Sehaj Samadhi

A state of continuous Samadhi – eyes open , day and night, sleeping or awake – it is all done in the state of Samadhi.  The ones who reach that level in spirituality and achieve the Param Padvi and are called a Satgur, Puran Sant, Puran Brahamgiani or a Puran Khalsa.  Then all of the senses and Karam Indrees come under the Puran Hukam of Akal Purakh and we go into a continuous Samadhi, which is also called Sehaj Samadhi.  Then while in Sehaj Samadhi whatever they utter or say is in Puran Hukam and is called the world of God and that is Gur Mat in addition to GurBani.  Whatever they say is nothing different from what GurBani says because whatever they say is the Puran Brahamgian – divine wisdom.  That is why their words are called Sat Bachan and they come true to us when applied to our daily life.  So ignoring the words should not be an option for us.  Following the word will be a divine blessing.