One God named “Truth”, Satnaam, realised by the Truth Guru’s Grace.

Ik Oankar Satnam GurParsaad.

Great, Great Supreme Transcendental Being.  Great, Great God – Guru – Guru’s Word – Guru’s Congregation.

Dear Beloved of the Guru,
Please accept countless humble prostration greetings.   God bless you with the perfect divine wisdom.  Thanks a zillion times to Satnaam, the great-great, Supreme Transcendental Father and the great-great Satnam Satguru for giving us an opportunity to speak to you.

This website is the kindness and blessings of the Eternally Blessed Guru and of Satnaam,  the great-great Immortal Being who is making all these things happen.
We are just a Dassan Dass – slave of the slave, foot dust of the entire creation including you.  We are a slave of the maggot in manure and not capable of doing or writing anything.  It is all done and performed by Satnam KartPurakh – Truth, the Creator Being.

Nobody can become equivalent to anybody else. Satnaam’s Law means that everyone’s destiny is unique.  Every one’s devotion is unique.  We are not to be compared to the Guru Masters.  The Guru Masters were perfect knowers of the Supreme Being.  They were the Sant-Satgurus and have very kindly blessed us with the divine wisdom in the form of GurBani.  And anybody who follows that divine wisdom in their daily life becomes whatever GurBani says.  It is all God’s grace and God’s blessing that makes everything and anything happen.   We are just a Dassan Dass,  slave of the maggot in manure, slave of the slaves, foot dust of the entire creation and not capable of doing or writing anything.  There is only One Doer – The Creator Being.
We hope that all your questions are answered and all your doubts and illusions are dispelled by reading the articles on this website.
God bless you with the Guru’s blessed Sat Naam,  with meditation on Sat Naam, with spiritual labouring on Sat Naam, with loving devotional worship and desire-free selfless service, with generosity and a giving, giving, giving attitude to all.
Dassan Dass