Desires, the main one being the desire to amass wealth and worldly comforts and material goods.  Desires are the most difficult thing to win over in order to beome desireless.  Desiring is a continuous process and never ends.  One after another desires keep on coming in a never ending stream.  They keep on prompting us to do fair and unfair things in order to fulfill them.  There is only one way to eliminate desires and that is to go into a state of Sat Santokh, divine contentment.  Sat Santokh comes only with Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai and Puran Bandgi, which again is a GurParsaad.  Desires are the root cause of all of the problems and will never let our mind go into the mode of peace and contentment.  So please stay focused on Sat Ki Karni and Sat Naam Simran, because only Sat can bring peace to our mind and replace it with Param Jyot Puran Parkash and give us the Gur Parsaaad of Puran Brahamgian.  This is the only way we can win over our own mind.  Winning over the mind is winning over Maya.  Winning over Maya is winning over Panj Doots and desires.  .  The Panj Doots and desires are the highest level of mental sicknesses.  Only a Satgur is Rog Rehat, meaning that only the Satgur doesn’t suffer from any such sickness at all,  “Jo Jo Disey So So Rogi.  Rog Rehat Mera Satgur Jogi.”   People ask if we give up desires how can we get anything?  The answer is that when we give up everything to Him, then He takes good care of us.  Infact, a stage comes when all of our desires vanish and then He will continue to give us an excellent life and everything we need.  Everything happens according to the divine law of His Hukam and our Karni.  Our destiny is carved based on our Karni according to the mandatory law of the Karma.  So whatever we sow so shall we reap.  If we sow truthful deeds then our future will obviously be bright and shining.  And same way if we sow untruthful deeds then our future will be full of sorrows and pains.  So whenever sorrows and pains come in life that means that we must have done something real stupid at some point of time in space that is why we have to see hardships, pains and sorrows.   If we do have a desire for anything though, please desire only for Naam Ki Kamai, just like the Sants who are always and forever absorbed in Naam Ki Kamai.