Trikuti / Third Eye

Brow chakra (middle of the forehead).  The spiritual energy centre in the forehead is also called Trikuti.  This is where the three channels of spiritual energy meet.  These three energy channels are called Ida, Pingla and Sukhmana.  They originate at the lower part of the spine and meet at the Trikuti.  The energy that rises through these three channels starts from the base of the spine upto the Trikuti and is called the Kundalini.  (Also See Dib Drisht).

The third eye will open by guru’s kirpa only (not through position (asans) and breathing technques), and sat naam will help you, you should not even think about it, and same is true with kundilini rising. Once you are blessed with gurparsaadi naam by Baba ji. Your progress should be much faster, we even didn’t know when our dassam duaar opened, so please don’t think about these things and just concentrate on simran – for more understanding please read the article on ajapa jaap again. Just do simran in a sukh assan (comfortable position) only.