Where are you getting all this divine wisdom from?

Dear Dassan Das Ji, 

Hello.  I have been reading these emails you are sending about simran on the e-groups. I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you.   Where are you getting all this ‘gyan’ from?    Hope you are not offended by questions?



Ik oankar satnaam satgur parsaad

Dear A S ji:

None of your questions are offending to us, in fact nothing is offending to us because every thing that happens is in the hukam of akal purakh, staying in puran hukam is the gurmat and fighting with the hukam is the munmat.

Thanks for reading the e-mails you have been getting and thanks for asking the questions, we will be very fortunate to have you if you start to move on this path to the sach khand – if you start to do naam simran – if you start to do what gurmat – gurbani is telling you ro do – there is a difference between reading the gurbani and doing gurbani, gurbani is to be done and not just for reading, doing and becoming gurbani will do wonders to you in your spiritual upliftment, just reading may do very little to you.

The brahmgian –divine wisdom comes only from within.  Brahmgian is the gurparsaad which comes from within when you move on this path to sach khand with full and complete commitment and belief, trust and faith, devotion and love and surrender yoursef completely to the guru and gur – tunn munn and dhan (mind, body and wealth) and move on this path of puran bandgi and seva – parupkaar and maha parupkaar.

Divine wisdom doesn’t come by reading books and stories, it is a gur parsaad and comes from within when :-

  • the bandgi reaches puran stage
  • you have a puran jyot – param jyot parkash – in your hirda
  • all your seven centers (chakras) of spiritual energy – sat sarovar are activated,
  • all your bajjar kappaats (spiritual doorways) are open including dassam duaar (tenth door),
  • your rom rom (every cell of your body)  goes in to smadhi with naam simran on a continuous basis,
  • you hear the panch shabad anhad naad akhand kirtan (unstruck celestial melody) on a continuous basis in your dassam duaar,
  • then the gurbani comes completely true to you, you become gurbani, then the braham gyan starts to flow in by itself from with in.

This when you are eternally blessed to disseminate this eternal treasure to others and help them uplift their spiritual life.

All this have come to us with the gur parsaadi gur kirpa of dhan dhan guru and dhan dhan paar braham parmesar.

More questions are welcome – but concentrate on naam simran – sat naam simran and you will also get this Gur Parsad one day that will take you to spiritual heights.

Dassan Dass