When we say Sukhmani we mean Puran Awastha, Atal Awastha, Param Padvi, this is the real divine meaning of Sukhmani.  The mind that is replaced by the Sukhmani becomes a source of all of the eternal treasures.  Such a mind becomes a source of Gur Parsaad for others.  Sukhmani, therefore, is the highest spiritual stage of Bandgi and infact is Totality – Puran Bandgi.

The diamond of Sukhmani, Sehaj Smaadhi, can only be achieved, experienced and realized, but can’t be explained, “Sukhmani sahaj gobind gun Naam.”  There are many of preachers out there who preach to read Sukhmani for accomplishing worldly things, but we have yet to see a preacher who tells the Sangat to become Sukhmani by doing what Sukhmani is telling us to do.  We have not yet seen any preacher who delivers the complete Divine Truth to the Sangat.  We have not yet seen any such preacher who delivers Puran Tat Gyan to the masses.  The real Divinity is in becoming Sukhmani by doing what Sukhmani is telling us to do and not just in reading Sukhmani every day and even multiple times every day.  .  Such souls who do what Sukhmani is saying become Sukhmani for sure.