Section 14 – Wisdom

tajahu si-aanap sur janhu simrahu har har raa-ay.
ayk aas har man rakhahu naanak dookh bharam bha-o jaa-ay. ||1||
Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji with the Gur Kirpa and Gur Parsaad is continuing to give us divine wisdom.  If we can bring it into our daily life we can carve it as a wonderful piece of divinity inside our Hirda and make it an infinite Hirda.
Guru Patshah Ji is talking of self wisdom and as long as we are living in self wisdom we will always remain in sorrow and pain.  Sorrow and pain are caused by the doubts, illusions, delusions and fear and are the normal way of life for most people.   This is an incredible piece divine wisdom from guru Arjun dev Ji.  We would say that it is actually infinite divine wisdom.  It is not wrong to say that divine wisdom is infinite in itself as it takes us from wherever we are sitting now to the heights of the spiritual world, to the depths of the Mansarovar, to the inside of the Nirgun Saroop.  Infinite Divine wisdom makes our Hirda an infinite Hirda and fills it with all the infinite divine superpowers and super divine qualities.

By earning the Gurbani by putting it into daily practice in our lives, we can become what Gurbani wants us to become.  Gurbani wants us to :-

·         become a Sant Hirda.
·         become Jivan Mukt.
·         win over Panj Doots and desires.
·         win over the Maya.
·         win over our own mind.
·         merge in the Nirgun Saroop.
·         reach the Param Padvi.
·         find a permanent place in the Dargah of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.
·         become a Parupkari and Maha Parupkari.
·         do all this in the current life we are living through.

In this Shalok, Gurbani is telling us to leave our self wisdom. 

Gurbani is telling us to :-

·         come out of all the pains and sorrows.
·         come out of all the doubts, illusions, delusions.
·         become fearless.

Becoming fearless is to break all the shackles of Maya.  Becoming fearless means becoming capable of serving and delivering the Truth.  A fearless hirda is the only one who can speak, deliver and serve the complete Truth.  How can we do it?  By focussing on the ONE UNIQUE – IK OANKAAR SAT NAAM.

There are four kinds of wisdom as follows:

Munnmat or Self Wisdom. This is the wisdom that we have gained as a result of our own education and learning through educational institutions and from our parents, family and friends.

Sansarik Mat or Worldly Wisdom.  This is what is based on how the society and other people in the community perform and behave.  It consists of the norms followed by the communiy we are living in. The rules and traditions followed by the society we are living in.

Durmat or Bad wisdom.  This is the kind of wisdom which prompts us to perform Asat Karams (untrue deeds).  It is mostly based on the worldly wisdom and self wisdom.

Gurmat or Divine Wisdom.   This wisdom is the divine gift.  It is the Gur Parsaad.  What we call Gurbani is the divine wisdom. 

Practice of non-gurmat forces us back into building our destiny accordingly.  It keeps us reincarnating to keep us paying for our deeds forever. It never allows us to get a chance to be free or liberate ourself from reincarnation to achieve salvation.   But, by following Gurmat we will be focussed on SAT KARAMS and a time will come when we will have accummulated enough of them which will be recognized by the Dargah of Akal Purakh Ji.   When that happens then we will be blessed with the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  Our passage to Sach Khand will open up.  

There are many who get blessed with this Gurparsaad, but they are either not able to recognize this super divine grace.  Or they know that they have been blessed but, they are not able to earn it or serve it to reap the rewards.  There are only a rare few who really work towards it and realize it partially or completely.  Infact, there is only one in ten million who makes it through completely.  Others are just trapped again in Maya, to be reborn and continue working on this path.

This is where a Sant comes into picture.  A Puran Sant can help ferry us across this ocean of Maya.  Whenever we get a chance to see a Puran Sant never take it lightly.   Give our Tunn, Munn and Dhan to him.  Follow his words and serve Him as much as we possibly can do.  Attend his Sat Sangat on a regular basis.

 A Puran Sant is able to answer all of our questions, remove all of our illusions, delusions, Bharams, Dubidha and clear our passage to Puran Bandgi.  He gives us the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  However, our spiritual progress is based on our dedication.  How much can we  dedicate ourself to this Puran Sant?  How deep is our devotion and love towards our Puran Sant?.  How strong is our trust and faith in him?   All of this divine wisdom and guidance comes from within us when we dedicate ourself to the “Sat Naam” Simran.   Removal of all doubts, illusions and delusions relieves us of all the pains and sorrows and we are able to reach an everlasting happiness.  The internal divine happiness.   
maanukh kee tayk barithee sabh jaan.
dayvan ka-o aykai bhagvaan.
jis kai dee-ai rahai aghaa-ay.
bahur na tarisnaa laagai aa-ay.
maarai raakhai ayko aap.
maanukh kai kichh naahee haath.
tis kaa hukam boojh sukh ho-ay.
tis kaa naam rakh kanth paro-ay.
simar simar simar parabh so-ay.
naanak bighan na laagai ko-ay. ||1||
Everything that happens to us and around us is due to or by the super divine powers of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.  It is very simple to understand.  Let us take the example of the human body.  Guru Sahib Ji is refering to the human body when he says “Maanukh.”

The human body is made from five highly non-compatible elements: water, fire, air, earth and sky. Under normal circumstances these five elements can’t stay together.  Water and fire can’t stay together, fire and air can’t stay together, sky and earth can’t stay together and so on.  We can do any amount of permutations and combinations for these elements and for each one of them we will find that these elements are highly non-compatible and they can’t stay together.   So think for a moment how these five highly non-compatible elements are being held together.  What is it that holds them together and makes them function as a human being? 

Some people try to find the logic behind it, but has anybody been able to find that logic?  Probably not, or at least not known to the world so far.  As far as logic is concerned it goes as far as human mind can go or will continue to go under normal circumstances.  But, beyond a certain point human mind fails to find a scientific logic behind this and many more situations.  When the logic ends the divinity takes over. Then there remains only one logic and that logic is that some kind of a hidden super divine power keeps these five highly non-compatible elements together and makes it function as a human being.  Please bear in mind that as soon as this super divine power is withdrawn, the body dies and all these five elements go back and merge with their origins.

Anything and everything, any creation and every creation that has been created in time and space comes and goes in this universe under this divine law, that everything operates by the super divine power of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.  That is why Akal Purakh has been designated as Karta Purakh by Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Patshah Ji in the Mool Mantra.  This puts an end to this logic that we, a physical body, as human beings are capable of doing anything at all.  The divine law is that there is only one super divine power that is the creator and operator of every creation and the entire universe.  Only His divine laws prevail and the entire creation operates under His divine laws.

Let us understand it very clearly that the highest and most important divine law is to become a completely truthful person from inside out.  This means to come under the completely truthful internal compliance.  A Puran Sachyari Rehat of Hirda. To become a Puran Sachyara Hirda.  That makes us capable of seeing, hearing, speaking, serving and delivering the Truth.  Only when we comply ourselves with this divine law – Dargahi Kanoon do all of our deeds become truthful Punn Karams.  When that happens then there is no pain, no sorrow, there is everlasting happiness.  Then contentment comes as a divine gift.  Desires don’t bother us and Panj Doots can’t do us any harm.   These are super divine gifts.   Maya serves us.  Maya becomes our  slave. Understanding these divine laws and following them turns our life around.  Then we really understand the real divine meaning of our life.  When that happens then there is only utmost happiness, Param Anand,  Sat Chit Anand forever and never ending state of mind in that state of eternal bliss.
He is the only Doer.  He is the only Giver.  The giver of life, giver of all the amenities needed for living, giver of all comforts.  He is the giver of everything, and ultimately He is the giver of the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar. This Gur Parsaad takes us into the Puran Sachyari Rehat – complete truthfulness compliance of inside and outside and then everything that happens to us is just incredible.  It is unimaginable.  It is beyond description. It can only be experienced physically by the one who goes into Bandgi with the Gur Parsaad.

The spiritual experiences start with the opening of the divine doors, the Bajjar Kappaats and the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti and the activation of the Sat Sarovars.  When Naam goes into Surat and travels to the “SAT Sarovars” (These are called Chakras in the Vedas and other religious writings) one goes into Smadhi and into Ajapaa Jaap.  Then into deep meditation, which is called Sunn Smadhi.  This is the complete silence stage.  This is all Gur Parsaad and is based on our past Karni from previous lives and as well from the current life.  Please keep on praying for the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar. Whatever Gurbani says it will actually and physically happen to us if we follow Gurbani and do what Gurbani says.
ustat man meh kar nirankaar.
kar man mayray sat bi-uhaar.
nirmal rasnaa amrit pee-o.
sadaa suhaylaa kar layhi jee-o.
nainhu paykh thaakur kaa rang.
saaDhsang binsai sabh sang.
charan chala-o maarag gobind.
miteh paap japee-ai har bind.
kar har karam sarvan har kathaa.
har dargeh naanak oojal mathaa. ||2||
Sat Bi-uhaar is the key to success. Let us talk about what is Sat Bi-uhaar.  It means Sat Ki Karni i.e. doing Sat Karams. This means being truthful in all of our actions and reactions and in all of our deeds and behavior.   It means becoming the same from inside and outside.

There are three catagories that our deeds can be fall into.  These are nothing but three attributes of Maya:

1.        Raj Gun – desires, Asa Trishna Mansha;

2.        Tam Gun – Kaam Krodha Lobh Moh and Ahankaar;

3.        Sat Gun – Daya, Dharam, Santokh, Sanjam – theses are basically Dharam Karams – anything connected with Dharam – the real divine meaning of Dharam is union with God – or to unite with God.

Anything performed unconditionally in the direction of union with God is considered a Sat Karam. Please keep in mind the deed should not be attached with any kind of a demand.  For example, doing Simran and Seva without any condition whatever it may be. Whenever there is a condition attached with any kind of a Dharam Karam – that is not Bandgi, but that is considered to be some kind of business deal.     

Unconditional means devotion and love, conditional means selfishness. So in selfishness there is no Bandgi and no Dharam Karam, in unconditional state love is a divine quality and devotion is a divine quality. So there should not be any strings attached to the Dharam Karam then only it becomes a Sat Karam – or Sat Bi-uhaar.

The deeds performed to meet our desires are not Sat Karams.  Deeds performed to meet our Asa, Trishna and Mansha are not truthful deeds.  They are all Asat Karams.  Similarly, deeds performed under the Kaam Krodh Lobh Moh and Ahankaar are all Asat Karams – not truthful deeds.  So the deeds performed under the influence of Raj and Tam attributes of Maya don’t fall under the Sat Bi-uhaar but they are regarded as Asat Karams – not truthful deeds.

Mostly people confuse the Shabad “Maya” with money, which is not true, the Shabad “Maya” comprises of these three attributes as explained. But when the accumulation of our Sat Karams – truthful deeds crosses a certain limit then we are blessed with the Gur Parsaad.  We then need to recognize this Gur Parsaad and dedicate ourselves with Tunn, Munn and Dhan.  With complete surrender to the Gur and Guru we go into Naam Simran and do Naam Ki Kamai and Puran Bandgi then a stage comes when we meet God and go and merge in God.  Our Hirda is filled with all the divine qualities and divine powers, then we go beyond Maya – Trihu Gun Tey Parey, because God is beyond Maya.  So to become one with God we have to go beyond Maya and Sat bi-uhaar makes this merger with God possible. That is why being truthful in our daily performance is so important as it opens up and paves the way for us to become one with God. So praising God is a Sat bi-uhaar.

The highest level of Sat biuhaar is the Sat Naam Simran – for a ordinary person who is a truth seeker or want to become a truth seeker or want to become a SAT SEEKER, or want to discover God or want to discover the SAT – Nirgun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji  – the HIGHEST LEVEL OF SAT BIUHAAR IS SAT NAAM SIMRAN. 
The true divine meaning of Sat Biuhaar is bringing in all the divine qualities of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji in our Hirda and filling it with the infinite power of the divinity. To bring in all the infinite divine qualities of a Sada Suhagan inside our Hirda and become a Sada Suhagan – a Puran Sant a Puran Brahmgiani  It is not possible to define all the divine super powers – divine qualities of the Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji but, some of the super divine qualities have been earlier in Astpadi 8.

This means that one Shabad of Gurbani can take us deep into the Mansarovar.  The Shabad “Sat biuhaar” as described above with the Gur Parsaad has taken us deep into the Mansarovar.  This means that the Kamai of just one Shabad “Sat biuhaar” will take us to the heights of the spiritual world. When we do Sat-biuhaar then our Rom Rom goes into Naam Simran and gets filled with Amrit physically. This infinite divine energy is physically felt inside and around us. Every bit of our body vibrates with Sat Naam and so does our tongue.

The human body is like a pot and when we become a Sada Suhagan then this pot gets filled with Amrit and starts to overflow.  When this happens then the Sada Suhagan gives it to others. The Hirda goes into complete silence – eternal peace takes over forever, living in the physical body or after leaving the physical body.

The Shabad “Sada” is very important to understand in Gurbani, this means forever, non-stop, for all ages to come.   So when we are blessed with the Sada Suhaag then we go into a state of Sada Anand, Sat Chit Anand , always and forever in an eternal blissful stage.  This is the Param Padvi, the Puran Brahmgian Stage, the Puran Tatt Gyan stage when we never fall back.  This is also called Atal Awastha.

This is all possible only with “Sadhsang.”  It is very important to understand this Shabad “Sadhsang.”   The one who has become a Sada Suhagan is a Sadh.  It means the one who has straightened His Hirda completely.   The Sadh’s mind, Karam Indrees and Gyan Indrees are under the direct control of the Param Jyot Puran Parkash – Dhan Dhan Shri Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji. The Sadh is the one who has completely conquered Maya and has gone beyond Maya.  And the company, the “sang” of the “Sadh” can take us to this stage in spirituality.   

In the “Sadhsang” we become detached from everything else.  We become fearless.  The fear of losing disappears.  We are detached from Maya and go beyond Maya.  God is beyond Maya so to unite with Him it is mandatory that we are beyond Maya.  Then and only then will we be able to unite with God. When this happens then we physically see that the entire creation is His creation and is being run by His divine super powers.

The Gur Parsaad of Naam i.e. “Sat Naam”, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva makes us move along on this path to Eternity.  Then all of our deeds become truthful deeds.  Whatever we do  becomes His Seva.  We get absorbed in His Mahima and become His Mahima.  We earn a permanent place in the Dargah of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.
badbhaagee tay jan jag maahi.
sadaa sadaa har kay gun gaahi.
raam naam jo karahi beechaar.
say Dhanvant ganee sansaar.
man tan mukh boleh har mukhee.
sadaa sadaa jaanhu tay sukhee.
ayko ayk ayk pachhaanai.
it ut kee oh sojhee jaanai.
naam sang jis kaa man maani-aa.
naanak tineh niranjan jaani-aa. ||3||

Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji is very kindly and with the Gur Parsaad is continuing to give us the divine wisdom about the super divine powers of the “Naam”.   Please take it for granted that whenever a Puran Sant speaks, he will speak only complete truth – Eternal Truth.  So the words of a Satgur, Sant, Brahmgiani are Gur Parsaad.

The ones who give up their Tunn, Munn and Dhan to such souls who have become Sada Suhagans (Sant, Satgur, Brahmgiani –these are different names given to the Sada Suhagan) become eligible for receiving the Gur Parsaad.  Naam is Gur Parsaad.  Naam Simran is Gur Parsaad.  Naam Ki Kamai is Gur Parsaad. Puran Bandgi and then Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar is all Gur Parsaad. Those who have been blessed with the Gur Parsaad are absorbed in the Mahima of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar and are Sada Suhagans.  Being blessed they are very fortunate, they are the most fortunate ones in this world, infact this world runs on their shoulders.   Such souls who become Sada Suhagans are one in ten million, so obviously they are extremely fortunate.   

Those who focus on Sat Ki Karni – those who focus on Sat Karams eventfully become eligible for receiving the Gur Parsaaad and when they completely surrender to the Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhan and focus on their Bandgi – Seva and Sambhalta of the Gur Parsaad.  Then they reach the heights of spiritual world and become Sada Suhagans.

The Shabad “Jan” is a very important one to understand, this Shabad’s divine meaning should not be misunderstood.  The real divine meaning of this divine Shabad is “Sada Suhagan” the ones who are referred to as “Jan” in Gurbani are “Sada Suhagans”.   The entire Gurbani is the Mahima of Akal Purakh, His Naam, His Sants and Bhagats. Gurbani is a language of Sach Khand.  It is Puran Sat, that is why it is called Nirankaar and Guru because SAT is the Guru. 

The Shabad “Satgur”  means SAT is Akal Purakh or Sat is the Guru . The ones who do Gurbani in their daily life or those who perform what Gurbani says in the daily life eventually become what Gurbani tells them to be.  It can be said in simpler words that those who do Gurbani become Sants, Brahmgianis, Satgurus, they become Sada Suhagans.  It is so simple do what Gurbani says and become what Gurbani wants us to become.   


The Sada Suhagans are absorbed in the Naam, in the Mahima of Naam, in the Mahima of Akal Purakh, and become Mahima of Naam and Akal Purakh themselves.  Sada Suhagan is nothing but Mahima of Akal Purakh Ji or Mahima of His Naam – Sat Naam. So the most precious and priceless treasure is Naam Dhan, which is collected by doing Naam Ki Kamai.  That is why those who become Sada Suhagans are very fortunate.  They are the most fortunate as they remain in complete eternal bliss.   


Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Ji is “Niranjan.”   This Shabad “Niranjan” is a very important divine Shabad and if we go into the depth of this Shabad we will end up deep in the Mansarovar. The divine meaning of this Shabad is beyond the darkness of Maya.  Anjan is the darkness of Maya.  “Niranjan” is beyond the three attributes of Maya.  God is beyond Maya.  Therefore, to reach Him or to unite with God we will have to go beyond Maya.  Only those who are blessed with the Gur Parsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva  go beyond and are able to reach Him.


Jivan Mukti is Mukti from Maya, which means complete eternal freedom and no more reincarnating.   The fortunate ones who are blessed with this divine wisdom of working towards achieving the Gur Parsaad, start moving on this path to eternity.  Naam is the ladder to the Dargah and Naam Simran and collecting Naam Ki Kamai keeps on removing all the distractions and obstackles on the way to Eternity.  Eventually when we reach the Puran Bandgi Stage then the door to the Dargah opens up by itself. Again complete surrender to the Guru makes it real easy and fast, but if we don’t surrender to the Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhan – then we don’t make much progress.


The ones who do surrender go on the fast track and realize their dreams very fast. The reason for failure to achieve the ultimate is because we don’t completely surrender to the Guru.  All of us see people around us  and it may include us as well that have been engaged in reading Gurbani and other religious deeds for their whole life bu have not made any headway.   Only those who are blessed with this divine wisdom of the super divine infinite power of the Naam are able to discover the eternal truth and achieve complete realization.  
Self realization is the height of the spiritual world.  The one who has realized himself has realized God. Self realization is basically realization that it is the super divine power that runs our body.  It is realization that we are not a physical body, but we are the super divine power that runs this body.

gur parsaad aa an aap sujhai.
tis kee jaanhu tarisnaa bujhai.
saaDhsang har har jas kahat.
sarab rog tay oh har jan rahat.
Andin kirtan kayval bakh-yaan.
garihsat meh so-ee nirbaan.
ayk oopar jis jan kee aasaa.
tis kee katee-ai jam kee faasaa.
paarbarahm kee jis man bhookh.
naanak tiseh na laageh dookh. ||4|| 

Gur Parsaad is the key to spiritual success.  Gur Parsaad is the divine super power of the highest order.  It is the infinite divine power that will make our spiritual progress possible.  There is no way that we will be able to progress spiritually without the Gur Parsaad.  


When God made his most beautiful creation, the human being, he gave us the super infinite divine power.  He instituted this infinite super divine power within the human being himself.  This is the main reason why the human being is called the most beautiful creation of God.


Let us assume for the sake of understanding that if this infinite divine power of spirituality was out in the open people wouldn’t work for itt.  People would pay others to go and get it for them.  People wouldn’t change and would want others to do the hard work on their behalf.  But, God has been very innovative in hiding this super divine power within the human being himself, so that each of us has to earn it for ourself.  If we want to discover this Eternal Truth then we have to work on our own self to achieve this super infinite divine power.  And at the same time it makes it impossible for others to take it.  However, we can help others to do the same. 


Our own soul is basically the Amrit.  The life element is the Amrit.  It is the Amrit that breathes inside our physical body and keeps it going.  Bandgi is nothing but discovery of this Amrit within our own physical body and this can only and only be achieved by the Gur Parsaad.  And Gur Parsaad is the Amrit that has been realized by a Puran Brahmgiani.  By virtue of this realization of the Amrit, such a Puran Brahmgiani Himself becomes a source of the Gur Parsaad, a source of the Amrit.  When this Amrit is given to us then this Amrit activates all of our internal sources of Amrit, the sat sarovars,  which opens all our divine doors.


The only issue is that this Amrit can’t be given to anybody and everybody.  It can only be received by those who are destined to receive it, or the ones who are capable to receive and retain this Amrit. The condition that makes us eligible for this Amrit is to reach a stage where we can completely surrender to the Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhan.  


The Guru is the source of this Gur Parsaad – a Puran Brahmgiani. When we get this Gur Parsaad and then we do the Naam Ki Kamai then our conscious, Birti, keeps on going higher and higher and a time comes when we physically realize this super divine power within our own self and are blessed with the Puran Brahmgian.  When this happens we merge in the Nirgun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar Ji.  Or when we achieve God then what more do we want to achieve?  Then there remains no desire.  The mind goes into peace and desires are basically eliminated and we become a desireless person. When this happens then we actually physically feel the Amrit flowing through our body.  We actually physically see divine light coming out of our own physical body.  We actually physically hear every bit of our body vibrating with Naam.   Whatever Gurbani says comes true for us.   


Trisnaa means desires.  These are the most difficult thing to win over in order to beome desireless. Desiring is a continuous process and never ends.  One after the other, desires keep on coming in a never ending stream.  They keep on prompting us to do fair and unfair things in order to fulfill them. There is only one way to eliminate desires and that is go into a state of Sat Santokh, divine contentment.  Sat Santokh comes only with Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai and Puran Bandgi, which again is a Gur Parsaad.


Desires are the root cause of all the problems and will never let our mind go into peace mode and contentment.   So please stay focused on Sat Ki Karni and Sat Naam Simran, because only Sat can bring peace to our mind and replace it with Param Jyot Puran Parkash and give us the Gur Parsaaad of Puran Brahmgian. This is the only way we can win over our own mind.  Winning over the mind is winning over Maya.  Winning over maya is winning over Panj Doots and desires.  These are the highest level of mental sicknesses.  Only a Satgur is Rog Rehit, meaning  only the Satgur doesn’t suffer from any such sickness at all.

Jo Jo Disey So So Rogi
Rog Rehit Mera Satgur Jogi.


Guru Granth Sahib ji


Andin Kirtan is Akhand Kirtan.  It is continuous Kirtan. It is the Rom Rom Naam Simran.  It is Ajapaa Jaap.  It is the Panch Shabad Anhad Naad music heard in Dassam Duaar and such a divine gift is available to only the ones who go into Karam Khand.  And Karam is nothing but the Gur Parsaad.  The other divine meaning of Kirtan is “Tan Kaa Keelna.”   This means straightening our inside and outside.  It means winning over Maya.  People who go into Karam Khand and then into Sach Khand and reach Puran Bandgi enjoy this Gur Parsaad of Andin Kirtan. This is the Puran Sat and this is what a Puran Brahmgiani who enjoys this divine gift, explains and describes to His Sat Sangat.


“Girahst” means living a family life – getting married, having children and living a normal family life. “Nirban” means achieving Jivan Mukti.  This means achieving Jivan Mukti while living and enjoying the family life.  That is right, family life is the easiest way to achieve Jivan Mukti.  That is what Dhan Dhan Dus Guru Patshahian have preached to us in Gurbani.  Look at their lives they also had families and lived a life of a Sant Satgur and so is that is what they have preached for us to do.


We encounter Maya continuously living in a family life and Bandgi is nothing but fighting with maya in order to win it over. Fighting with maya is fighting with Panj Doots and desires whilst in the family life.  We have been provided with an opportunity to fight with these enemies and defeat them.  It is in fact a Gur Parsaad that we have been blessed with this human life and the family life in this Janam where we can defeat our enemies and win over them.


Leaving the world and going into isolation is a very difficult way of exploring the Eternal Truth.  Giving up everything is much more difficult than living a family life where we have been blessed with the Gur Parsaad and can achieve Jivan Mukti. All we need to do is complete surrender to our Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhan.  Surrender with unconditional love, devotion, faith and trust and then watch the rewards.


“Bhookh” means the desperation to meet God and what should a person in such a desperation should do? Unconditional love, devotion and trust is the key to meet with Him.  The person who surrenders to the Guru with unconditional love, devotion and trust wins and is blessed with the Gur Parsaad and thus the path to the eternity opens.  When such a blessed person starts doing Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai and Puran Bandgi then he finally defeats Maya and goes beyond the Maya where he meets and merges in the Nirgun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar Ji.


But, until this happens there is always a chance that YOU CAN SLIP BACK.  In our Sangat there were many people who were blessed in the Karam Khand and went up spiritually.  But, then these people became Beymukh to the Guru and indulged in the slandering of the Guru.  They lost everything they had earned, because they could not stand the tests of Maya.  They failed badly and fell flat on their face.  Please always keep in mind to never think that we have earned everything and can handle it by ourself.  We should never and we repeat never become Beymukh to the Guru who gives us the Gur Parsaad.  This will put a lock on our spiritual progress.  Once we start doubting our Guru then we are finished.  There is no more spiritual progress.  We should always and forever follow the Guru’s advice and never go outside His advice or words. If He tells us to serve others then we should start doing it right away.  We should continue to GIVE DASVANDH TO OUR GURU UNTIL HE TELLS US TO STOP DOING SO.   


Bandgi is nothing but devotion, unconditional love, trust and faith and with these divine superpowers we will be able to defeat Maya with the Gur Parsaad and get out of the cycle of birth and death.

jis ka-o har parabh man chit aavai.
So  sant suhaylaa nahee dulaavai.
jis parabh apunaa kirpaa karai.
so sayvak kaho kis tay darai.
jaisaa saa taisaa daristaa-i-aa.
apunay kaaraj meh aap samaa-i-aa.
soDhat soDhat soDhat seejhi-aa.
gur parsaad tat sabh boojhi-aa.
jab daykh-a-u tab sabh kichh mool.
naanak so sookham so-ee asthool. ||5|| 

Our Sant plays the most important role in our spiritual journey. Sant means the person who has diminished himself or has lost his own identity and finished himself in the SAT – Jis Daa Sat vich Ant Ho Gayaa Hai.  Ending our own existence means end of Haumai.  Once there is an end to ego, it means the door to Dargah opens.  In other spiritual terms the Shabad “Sant” means a Pargateyo Jyot, a Puran Brahmgiani, a Satgur, the one who has won over the Maya and has gone beyond Maya and merged with Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar Swami Ji.  The Sant has achieved the Param Padvi and achieved Atal Awastha – complete silence of inside.   The Sant is the one whose Hirda becomes a place by virtue of going into Puran Sachyari Rehat – complete internal compliance, the compliance of winning over the Panj Doots and desires. Such a soul can never be disturbed by anything that happens around him whatsoever it may be, because he goes into Puran Hukam and realizes in all practical senses that everything that happens is in the Hukam and only Hukam prevails. That is what Atal Asastha means. So for going to a state of complete  silence of mind means elimination of mind and replacing the mind with Param Jyot Puran Parkash – Puran Tatt Gyan – Puran Brahmgian.


Achieving Sant Padvi is a Gur Parsaad or it is the Gur Parsaad that makes our Hirda a Sant Hirda – please be sure that physical body is not the Sant the Hirda is Sant.  Hirda full of all the infinite divine qualities, the qualities of a Sada Suhagan, an infinite Hirda.  It is the Beyant Hirda full of all divine super powers.  Being fearless is one of these divine qualities.  Becoming fearless means detachment with Maya.  Fearless means an end to the fear of losing worldly things, relationships, health, physical death and so on.  Another important point to understand is that only a fearless Hirda can see, speak, serve and deliver the Eternal Truth. Becoming fearless means winning over the Doots of Moh and Lobh.


The Gur Parsaad makes a person a Sant and the Gur Parsaad is achieved in the Sat Sangat of a Sant. The Gur Parsaad makes a Sant infinite like God.  The Eternal Truth is that there remains no difference between God Himself and a Sant.  So a Sant is a living God on this Earth.  All we need to do is surrender ourself with Tunn, Munn and Dhan at the Charans of a Sant with devotion, unconditional love and trust as our spiritual success depends upon it.  Please understand that this is a mandatory divine law, this is not something we are saying, infact we are not saying anything at all, it is all written in Gurbani.  The need is to understand, believe and do it in the daily life.  The ones who do make it to the Gur Parsaad but still follow their own wisdom reach nowhere inspite of reading and listening to Gurbani on a daily basis.   


Doing Gurbani is the key to success, reading and not doing it leads us nowhere. This is the reason why millions of people all over the world from various religions are just doing reading rituals but not getting anywhere.  By not putting into practice what we read, we reach nowhere inspite of lifetime dedication to only reading.   


Please start doing Gurbani from today and see the rewards we will get, the rewards are unimaginable.  Just do it and achieve these divine rewards.  When we  achieve the Gur Parsaad then the Guru will take us  through the Bandgi process if we completely surrender.  Then Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar takes care of us at every step and continuously until we become one with Him.  This divine power of Gur Parsaad means
apunay kaaraj meh aap samaa-i-aa.


The real divine “Karaj” that we have been given this human life is to become a Sant Hirda.  When we completely surrender to the Guru then the Guru takes care of us completely and forever.  This is what the meaning of Gur Parsaad is.  There is nothing in our hands, everything works under His commandment – Hukam.  Once we realize this divine super power of the Hukam then our Bandgi will become real simple and easy because then He is going to take care of us completely and all the way to becoming a Sant hirda and attaining param padvi.   


Then as our bandgi progresses then slowly he will straighten us out and clean us from the inside and make our Hirda a Puran Sachyara Hirda.  He will take all the bad qualities out of our Hirda and fill it with the divine qualities and eventually our Hirda will become a Sant Hirda. This is the meaning of Shabad  “Sodhat.”  Making our hirda so powerful that Maya comes and bows infront of us.  Infinite trust on Him will enlighten our Hirda with Puran Tatt Gyan – Puran Brahmgian.  Bandgi is incomplete until we are blessed with the Puran Tatt Gyan – Puran Brahmgian and we achieve the Atum Rus Amrit.  This is the highest level Amrit.   Then God transforms us and makes us like Himself.  This is what is meant by


jaisaa saa taisaa daristaa-i-aa.


This is complete realization stage – when we merge in the Nirgun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Para Braham Pita Parmesar Ji which is all Gur Parsaad.  This is when we physically start to see His Nirgun and Sargun Saroop are one.  Which physically means that everything is His creation and operates with His divine power.
The bottomline is that Gur Parsaad is the key to success and Sant has the Gur Parsaad.  Complete surrender at the charans of a Sant will bring us the Gur Parsaad and help us to achieve the real divine objective of this “heera janam amol” – jivan mukti. 

nah kichh janmai nah kichh marai.
aapan chalit aap hee karai.
aavan jaavan darisat an-darisat.
aagi-aakaaree Dhaaree sabh sarisat.
aapay aap sagal meh aap.                                                                       
anik jugat rach thaap uthaap.
abhinaasee naahee kichh khand.
Dhaaran Dhaar rahi-o barahmand.
alakh abhayv purakh partaap.
aap japaa-ay ta naanak jaap. ||6||

Soul never dies and is never born (it is the physical body that is born and dies, that is created from the elements and goes back to them).  Soul is an eternal part of the divinity.  Through the soul divinity plays in its creation.  Soul is the life portion of the creation.  Everything that is living and grows has a soul inside it   which makes it work in all the physical senses.   Removal of the soul causes the death of the physical body.  

This is a divine law that whatever is created in the time and space will go through change continuously and eventually die the physical death.  Birth brings the soul into the body and death happens when soul leaves the body to go into a new body.  This applies to every piece of creation. The soul is the divine power that keeps the entire creation alive and going through this change and eventually leads to the physical death of every piece of creation.  When the physical death of any creation happens then the soul leaves the body, Which means that the divine power stops working on that creation and after death all its elements go back to the individual parts from where and which it was created. 


For example, divinity created a human body using five elements, the panj Tats of air, wáter, fire, earth and sky and when a person dies all these five elements go back to their origin . So soul is the divine power that keeps everything going around the entire creation.  Soul is the divine power that is powering each and every living creation including all the internal processes of any creation as well as the interaction between various creations all around in the creation.


This is a glimpse of the divine wisdom


nah kichh janmai nah kichh marai
The origin of every creation is this soul element and this soul is nothing but the super divine power  “IK OANKAAR SAT NAAM.”  When this is the power behind every creation and its operation than the question is who is responsible for all the physical happenings all around the creation?  What is the power that creates and then runs the creation?  To find an answer to this question is beyond the wisdom of a human being, because there is no logic behind it.  The human mind is fond of looking for logic for everything, but there is no logic behind the existance of divinity and how it creates and runs the creation.


This is where the divine wisdom comes into picture. The portion of normal human brain that is active and functional is only 6-8%, so what is the rest of the brain doing?  It is in sleep mode and remains so until it is activated.  With just a 6-8% functional brain the human race has made so much progress in today’s modern world ot science and technology.  Imagine if the entire brain became functional,  then what would happen? And how can a human brain become 100% functional?  Obviously it has the power to become  100% functional.   This is where the logic ends and the divinity takes over, as there is no way science and technology can do it. 


The divinity has the super divine power to make the human brain functional 100% or increase the functionality level of the human brain to a very high level. This is what Guru Patshahians were blessed with, the brain of a Puran Sant.  A Puran Brahmgiani becomes functional to a much higher limit than a normal human being and realizes the super divine powers contained in the human brain.  When we reach that level then we discover the secrets of the divinity.  This is one of the secrets of divinity to realize how divinity creates and runs the creation.   Dhan Dhan Guru Pancham Patshah Ji realized this divine wisdom and is so kind on us that he is sharing this with us to help us get motívated and start focusing on this super divine power “Ik Oankaar Sat Naam” Dhan Dhan Par Braham Pita Parmesar Ji.   


But, this is the Gur Parsaad and will be blessed on us only of we focus on Sat Karams – surrender completely at the Charans of the Guru with unconditional love.  Unconditional love means no demands.  As demands make it a business transaction.  There is no love in any kind of business.  If we do this we are bound to succeed for sure and be blessed with Gur Parsaad.   


The foundation of the creation and its operation is this super divine power in the form of a soul.  Soul never dies and is indestructible.  Through the médium of the soul and His divine power, the entire cteation is created and goes through a continuous change and eventually diminishes and loses its identity and meets its physical end.   


This super infinite divine power lives in every creation but, appears only in the one who becomes “SAT” or in other words the Hirda who becomes “SAT SAROOP.”  This Hirdas live ins one Khand and that is Sach Khand.  This is the Hirda which comes under Puran Sachyari Rehat – complete internal compliance.   Anything below that is multi-khand and multi-khand is pakhand.  Only one Khand is Sach Khand and “ONE” here means God – “Ik” Oankaar.  So God appears in “Ik Khand” and not the multi Khand Hirda which is also called pakhand.  


So bringing our Hirda in “Ik Khand” is the key to success.  And the entire creation’s existance is due to this “Ik Khand”.  The creation of the Creator is infinite like the Creater Himself.  There is no end to His creation.  It can’t be measured and defined in its physical form completely.  Nobody has been able to discover all the divine secrets so far.  Nobody will ever be able to do so.   This makes the glory of God indescribable, so focusing on just the Gur Parsaad is enough for us. So please keep on praying for the Gur Parsaad and once we  are blessed with the Gur Parsaad then focus on Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva and we will be able to achieve the heights of the spirituality and realize God.

jin parabh jaataa so sobhaavant.
sagal sansaar uDhrai tin mant.
parabh kay sayvak sagal uDhaaran.
parabh kay sayvak dookh bisaaran.
aapay mayl la-ay kirpaal.
gur kaa sabad jap bha-ay nihaal.
un kee sayvaa so-ee laagai.
jis no kirpaa karahi badbhaagai.
naam japat paavahi bisraam.
naanak tin purakh ka-o ootam kar maan. ||7||

The glory of the Sants, Bhagats, Brahmgianis, Satgurus is unmatched and has remained shining through all ages so far and will continue to be so in all ages to come. Look at the glory of Jesus Christ, it is as shining as ever even now after several thousand years. Look at the glory of Mohammed, it is as shining as ever after such a long time in the history of this world. Look at the glory of


1.        Dhan Dhan Satguru Guru Nanak Patshah Ji,
2.        Dhan Dhan Satguru Guru Angad Dev Sahib Ji,
3.        Dhan Dhan Satguru Amar Dass Sahib Ji,
4.        Dhan Dhan Satguru Ram Dass Sahib Ji,
5.        Dhan Dhan Satguru Arjun Dev Sahib Ji,
6.        Dhan Dhan Satguru Hargobind Sahib Ji,
7.        Dhan Dhan Satguru Harkishan Sahib Ji,
8.        Dhan Dhan Satguru Har Rai Sahib Ji Ji,
9.        Dhan Dhan Satguru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji and
10.      Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Gobind Sahib Ji.


Their glory is as shining as ever and will continue to be so in all ages to come. But, if we look at the glory of any highly positioned people in this world, we will find that their glory was temporary and was only during their time of existance.


Humanity will always remember the Sants, Bhagats, Brahmgianis and Satgurus and will get direction to make their lifes sublime from these great souls of all times. Their wisdom is followed world over and makes this world a liveable place in this age of darkness. Their teachings help us all become like them. Their wisdom is a Gur Parsaad of the highest spiritual order. When we follow their words written in the scriptures, we are bound to make unimaginable spiritual progress.   Their divine wisdom brings salvation to the entire world.


Those who follow the words of a Sant, a Puran Brahmgiani with faith and trust, with devotion and love, eventually are blessed with the Gur Parsaad and go into Bandgi mode, do Simran, Naam Ki Kamai and achieve Jivan Mukti. If everyone on this earth starts to follow the Sants as “SAT Vachans” then there is no doubt that this dark age of Kalyug will be converted into “SAT Yug”. This is what is meant by the Shabad “sobhaavant”.  They become glorious. Their job is to lead the world through this dark age into enlightenment where people around the world can change their destiny and become capable of seeing, speaking, hearing, serving and delivering the truth.


They become glorious by bringing an end to the sufferings and pains of the masses. Delivering the Gur Parsaad and bringing salvation to the masses is their glory.  Please always and forever keep in our mind or carve inside our Hirda that when a Sant gives us the blessings of the Gur Parsaad then He takes away our poison and gives Amrit to us.  He takes all our sins on Himself.  So whatever service we do to Him we will never be able to pay Him back for what He does for us.   The only way to pay Him back is to become like Him and help the masses by doing what He has been doing. Those are unimaginably fortunate who are blessed with the Gur Parsaad of bringing salvation to the masses and those who keep on working to diminish the pains and sufferings of the masses.


The biggest sickness is the Janam Maran Ka Rog – reincarnating  through birth and death for an indefinite period of time. Along with this the other chronic and mental sicknesses are kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankaar and desires and the Sant helps us to be free of these biggest enemies of ours. The question arises then, how can we and when will we meet such a Sant who will give us the Gur Parsaad and take us on this eternal journey to Sach Khand?   Meeting such a Sant is part of our destiny based upon our past deeds, both from this life and all previous lives. If we are fortunate enough that we have accummulated adequate amount of SAT Karams – truthful deeds, in our account then we will be blessed with this opportunity to meet such a Sant who will bring the Gur Parsaad and hold our arm to on this eternal journey.


If we are not yet eligible for this Gur Parsaad in accordance with this divine law then we should be focused on Sat Ki Karni – Daya, Dharam, Santokh, Sanjam, Simran, Seva and so on. At the same time for every one it is an excellent idea to always stay focused on the Sat Ki Karni and this way keep on building a strong base for a bright future destiny. When we are blessed with the Gur Parsaad please don’t take it lightly and completely surrender ourself at the Charans of the Sant.  Such souls are full of kindness, infact delivering kindness to the truth seekers is their divine job.  This is all due to the kindness of the Almighty that we are chosen to be a part of the Gur Parsaadi game.   His kindness is infinite like Himself and so is true for a Sant. So please stay focused on the words of the Sant and put them into daily life and we will not believe the rewards we will get.   But, our Bandgi should be unconditional – no demands, otherwise we will not make any progress spiritually.


Please keep in mind that a Sant is a living God on the Earth.  He has achieved Atal Awastha and so His words will also be Atal.  They will come true for sure.  All we need to do is trust in whatever He tells us to do and do it as soon as we hear His words without any delay.  


Achieving the Gur Parsaad of Naam and focusing on Naam Simran will take our mind to complete silence. When we go into long sessions of Naam Simran such as 2, 3, 4, 5 hours or more then we will be blessed with deep meditation – Samadhee and Sunn Samadhee which are very high spiritual conditions.  Then our mind goes into complete thought free stage and our spiritual progress is very rewarding.


So the Sant who gives us the Gur Parsaad will take us to the Dargah provided we completely surrender to Him and consider Him no less than the living God –


Brahmgiani Aap Nirankara.
Brahmgiani Puran Purakh Vidhata.


In this way we will be able to realize all of our spiritual dreams and achieve salvation.

jo kichh karai so parabh kai rang.
sadaa sadaa basai har sang.
sahj subhaa-ay hovai so ho-ay.
karnaihaar pachhaanai so-ay.
parabh kaa kee-aa jan meeth lagaanaa.
jaisaa saa taisaa daristaanaa.
jis tay upjay tis maahi samaa-ay.
o-ay sukh niDhaan unhoo ban aa-ay.
aapas ka-o aap deeno maan.
naanak parabh jan ayko jaan. ||8||14||

As described earlier with the Gur Parsaad, this is the most important thing to understand and believe that a Puran Sant, a Puran Brahmgiani, a Satgur is a living God on this Earth.  The key here is a Puran, meaning  the one who has achieved the Param Padvi.  The one who has Puran Jyot Parkash in His Hirda.  The one who has won over Maya.  The one who has merged in Akal Purakh and the one who has been authorized either by another Puran Brahmgiani or by Akal Purakh Himself to deliver the Gur Parsaad to the masses.   


There is no difference between God Himself and such a Puran Sant, a Puran Brahmgiani, a Satgur.  These are the spiritual names for the same person.  He can be called a Satgur, a Sant or a Brahmgiani. Don’t treat such a person like an ordinary person, but treat Him with unconditional love, devotion, trust, faith and belief.   The difficulty is that how do we  know that He is a Puran Sant, a Puran Brahmgiani a Satgur?  We are not capable of recognizing such a person.  A Brahmgiani can only be recognized by a Puran Brahmgiani and not by anybody else. So still the question remains how will we know that the one we are following or the one that crosses paths with us is a Puran Brahmgiani?  There is only one way we can recognize such a person and that is to go into His Sangat with Sachee Shardhaa and Sachee Preet and do dandaut to Him and don’t say anything and sit down quietly. If our mind goes into peace then think that He is the right person for us, the one we were destined to meet with.


In the Sangat of a Puran Sant there is no effect of Maya.  It means Maya can’t come close to Him and anywhere under His Chattar.  And the Sangat is sitting under His Chattar, so Maya can’t really do any harm to anybody.  Sitting in the Sangat of a Puran Sant is same as sitting in the Dargah, in the Mansarovar.  Those people who go with Puran Sachee Shardha, Sachee Preet, Sacha Vishvaas are blessed with the Gur parsaad just by going into the Sangat of such a soul and their mind goes into peace.  The Naam goes into their mind and they go into Naam Simran.   This is what is called


sahj subhaa-ay hovai so ho-ay.


A Puran Brahmgiani is always in a state of “Sahj” – Atal Awastha.  There is so much peace under His Chattar that anybody who goes under His Chattar is bound to enjoy this eternal peace.  Where there is peace there is God.  Where there is peace there is Naam.  All the silly thoughts are replaced by Naam.  This is exactly what happened to us and many people in our Sangat.  It will happen to all of us too, provided we completely surrender to a Puran Sant with Sachee Shardhaa, Sachee Preet and Sacha Vishvaas and follow His words as the words of God.  Then nobody can stop our spiritual progress.


Alot of very surprizing spiritual things start happening to those people who surrender themselves completely and are blessed with the Gur Parsaad.  Some of the examples are:

·         Guru Darshans,
·         Darshans of other Brahmgianis,
·         Darshans of Devi Devtas,
·         seeing the Parkash,
·         opening of the Bajjar Kapaats,
·         opening of Dassam Duaar and so on.


This is another sign of the Sat Sangat where there is a Puran Brahmgiani sitting.  These kind of happenings will be fairly common. This is what is called


jo kichh karai so parabh kai rang.


In the Sangat of a Puran Brahmgiani this is how Akal Purakh delivers the eternal blessings and eternal truth. The Ridhis and Sidhis sit infront of a Puran Brahmgiani and whatever He says is obeyed by these Ridhis and Sidhis automatically and brought to a practical shape. This is why such Puran Brahmgianis don’t talk too much because whatever they say is bound to happen. We will find some Suhagans and may be some Sada Suhagans as well in the Sat Sangat of a Puran Brahmgiani. There is no place anywhere in the entire universe better place than the Sat Sangat of a Puran Brahmgiani. This place is Gur Sagar, Mansarovar, Dargah and whatever we can think of in spiritual terms. That is why the Sat Sangat has been given a very high importance in the spiritual world. This is what is the meaning of
naanak parabh jan ayko jaa.


Jan is a Puran Brahmgiani, a Puran Sant, a Satgur. A “Jan” is the one who has gone back and merged in God. Eventually everyone of us has to become a “Jan”, the question is when?  The answer is it depends on our destiny.  So work on Sat Karams to shape our destiny to reach this level and be one with God and the sooner the better. This will bring us into the Hukam and we will be able to realize the Hukam and always stay in a state of eternal happiness.  We will be blessed with all the eternal treasures. When that happens then we will truly understand what has been said in this Gur Parsaadi writing.