Unable to find Solutions To My Problems

Q: I have been a very sickly child, and at present am suffering greatly due to headaches, a weak digestion, constipation and low blood pressure. These problems I have had since childhood, so much so, that completing my education was like a punishment. Over the past 18 months I have gained 15 kilos due to severe pain in my stomach, below the ribs…which is now slightly better…but the other problems persist on an everyday basis. My greatest regret is my inability to sit down and do simran with proper concentration. Whilst lying down I am doing simran…but I desperately want to get better and devote more quality time to simran…which my health does not allow.

I am unable to find solutions to my problems.   Humbly seeking your guidance, forgiveness and blessings.


A: God Bless you, yes we see you have to deal with many problems in life and find yourself unable to find a solution.


The Truth is the Solution, all is Karam- repayment of Karni derived from the Law of Hukam. We all have to face our Karam, even the Sants and Bhagats. We all make mistakes, it’s in our nature to learn from our mistakes, and that is what we do. As Truth Slaves we learn to accept our Karam as Truth, because we Reap what we Sow, we deserve what we get, God is the All Knower and we know nothing.


God is Truth and the Truth is Perfect, Justified and Balanced.


One morning we woke up and our brain function & body was never the same again, we had to face the Slap of Karam alone, whatever we received we deserved, and we had know one to guide us through it.

 Thankfully at the time we had already been into spiritual practice, and carried on feeding our body the medicine of Naam. The Karam was repaid.


Naam is the medicine to everything, it washes our Karam, it awakes our body within- opening the spiritual doors, the body overtime goes into Rom Rom (every cell singing Truth). You are not alone now, realize your blessings, your Karam has now brought you here, same for your Aunt (Gurparsaad -eternal blessings). This Sangat will serve you Truth and do their upmost to help you, guide you and pray with you.


Realize Hukam is Truth and surrender to it, the frustration of Dukh can only be irradiated once it is seen in it’s True Form.


Gurbani Teachs: Dukh Daru Sukh Rog Bhaaiaa- so simple and so true, the gifted pain is the medicine to derive us betterment


There is no posture for doing simran, if God wants you to sit up and meditate on Truth then you will sit up (through Gurparsaad), all is a Process of the Moment. All we ask is you do simran from the depth of your heart, to Jaap in Surat (mind) with all the love you can give. We are infinite beings like the God, your love has no end either, discover and gift it back to the Truth.


Become Truth, Speak Truth, Live Truth, Serve Truth, Deliver Truth recognize him in every action, recognize every action as Truth, glorify him in every action (this is Bandgi- Salutations to the Truth).


And do Ardaas Ji at this feet Ji, tell him you are not worthy, become lowest of the low at his feet, be humble for glimpsing the Truth.  Click here to read the Ardas to do.


Recognize the extent of these words through experiencing our Vision, take to Naam for 2.5hrs during Amrit Vela, it will take your Astral voice 2.5hrs to pass through all the inner realms to finally reach Dargah. Have your prayers heard there, let them know you are surrendering.


You may feel frustrated, but everything is accounted for, even if you cannot see it. God recognizes every action, every service, nothing you do goes unjustified.


Whatever you do, do it to Glorify Truth and never Self. We are not important, only Truth is, we are derived from Truth, it is to the Truth we seek to return.


God Bless you with Satnaam Simran, Naam Ki Seva and the greatest Bandgi