Sunn Samadhi

A stage of complete  trance – no thoughts -complete silence.  No awareness of the self.  When Nirgun and Sargun become one in a person moving on this divine path of Bandgi, then the mind, Hirda, soul and body is taken over by the Infinite Divine Power and that person goes into a state of complete silence.  This is a state completely free of thoughts and is called Sunn Samadhi.  This is the highest level of Simran because when this happens then the entire mind, Hirda, soul and body goes into Naam Simran and is absorbed in Amrit. 

When we go into Sunn Samadhi then we are unable to tell how much time has passed.  There remains no effect of time and space.  In fact, we go beyond time and space during that period when our mind, Hirda, soul and body goes into complete silence.  This stage of Bandgi has been called Maha Parmarath in GurBani.