2. Relationship between Gurbani , Guru and God ?

The Word, the Bani is Guru, and Guru is the Bani.
Within the Bani, the Ambrosial Nectar is contained.
If His humble servant believes, and acts according to the Words of the Guru’s Bani,

 then the Guru, in person, emancipates him. ||5||SGGS 982


This Shalok explains the divine relationship between the


  • Bani  (God’s Word),
  • Guru (Enlightened Soul)
  • and Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar (Great Great Supreme Transcendental Lord).


This Shalok also explains :


the divinity hidden in Bani, the divine jewels, diamonds and pearls

and how a Sevak Jan (Devoted Servant) picks up these priceless eternal treasures from the Bani.


The devoted servant then attains all the vital divine and eternal qualities of a Guru and becomes one with the Eternity (God). In order to get a glimpse of and take a dive to get a feel of the unlimited divine depth of this Mansarovar of Braham Gyan (Mind Ocean Of Divne Wisdom)  we should try to understand the meanings of these divine words very carefully, and with the Gurparsadi Gurkirpa of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar let us pray and try to do so in the following text:


What is GurBani ?


Gurbani or Bani means the divine words that are sung in the praise of


  • Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar,
  • His Gurparsadi Naam;
  • Dhan Dhan Sada Suhagans;
  • Dhan Dhan Puran Sants and Bhagats,
  • Puran Brahmgianis;


Gurbani is

  • the language of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar;
  • the language Rag Ragni Ragmala of Sach Khand;
  • the divine words of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar and of those souls which are merged and become one with Akal Purakh;
  • Bani is the eternal treasures, priceless jewels and diamonds of divine wisdom that are present in the unlimited sea, Mansarovar of Braham Gyan,
  • defines the divine qualities which a soul needs to bring in for achieving the ultimate,
  • the definition of all the divine laws that are mandatory to follow to meet the Almighty;
  • the food for enlightened souls, that are merged in Paar Braham;
  • the road map to Sach Khand.


What is a Guru ?


The Guru is the one who :


  • takes away the darkness of our own wisdom (Andh Agyan) and replaces it with the divine light which comes with the penetration of divine wisdom into our soul and mind.  These words of divine wisdom are known as priceless jewels, diamonds and pearls.
  • shows the path to the Truth – Sach Khand,
  • shows how to become a completely truthful soul and mind,
  • shows how to eliminate our own wisdom and take the divine wisdom,
  • is full of all the divine wisdom,
  • has earned and practiced and who knows all the divine laws that are mandatory to follow for achieving the Almighty,
  • carries all the divine wisdom,
  • is completely knowledgeable about all the divinity and about Braham,
  • has the power to inculcate that wisdom into our soul and mind,
  • has gathered all the pearls and diamonds of divine wisdom within himself,
  • can enlighten our soul and mind with these eternal treasures,
  • can impart the complete eternal truth in our soul and mind,
  • can institute complete Eternal Truth in our soul and mind.


And what is the complete Eternal Truth?  It is the Braham (God) Himself, His Gurparsadi Naam, His Gurparsadi eternal blessings.


The two divine words Bani and Guru are complementary to each other.  The two are a part of the same entity which is the Eternity Himself, which is Braham (God) Himself. The Guru is incomplete without the Bani and Bani comes from the Guru, both are divinely the two phases of the same entity.  Bani is the Braham Gyan, it is the Gyan Saroop of Braham and the Guru is the Roop of Braham which also contains all the Braham Gyan.  There is a never a detachable relationship between the two and they are absorbed in each other, they are incomplete without each other.


The Bani defines and contains all the Amrits – what is the meaning of Amrits ? Amrit is that divine entity which never dies.  Amrits – is a collection and definition of non perishable divine pearls and diamond of eternal wisdom. A collection of divine laws that are mandatory for Puran Bhagtee and for meeting the Almighty.  A collection of all the divine truths, and the truth never dies, and only Braham is the truth, His Gurparsadi Naam – “Ek Oankaar Satnaam” is the Truth, and is the highest Amrit, the Param Jyot Puran Parkash, which is His Nirgun Saroop and which is the Atam Rus is the Highest Amrit.  It is surrounded by all the other divine pearls, jewels and diamonds which are all divine commodities which don’t die.  These divine laws are applied by a Bhagat for Puran Bhagtee.  And all these Amrits are defined in the Bani by Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar through the Dhan Dhan Puran Sant Satgurus.  All these Amrits are the yardsticks for the measure of the divinity – Sach Di Takdi – Kanda Tole Traju.  


All the souls – “Sevak Jan” who collect all these Amrits and brings them inside their Hirda are measured by Braham on the scale of Truth ( Sach Di Takdi)–


aapae ka(n)ddaa thol tharaajee aapae tholanehaaraa ||
You Yourself are the balance, the weights and the scale; You Yourself are the weigher.

SGGS 731


And those who meet this yardstick of Truth – who pass this “Sach Di Takdi” are eternally blessed by the Akal Purakh with Param Padvi and such souls emerge and appear with the Guru Padvi, which infect is the Param Padvi, the Padvi of a Puran Sant Satguru a Puran Brahmgiani.


The masses are living under the illusion (due to misinterpretation of the divine meanings of the Bani all over the world) that Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the only Guru and there is nothing else.  If that was true then after 5th Guru (Pancham Patshahi) published Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji then what was the need for the physical bodies of the Sixth to Tenth Gurus?


If we say that Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the only Guru then what is the meaning of –



Blessed and very fortunate are those happy soul-brides who,
as Gurmukh, meet their Sovereign Lord King.
The Light of God shines within them;
O Nanak, they are absorbed in the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||1||
Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the True SatGuru, the Primal Being,
who has realized the True Lord.
Meeting Him, thirst is quenched,
and the body and mind are cooled and soothed.

SGGS 1421



In fact Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the Gyan Saroop of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar –


A Pothi (Holy Book) is about the Transcendent Lord God.
 In the Company of the Holy sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord (from the Pothi)
(they are the) perfect knowledge of God (Brahm gyaan). ||1||Pause||

SGGS 1226



SGGS Ji is the Puran Braham Gyan (perfect knowledge of God).  And the souls who follow this Puran Braham Gyan in the sangat of such souls who have earned Param Padvi (supreme status – guru status), become Puran Sant Satguru, Puran Brahmgiani by reaching the Param Padvi.


Gurbani has been brought on this earth by the Param Padvi Sant Satgurus for us to practice it and enable us to become like them.  So we can merge in Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar, to obtain Jivan Mukti, and then help others to obtain salvation


aap japahu avaraa naam japaavahu ||
Chant the Naam yourself, and inspire others to chant it as well.

SGGS 289


Gurbani is the praises of God (Mahima of Akal Purakh).  Mahima – praise of His Gurparsadi Naam, Mahima of His Bhagats, divine laws that are mandatory to follow for salvation, and the roadmap to the Sach Khand.


In the end let us take a few minutes to evaluate ourselves in light of the Braham Gyan of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji:


  1. Are we living according to the Gurbani?
  2. Have we surrendered ourselves to the Guru completely?
  3. Are we giving Dasvandh to the Guru?
  4. Are we cleaning our inside and trying to become free from 5 thieves (Panj Doots)?
  5. Are these Panj Doots under our control?
  6. Have we killed our ego?
  7. Are we living in full humility?
  8. Are we doing Seva, Simran and Parupkaar?
  9. Do we love every one and don’t hate anybody?
  10. Are we committed to the Truth?
  11. Are we practicing the Truth?
  12. Are we delivering the Truth?
  13. Are we serving the Truth?
  14. Have we killed our desires?


These questions will surely help us to evaluate our soul and mind and provide us guidance to move on the part of Truth, the path to Sach Khand, the path to salvation and the path to meet the Almighty.


This Gurparsadi Article has been written with the Gurparsadi Gurkirpa of Agam Agochar Dhan Dhan Paar Braham and under His Puran Hukam, and with the Gurparsadi Gurkirpa of Dhan Dhan Baba Ji – Puran Sant Satguru a Puran Brahmgiani.


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)