1. What is Gur , Guru and Gurbani?



The Shabad ( divine word) “Gur” means


  • the Braham (Absolute God),
  • the Almighty,
  • the Creator,
  • the Doer,
  • Paar Braham (Supreme Transcendent Being),
  • Akal Purakh (Deathless Timeless Being),
  • Param Jyot Puran Parkash (Supreme Light Fully Bright),
  • Nirgun Saroop (Body of Light) of Dhan Dhan Ek Oankaar (Great Great One God), Satnaam (Named Truth) , Karta Purakh (Cretor Being), Nirbhao (Fearless One), Nirvair (Hate Free), Akal Murat (Deathless Timeless Image), Ajoonie (Unborn), Saibhung (Self Illuminated). 


This path is Gurparsaad meaning God – the “Gur” – is obtained by His own eternal blessings.  That we can only realise God if God Himself gives His grace to do so.




The Guru is that entity which takes away the darkness of our own wisdom – Andh Agyan of the soul and mind and replaces it with the divine light which comes with the penetration of divine wisdom into our soul and mind, when these words of divine wisdom, which are also divinely known as priceless jewels, diamonds and pearls of divinity and divine wisdom.


The Guru is the entity which shows the path to the truth – Sach Khand, how to become a completely truthful soul and mind, how to eliminate our own wisdom and take the divine wisdom, the Guru is a entity which is full of all the divine wisdom, who has earned and practiced and who knows all the divine laws that are mandatory to follow for achieving the Almighty.


Guru is the entity, who can impart the complete eternal truth in our soul and mind, the one who can institute complete eternal truth in our soul and mind, and what is the complete eternal truth ? It is the Braham Himself, His Gurparsadi Naam, His Gurparsadi eternal blessings.


The Guru is the entity which carries all the divine wisdom, is completely knowledgeable about all the divinity and about Braham, and has the power to inculcate that wisdom in our soul and mind, the Guru is that entity which has gathered all the pearls and diamonds of divine wisdom with in Himself, and can enlighten our soul and mind with these eternal treasures.




Gurbani is Akal Purakh’s language – Rag and Ragni – these are divine  words and divine knowledge that came from Akal Purakh.   It was recited  by the Gurus, it is constantly coming from Akal Purakh and will  continue to come, it never stops.


The Sants and Bhagats whose Dassam  Duaars are open and are always connected with Akal Purakh Paar Braham  Parmeshwar listen to it in various forms.   One of the prominently  known form is Panch Shabad Anhad Naad Dhunis.   Some of these  enlightened souls reach that level where they can hear it coming from  Akal Purakh in a clear spoken language, like our Six Gurus did hear  it in Gurmukhi and put it on a piece of paper, which eventually  became Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.


Gurbani is a Mansrovar – deep sea  of Braham Gyan, it is Akal Purakh’s Gyan Saroop, there are no  dimensions or limits of Gurbani.   It is infinite like Paar Braham  Parmeshwar, its interpretation and understanding changes with the  spiritual condition – Atmik Awastha of a soul.   The meaning gets more  and more deeper and more enjoyable as the soul moves up on the  spiritual ladder – its meaning changes as the soul moves from Dharam  Khand to Gyan Khand, then to Saram Khand, then to Karam Khand, this  is where a soul starts to realize this divine knowledge – Braham Gyan  in its right perspective.   This understanding increases as the  soul moves up in Karam Khand to Sach Khand. 


The meaning of Gurbani  becomes more and more deeper and more enjoyable and more  understandable, and when the soul becomes an Atal Awastha in Sach  Khand, then the meaning of Gurbani becomes even more and more deeper  and clear, and as the soul goes deeper and deeper into this sea of  divine knowledge – Mansrover of Braham Gyan, this becomes more and  more deeper, and the Bhagats love for Almighty gets more and more  deeper and pure and pious.


Then a stage reaches when there remains no  difference between the Akal Purakh and His Bhagat, and that stage is  Atam Ras – Param Jyot Puran Parkash, at this stage there remains no  Naam – He becomes Nirnamey (Namastang Nirnamey). This is what needs  to be done to understand the Gurbani, this is what we need to do to  get a glimpse of the depth of this Mansarovar of Braham Gyan, it is  not just a pure script which can be translated in a layman’s  grammatical language, it has to be felt and experienced in the real  life.   It has to be practiced in the real life, that is how we can  learn Gurbani, and not by reading translations by various writers who  never practiced the Gurbani and never became a Puran Sant, a Puran  Brahmgiani.  


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)