Remain Calm Even If The Guru Rebukes You

Q: May we always keep our head under your feet, may we always wash your feet in our heart, may you always be in peace and showered in infinite divine love.


We are sorry for our craziness at the beginning of this week.  We think reading your pain and frustrations also triggered something in us.  With your blessings we are back to peace as well.


Thankyou, we love you very much, we are always thankful for what you have done for us and are still doing for us, you bring our mind back to the centre with even just a few words.


A: Just be calm, let all happen as he has already chosen.  There is no need to do anything.

All is well, cease these haste movements, there is no rhythm to such a flow.  We are not as blind as you think, everything is Hukam (for or against), everything is Karam, all is Truth and non of us are beyond it. No matter how foul we come across we remain calm, try to remain calm, all happens in a specific way for a reason.  All is Hukam (Good Bad – Positive Negative).  God Bless you.  We love you too.