Truly Dhan Dhan Experiences – India Sangat

Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji at your lotus feet always ji.
Pitaji during sangat and after, we witnessed the following with your grace only
First of all we want to mention how beneficial is to do dandot (prostrate greetings to satguru) because the entry to Dargah is through your feet as it helps to combat ego. We were shown a path to enter Dargah through your feet. We were also shown a garden of beautiful flowers under your feet which had mesmerizing view.
Pitaji we want to mention that how sangat meditation sessions benefitted us . We were shown that clock time in our kitcen area was replaced by Ik Onkar word. We were told that kaal ( time ) is taken away and replaced by bandgi. Just now we were advised by Guru Nanak ji to inform aapji about this, as this was great news. All aapji grace pita ji.
Pitaji during sangat sessions we were shown many visions , some of which we forgot.
We were shown Guru Nanak ji were standing in the corner of the room and showering grace on everyone.
We were shown best way to receive maximum amrit without any blockage is by clearing all doubts as doubts create blockage of black sheet above our head and stop amrit to enter our body.
Many times we were shown that Golden temple was situated in the same area where sangat was happening. Golden amrit was pouring from Golden temple. All Ten Guru Patshahis gave Darshan and blessed all of us. When we were going to Golden Temple, Guru Nanak ji were walking ahead of us and clearing path for us and said ” hat jao mere bache aaye hain”
Since we went on Vasaakhi day, it was too much hustle and bustle and we wanted ensure all kids remain in the group and safe. Then we were shown aapji were in the sky in an helicopter and watching over the kids.
We were also shown Golden Temple’s sarovar was connected with the area where sangat was happening. We were shown when sangat members were coming to you, there was a rectangular deep area in front of aapji feet and every sangat members pain, any jadoo tona etc., any stress , depression etc were sucked by rectangular place at aapji feet and sangat members were getting lighter. Basically they were giving bad baggage to aapji and were getting happiness in return. Dhan dhan Paarbraham parmeshwar. We were also shown that aapji are Paarbraham swaroop. Sangat members including us are inside aapji body fully protected.
Many sangat members were badly effected by stones, threads , eatable stuff given by fake pundits or fake pirs . We were shown how these things were harming them as some of these things attract ghosts or low level entities and control them leaving them feeling stressed and in depression. These people were crying because all these entities wanted mukti from aapji. These ghosts and other entities were given mukti by aapji.

During one meditation session we were shown that we were taken towards a diamond studded room in dargah. There our body changed into a swan and peacock like bird whose body was white but some of the feathers were black. So sewadaars in dargah area cut our black feathers and suddenly we turned into a beautiful pure white peacock with beautiful long feathers and came back to sangat area and that white peacock danced a lot in that area .
We were shown heart signs pouring above and spreading in the environment.
We were also shown Krishan ji dancing on tabla drums and throwing holi colors.
We were shown Sarabjit ji in pure huge light form. We were shown that we all needed cleaning and best way of cleaning our soul is to do satnaam simran. Pita we experienced that many people who go to various places for wants and take unnecessary stuff from priests lead to problems in their families and their kids lives as they do not have poora guru and instead unknowingly it turns to tantra and harm all these individuals. So it is better to stop these outer rituals and do what Guru ki vani is saying.
People should do what gurbani is saying and actual practice gurbani practically instead of reading gurbani and also should do what Krishan ji is saying in Geeta and actually practice that. Because anything coming directly from Satguru is worth doing so that we can reap rewards. Outer rituals harm people badly , this is what we experienced with your grace pitaji .
Kotan shukrana pitaji on so much grace on undeserving fool like us.
Dhan dhan mera satguru, sab teri vadiyayi, sab teri mahima
Also pitaji whole day Gurugovind Singh ji were guiding us and told us that Guru ji is with us because aapji have given grace.
Pitaji we were also shown how our own close relatives are effected by some stuff given by fake priests.
Satnaam ji We were also shown five doots ( Ego, lust, anger, greed, selfish attachment) of sangat members hanged on the walls in physical form while they were doing Satnaam simran.
Happiness was shown in the form of balloons. We were also shown if someone is doing sewa in such a higher sangat let them do it so that they can reap rewards as this sangat is of high order and we don’t know when people will get chance to get such sewa.
Many ghosts were given mukti by aapji.
Those people who had to pass through hell due to their karmas were protected by aapji and a tunnel was created inside the hell so that they can pass through bad phase of life happily in protection.
Those bad souls who were harming people were leaving the area and getting burnt by bright light of naam simran.
When negative ghosts inside people were given mukti, they started feeling better and started talking nicely. These people were not able to express and were in confusion and distress due to possession by ghosts etc.
Kotan shukrana pitaji for helping the mankind and giving them amrit of highest order.