Start Praying For GurParsaad And Doing Naam Simran

We very humbly request the Sangat to seriously look into their daily life and make a fair judgement as to whether any efforts are being made by us on this path to Eternity.  Naam Simran is the highest service of the Almighty and is mandatory for us to follow to meet our spiritual objectives and goals.  If you find that you are not devoting any time to Naam Simran then start doing so right away.  If you are putting in some time then increase your efforts and time.  Try to do at least two and half hours of Naam Simran every morning.  If you are not doing so, then pray to reach that level.  If you have already reached that level then try to go beyond that and go on for longer hours.  If you have obtained the GurParsaadi Naam (Naam given to us under the blessing of God-Guru) then you are already very fortunate to be involved in the GurParsaadi game.  If you are not yet blessed with the GurParsaadi Naam then pray for that.