we are unable to understand the game of Maya.  Maya is nothing but poison and this poison brings us into the mode of a slow death.  Our whole life becomes like a slow painful death.  Our life has lost sight of the real objective.  A life that is like a slow death because we are unaware of the real eternal pleasures of satisfaction and the wonderful gift of union with God.
Our life which has been like a slow death eventually brings our spiritually down to such a level where we are not even considered as being worthy of going back into the human life again.  Then we are left to wander in 8.4 million life forms for a indefinite period of time.  

The greed to get and the greed to collect is a poison for us.  However, staying in Sat Santokh, in divine peace of mind, brings us  salvation.  There is no enjoyment and pleasure in extortion, stealing, fraud and corruption.   But, there is the highest level of eternal peace, eternal blessings, eternal treasures in contentment.  Only contentment quenches our thirst for worldly possessions.  Only contentment brings an end to our urge and desires for the collection of worldly comforts by fair or foul means.
Contentment is a divine quality.  Contentment is a super divine power.  Contentment is Gur Parsaad.   Contentment is a divine super power that bring us union with God.  It brings us all the eternal treasures.  By diminishing all desires we become a custodian of all the eternal treasures.  This is not a bad deal at all.  It is probably the best and most rewarding deal.  All efforts towards the fullfillment of the desires by chasing Maya are nothing but in vain and will bring no gains in the real divine sense.  But, all efforts made to achieve contentment bring us all kinds of divine gifts and unimaginable spiritual rewards.  It brings us salvation – union with God.  So please let us focus our efforts in achieving contentment and reaping the unimaginably wonderful rewards of the spiritual world.
This is the highest and biggest fortune.  The ones who are blessed with the Gur Parsaad of contentment are extremely fortunate, they are infinitely fortunate.  The entire spirituality is a Gur Parsaad.  All the divine powers and divine qualities are achieved by the divine grace.   Infact, they are not achieved, but they are given to us as we are not capable of doing anything.  There is only one Doer and His super infinite divine powers make it happen.  It happens only with the Gur Kirpa and those who are blessed with this Gur Parsaad are absorbed in the Naam – “Sat Naam.”   Their Rom Rom does Naam Simran.  They are absorbed in the Nirgun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji forever.  Such a fortune is a divine power in itself.  Contentment is a infinite super divine power which brings us the eternal bliss and eternal happiness forever.
This fills up our Hirda with all the divine qualities and makes it an infinite Hirda.  All the divine qualities are infinite divine powers.  When we are blessed with all these infinite divine powers it is called “Naam Rang”. When this happens then we don’t chase Maya, instead Maya serves us.  Such a person is called a very fortunate one – “badbhaagee“.
karan karaavan karnaihaar.
is kai haath kahaa beechaar.
jaisee darisat karay taisaa ho-ay.
aapay aap aap parabh so-ay.
jo kichh keeno so apnai rang.
sabh tay door sabhhoo kai sang.
boojhai daykhai karai bibayk.
aapeh ayk aapeh anayk.
marai na binsai aavai na jaa-ay.
naanak sad hee rahi-aa samaa-ay. ||6||
When the Creator Lord created this creation, He created certain divine laws to run it.  These divine laws are the word of God and they govern and manage the entire creation.   These divine laws form the constitution of the creation and by virtue of being the divine word become the will of the Almighty, or the Hukam of the Akal Purakh Ji.
Just as in any country the rulers create the law of the land to govern and manage the affairs of the country. Just as people living in any particular country have to follow and observe the laws of the land to live in that country.  Such laws form the command of the rulers.  We can say such laws are the Hukam of the rulers and everybody living in that country has to follow these commandments formed by the ruler and such laws form the constitution of the country.    So is the case of the infinite kingdom of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.  This is the real divine kingdom and nobody can escape the commandments of this unique and One Ruler of the entire creation.
Whereas the rulers of the country deal with the law of the land and external things as related to the human beings, the ruler of the entire creation deals with the laws pertaining to the divine super power that is responsible for running of the entire creation.  This includes the running of the internal things as related to human beings.  Basically, the internal things as related to human beings form the basis of the destiny or are responsible for the destiny.
These internal things are governed under the constitution of the Almighty.  Even the rulers of the time cannot escape these divine laws which form the divine constitution. Every one of us is answerable to the divine laws for our internal and external actions.  Those of us who recognize these divine laws and try to follow them keep on moving towards the union with God.  Those of us who follow these divine laws with utmost devotion, love, trust and faith  in these divine laws keep on moving on this path to eternal happiness.  Eventually,  we  go and merge into the Nirgun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Akal Purakh Ji.
These divine laws form the basis of the creation.  So to survive  as a true part of the creation, we have to understand and follow these divine laws.  To realize the Creator we have to follow these divine laws and meet the requirements of the Almighty.  These divine laws form the basis of our destiny.  For example, the Law of Karma means we reap what we sow.    Whatever we do forms our destiny.  Everything we are doing is all under God’s Law and there is nothing in our hands in all physical and divine senses.  

Everything that happens around us and to us and by us is all under these divine laws.  There is basically nothing that we can do.  Everything that happens is done by the divine super power Himself.   Therefore, whatever is in store for us in the future or whatever is our future destiny can only be changed by the Creator or the Doer – Karta Purakh Ji.  How can that be done?  It is only and we repeat ONLY by the divine grace of the Almighty.   Only He can give us a deviation from our destiny.  How can we get His grace or how can we get this deviation where our destiny can change or can be made to change is by only focusing on SAT KARAMS and a constant prayer.  By focusing on using our divine powers of :-

·         doing Sat Naam Simran,
·         enhancing our unconditional love,
·         staying in utmost humbleness,
·         being more and more kind and forgiving,
·         becoming more and more fearless,
·         enhancing our trust, commitment, faith and belief on these divine laws.  

His kindness on us depends upon how we conduct ourselves in following these divine laws in our daily lives. One of the divine laws pertains to His presence and that law says that he is Omni Present – He is inside us.  He is running our breath and heart.  So by virtue of being everywhere including our inside as well, He has access to all our doings.  That is how He is constantly watching us whatever we may be doing.
Not only that, the next divine law says that whatever we do is being recorded and our destiny will be based on these deeds.   If we are following these divine laws and are performing according to these divine laws then we are moving forward towards getting blessed with his Grace – Gur Parsaad.  Then  we can hope to realize the objective of this human life.  Complete internal realization is the realization of God, because our physical body and our soul is being run by God Himself.  Our soul is nothing but an integral part of the Nirgun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.  The life element that runs our physical body, our breaths, the pumping of blood in us is the divine superpower and nothing else.  Life is nothing but the divine super power and this divine super power is running our life.   Whether it is a plant, an animal, or a human being or any of other life form.   It is just a matter of recognition of this life element and nothing else. This recognition brings the death of “me, my and mine.”   It brings  the death of Haumai and merges us with the Almighty.
Furthermore, when we go higher up in the spiritual world, we find that this divine superpower is behind everything.  Life or not, every creation is His creation.  So when every creation is His creation then doesn’t every creation belongs to Him?  What remains ours?   (This has been discussed and presented with the Gur Parsaad in the previous Ashtpadi of Shri Sukhmani Sahib Ji with various examples of living and non-living creations).
This is called complete realisation.  This comes when a person achieves the Param Padvi and Brahmgian Amrit, the Atam Rus Amrit.  This level is not achieved by reading books or Shasters or any writings but by following these divine laws .  The key to success is earning the internal compliance.  The compliance of overcoming the Panj Doots and the compliance of desireless living.  When we earn this compliance then we  win over Maya.  Our Hirda becomes a Puran Sachyara Hirda.  It becomes an infinite Hirda.  The Infinite comes in and resides in this Hirda.   The Infinite resides and operates from this Hirda, because this Hirda becomes SAT ROOP.  It does not perish.  It never dies and lives forever, for all ages to come.
aap updaysai samjhai aap.
aapay rachi-aa sabh kai saath.
aap keeno aapan bisthaar.
sabh kachh us kaa oh karnaihaar.
us tay bhinn kahhu kichh ho-ay.
thaan thanantar aykai so-ay.
apunay chalit aap karnaihaar.
ka-utak karai rang aapaar.
man meh aap man apunay maahi.
naanak keemat kahan na jaa-ay. ||7||
Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji is very kindly continuing to give this Gur Parsaad to us all.  The Gurbani is the Gur Parsaad.  Sukhmani Bani is the Gur Parsaad given to us by Dhan Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj.    Remember this whenever we recite or listen to Sukhmani, that it is coming from Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji.   These are the divine words of Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji coming directly to us.   We should all believe this with full trust and devotion.  When we do we will feel very humble and find that these divine words start coming into our Hirda.  If our devotion and love is very deep, then these words will pierce our Hirda and we start feeling that the Amrit Bani is flowing inside our Hirda.
We can only feel Amrit bani flowing in our hirda when we go into Smadhi or Sunn Smadhi.  We can only go into smadhi when all of our Bajjar Kappats are opened including the tenth door – Dassam Dwaar, and when all our SAT SAROVARS are activated.   Then whenever we sit down and focus on listening to Kirtan or Gurbani we start to feel the flow of this Amrit inside our body physically.  We are able to sense this Amrit flowing through our body physically.
When Sat Naam goes into Rom Rom then there is an unbelievable flow of Amrit inside the body. It flows  from the inside to the outside of the body and to the surroundings.  At this stage when we listen to Gurbani or Kirtan our entire body, each and every cell, dances with the joy of Amrit.  It feels like each and every cell of our body has become an ear and is drinking this Amrit continuously.  Or every cell of our body has become a mouth and is reciting Sat Naam.  This is called Akhand Kirtan – the kirtan that never stops.
This flow of the Amrit from the body to the surroundings forms our aura.  It is difficult to gage the dimensions of this aura.  This is the reason whenever there is a Sant sitting in the Sangat there is a special kind of a blissful and peaceful feeling the Sangat gets.  Because this aura of the Sant, or the Amrit Chattar as it is called, removes the effect of Maya.  When there is no maya the entire Sangat goes into a state of eternal bliss.  That is why it is said that wherever there is a Sant sitting there is Mansarovar and this is the real divine sign to recognize a Sant’s presence.
Similarly, when we are reading or listening to Gurbani, don’t take it lightly.  Take it for granted that the Guru is sitting with us.   The Guru is actually sitting inside us and listening to the Gurbani.  This kind of  trust and devotion does wonders for us.   We start to carve the Gurbani inside our Hirda by getting motivated to practice the Gurbani in our daily life.   In this way we go higher and higher in Bandgi and we start to realize the presence of the Almighty.  This is how His divine power makes everything happen in and around us.  But, until that happens we have to take the Guru’s word for granted and work on it.  Then we reach that level where we become one with God and realize all these things in all practical and physical senses.
Whatever is written in Gurbani is a PURAN SAT that is why it is called the Gyan Saroop of Akal Purakh Ji. That is why it is called DHUR KI BANI.  Everything that is written in Gurbani will happen to us physically as we progress in our bandgi.   The origin of everything is Akal Purakh Himself.  Every creation is created by Him and every creation is run by His divine powers.  Nothing is possible without His super divine powers.  Nothing can be done by any other power.  There is no other power that exists.  He is the one and only Doer – Karnaihaar.  Everything works under His command – Hukam.  His Hukam is not limited to the Earth we live on, but His Hukam prevails over the entire universe.  The entire universe is run by His super divine powers.  He is the Origin.  He is the Creator and He is the Doer.
He is unique and there is nobody else who is as powerful as Him.  Who has the power to estimate His worth? Is there is any one of us who can judge His worth or judge His super divine powers?  All we can say is that He is omnipresent and that we can physically feel His presence only with the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  Gurprasad takes us beyond Maya and that is where and how we will be able to see Him and feel Him.
sat sat sat parabh su-aamee.
gur parsaad kinai vakhi-aanee.
sach sach sach sabh keenaa.
kot maDhay kinai birlai cheenaa.
bhalaa bhalaa bhalaa tayraa roop.
at sundar apaar anoop.
nirmal nirmal nirmal tayree banee.
ghat ghat sunee sarvan bakh-yaanee.
pavitar pavitar pavitar puneet.
naam japai naanak man pareet. ||8||12||
Read about the shabad “SAT”.

So the Shabad “SAT” is :-

·         God,

·         the owner of the entire creation,

·         the father of the entire creation,

·         beyond description.

Even though the shabad “SAT” is beyond description a glimpse can only be tried to be explained with the Gur Parsaad, by the one who has completely merged in Him and become one with Him. All His karni is true. So is the Karni of the one who merges in Him and becomes SAT Roop, because such a person can see, hear, speak, serve and deliver truth and only truth.
These are all the divine qualities of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.  He is :

·         SAT.

·         God. 

·         The Owner. 

·         The Gur Parsaad.

·         Full of all the divine qualities and all the super divine powers, so what can be more beautiful than Him? 

·         Purer than everything else.

·         Realized only by one in tens of millions. 

·         Indescribable.  His super divine powers are undescribable.  His creation is undescribable.

·         Super and unique.

Whatever He says is the divine law.  When His Bani, his divine law, is followed with love and devotion and trust and faith by completely surrendering to Him then He can be realized.  But, this is all Gur Parsaad. So please keep on praying for His grace, His Kirpa, His Gur Parsaad.  We can all realize Him by getting the Gur Parsaad of  Naam, Naam KI Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.