Why Do You Write “We” instead of “I”?


There is no “I” it is haume (ego), “me, mine, I” is all ego.   “Us, ours, we” is a way to delete the feeling of “I” from your mind – there is a jyot inside you which is akal purakh’s jyot – har tudh men jyot rakhi taan tu jag me ayea – so when we say “i” me mine we leave out that jyot and just conside our body only, we need to recognize the soul and the jyot in the soul – so there are two very important things which we ignore and we give recognition to this flesh and blood body – panj tat tu upji deh – which will go back to these panj tats when we are dead, but the jyot will remain for ever. So start serving the truth by recognising the akal purakh ki jyot inside you and give preference to him – this will help you kill your haumme a great deal. Stop saying me mera menoo – and say sadha sanoo aasi instead.

We have a full blown jyot inside us, we have seen it and see it all the times the param jyot puran parkash, at night time when we close our eyes to sleep, there is no darkness in our eyes, we see puran parkash in our eyes when they are closed. And akal purakh’s and guru’s charans are saturated in our hirda so how can we ignore them so we call ourselves we and not i, we also have one sun’s parkash in our hirda with gurkirpa. So all these divine gifts are more than we to us.