Dimple Jis experience…

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji
Dhan Dhan satpaarbrahm parmeshwar Dhan dhan gurpaarbrahm parmeshwar

Pitaji today amritwela session was filled with Immense blessings. You were sending amrit to all and taking away everyone’s dukh. Darkness created in our minds due to overthinking, unfulfilled desires was being cleared and the mind webs were getting destroyed.

Many saints bhagats were present there to bless us all. Pitaji after the simran we all went into silent simran. Deeper cleaning of our mental sicknesses was happening here. Our souls have been carrying these sicknesses for many births now.

In this state of silence, the below lines from gurbani started to play and appji let us dive deeper in them

Rogi ka prabh kandho rog Dukiye ka mithawo prabh sog

We were shown the power of simran and how deep rooted mental sicknesses can only be eradicated with a guru’s blessings in sunn smadhi. God is so benevolent that even other worldly desires are fulfilled in this state. When one surrenders then god takes over our problems and state of acceptance and satisfaction starts to prevails. Then all falls in God’s hukum and his bhana. Mental sicknesses like lust, anger, attachments , greed pride, ego are eradicated by the grace of god. God gives us the wisdom to distinguish between good and bad. He himself makes us sing his glory. He himself bestows us with his naam, naam simran, naam di kamai.

Nothing is in our hands. Our surrender, trust and devotion is in our hands. He himself paints us in his love. All we have to do is give our hand to him in trust and rest he leads us.

From this shabad then aapji took us deeper to show mahima of a guru with the below gurbani lines

Jis dhan kau char kunth uth dhave So dhan har sewa te pave Jis sukh ko nit bachaye meet So sukh sadhu sang preet Jis sobha ko kare bhali karni Sa sobha bajh har ki sarni Anik upavi rog na jaye Rog mitte har aukhadh laye Sarab nidhaan main har naam nidhaan Jap nanak dargah parwaan

We were given gyan that human is busy running after worldly desires to amass wealth, property’s, reputation and name in society, name in business world, seeking respect and fan following in this world however the real purpose and the real wealth is naam simran, naam di kamai. Once we follow this path then rest all will fall in place with God’s grace.

Pitaji we all are ignorant fools sinking deep in the scum of maya each day. Pls. save us all from these mental sicknesses and darkness created by our own. Pls hold our hand and make us moving forward on this path. Without you, oh my satguru i am no one.

Mere satgur main tujh bin awar na koye Hum moorakh mugadh sarnagati kar kirpa mile har soye
Sarbhat da bhalla hove ji