SK dealing with fear

14 Dec 05

(Dassan Das ji’s reply is in italics)

Dear Dassan Das ji,

I have been reading all your digests and its given me lots of hope to keep going with simran as much as I can all day,and when i’m lucky with guru ji’s kirpa i recite the mool manter asleep.

Thanks to the gur parsaadi gur kirpa of dhan dhan guru patshah ji and dhan dhan paar braham parmesar for giving us an opportunity to speak to you. Please keep on reciting satnaam, 


inside your mind at all times, this is the gur parsaad and you have very kindly been blessed with this gur parsaadi naam satnaam, puran bandgi and seva. You should be considering yourself very fortunate to be doing satnaam simran. Only satnaam can provide you with everlasting eternal peace and relieve you of all the pains and sorrows, fears and delusions, ilusions and distractions, dubidha and bharams, only satnaam can give you internal wisdom and answer all your questions from with in.

I feel so lost in terms of my spirituality and i don’t really know who to speak to. I took amrit recently after I was cured of the effects of toonah (black magic) and before that i didn’t even know such things existed. I became really depressed and low because i thought i was a bad person to have such a fate and what was the need for bombs and guns when people try to kill you with black magic. It really scared me and i think even now i’m clinging to Naam because of this fear, which is good that i don’t forget Akal Purakh, but nothing is releasing me from this axiety and fear of the unknown. I’ve done lots of ardases, i know its being heard, maybe there is something for me to learn yet. Or maybe i don’t have enough faith yet, so how can i increase my faith?.

Commitment and belief, faith and trust, devotion and unconditional love are the key to success. While doing stnaam simran just keep on reciting nirbhao satnaam nirbhao satnaam nirbhao satnaam . . . . . . Until it automatically switches to satnaam, whenever you start reciting inside your mind start with nirbhao satnaam and continue to do so until it is automatically switched to satnaam satnaam satnaam . . . . . And this will take all your fear away and make you very comfortable. Yes please there is a never ending stream of learning by experiencing physically the spiritual progress when you do satnaam simran for longer hours at amrit vela.  When you read these gur parsaadi writings with love and devotion, faith and trust and do satnaam simran as you learn from these writings then you will for sure reach the  spiritual heights.


I saw a reiki healer and she told me that the energy from my solar plexus chakra was very low which is why i wasn’t breathing well, she said she got images of pious christian monks beating themselves, she thought they were trying to beat ego out of themselves, and she thought it was an image of my past life. I think she is a good spiritual women, so i trust her because she had nothing to gain by telling me because at the time the rekhi was helping lots. Last night at 1.00AM i couldn’t sleep so i kept doing the mool manter and sat naam and feeling guruji’s love in my heart chakra, and then I was bodily filled with an intence light that left my body in bliss, it’s happened before after i did seva at the gurdwara, but after a few minutes it just goes. It happened when i most felt worried but my heads not listening when i tell it that guruji is completely with me and i have nothing to worry about anymore. I can’t tell my friends about my illness or its effects and my family don’t understand. How can i calm down my mind which is very unstable when i’m not meditating because i can’t get daily things done meditating all day even though it feels so good, what should i do?

I don’t get up at amrit vela any more because i’m still really weak from the effects of the illness, bodily and mentally. What should i do, i would be so grateful to hear what you think i should do?

The reiki healer’s observations are right, with concentrating on satnaam simran all your divine doors wil open and you will physically feel the cosmic energy flowing through all parts of your body, this will remove all the negativity from inside you and will provide you with ever enhancing love and devotion trust and faith, internal happiness and spiritual bliss. Only satnaam simran will calm you down from inside, you can keep on reciting inside your mind satnaam while walking, working and whatever you are doing, this will help you a lot to keep your cosmic energy levels high all through the day and night. Concentrate more on amrit vela satnaam simran, more time you devote at amrit vela more and more you will be happy to be doing so. Guru and god is always with in your ownself, they are always with you, never feel alone. Your weakness and illness will completely vanish when you concentrate on satnaam simran.


Thank you in advance Dassan Das ji, I hope through your advice I will hear understand Waheguru ji’s message more clearly. Thanks a zillion times to dhan dhan paar braham parmesar and dhan dhan guru for giving us an opportunity to speak to you. Our prayers are always with you, we are always with you, just dedicate yourself to satnaam simran and all your problems and issues will start to dissappear.



19 Dec 05


Dear Dassan Das ji,
thank you very very much for answering my cry for spiritual help! That night i read your message, afterwards  when i did my mala before bed i got an image of somebody sitting in cross-legged position looking straight at me, but i couldn’t see who it was because the body was covered in golden light so I would also like to thank Babaji maybe i was lucky enough to see him, i want to thank him with all my heart.
Guru pyare SK ji
Thanks to almighty for giving us an opportunity to speak to you.

That is the beginning of the gur parsaadi khel for you, you are right that was for sure baba ji in its pure golden form where there are no panj doots and where there is puran sachyari rehit – complete and full internal compliance. It is all internal game, cleaning you from inside of the panj doots – kaam krodh lobh moh and ahankaar and diminishing your desires to no desires and be in a full and complete state of sat santokh, when your soul reaches that state of puran sachyari rehit then the suksham dehi – astral body becomes as pure as 24 c gold. You are very fortunate to have this kind of an experience so fast. So please keep on enhancing your commitment and belief, faith and trust, devotion and love and start practising gurbani as and when you learn something. You have to bring in all the priceless jewels in the form of all divine qualities and leave all your bad qualities, then only akal purakh will accept you as his suhagan and then a sada suhagan – means make you a sant hirda. So please concentrate on satnaam simran and you will keep on doing better and better.
Please also thank him for all his help and for the knowledge he shares with us all( the Sukhmani sahib is playing behind me and its just got to the bit "Bramhgiaani aap premesar". )
That is the eternal truth – nanak braham gyani aap parmeysur – braham gyani is a living god on the earth. We have translated upto ninth ashtpadi on sukhmani sahib and are working on the tenth ashtpadi now. You should read thse gur parsaadi writings and put them in to your daily life practice to really benefit from them and move on a fast track.
( )I

I  feel so lucky and grateful, i can’t express it all. I believe that Akal Purakh spoke  through your words because after three days my fear has completely gone,  my mind feels more focused and less restless, the fear instantly disappears. I’m really happy and so I have to share with you a hukamnaama that Guruji gave me when I began saying mentally"Nirbhau Sat naam",
The highest and the biggest hukam is naam – gur parsaad of naam, puran bandgi and seva and you have that, not only you have tasted that already, if this is the beginning then what will be next – just do it and reap the rewards, make your self a puran sachyara and enjoy the amrit – atam rus on a continuess basis and earn all the eternal treasures. This naam is as infinite as akal purakh himself, this naam is as powerful as akal purakh himself.
Aasaa mehlaa 5
naa oh martaa naa ham dariaa
naa oh binsai naa ham karhiaa
naa oh nirdhan naa ham bhookhay,
naa os dookh na ham ka dookhay
naa us soch na ham ka-o sochaa.
(I have to read the english version to really feel it in my heart) but its so beautiful how can i fail to see the love. It was a wonderful response from Guruji and Waheguruji.
With guruji’s kirpa hopefully i will continue getting stronger so  awake at amrit vela again, is it possible to get the gur parsaadi writings on naam simran mentioned before so i can try to apply them as best as i can?
See which has a lot of stuff for you to read and follow and benefit from it.
Thank you all so much for your kindness ! I will never give up Sat naam simran, you have been such an inspiration and reading your e-mail has kept my spirits very high!
You will do great and greater with satnaam simran, keep it up, god bless you with all the eternal treasures.
Dassan Dass




16 JAN 06

Dear SK ji,

how are you getting on with satnaam simran?


Thank you for asking, I’m really amazed at how it’s made me feel. Prior to that I would recite Waheguruji as much as i could, but somehow there came a point whereby it wasn’t energising me and negativity must have been dominating my thoughts. Anyway life feels significantly better now and i’m so grateful to you all for your help. Two weeks after i started saying nirbhau satnaam, i had been doing naam jap alot that day, I brought my hand up to my eyes and then i had this image of a satsangat, they were all dressed in royal blue, and all of them were doing matha tekh, both sides of the congregation were identically dressed, both men and women were wearing dastar, the image felt special, I could’nt see guruji but the atmosphere felt was absolute respect, humility, peace and strength of solidarity. 


It certainly wasn’t something i have ever seen in the gurdwara, It made me wonder whether their would be a time to come, where such strength would be required from all of us, and that it would only happen if we stopped fighting so much among ourselves.  

Recently i’ve had the stength to get up at amrit vela with Guruji’s kirpa, I don’t know whether this is right but i’ve swaped morning nitnaam for the mool manter and nirbhau sat naam. It seems right for me because there’s more concentration and i feel great. When i close my eyes it’s like seeing another world full of lights, with satnaam it is mostly bright white light, almost like a flash, it’s difficult to keep your eyes on it.  Anyway thanks again for asking,