2012-11 Sangat in LA, USA – Dr Swaraj Kaur


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Date 22 Nov 2012, Thursday


Sat Naam Baba ji, Mata ji and Sachpreet ji arrived at LAX at 10:30 a.m.  Dassan Dass ji arrived at 11:30 a.m.  We (Swaraj and her son Swaim) picked them at the airport and drove home.  Being thanksgiving weekend the traffic was free flowing.  We got home around 1:30 p.m with Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji. Sangat from LA, Las Vegas and Virginia also arrived right after.  We all did dandauts to Sat Guru(s) ji and Mata ji.  There was a big heart made by Swaraj to show the love of thirsty sangat for the Sat Gurus on the driveway with green leaves and rose petals.  The rose petals were red in the heart and white from the driveway to the entry of the house. We took the pictures of Sat Gurus and other sangat in the heart.


As soon as we entered the house, Sat Sang began.  Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji are always giving gyan non-stop.  Sangat started to enjoy the Sat Sang and hearts were getting penetrated.  Minds started to melt as we all got deeper into the Sat Sang.  Immense love was flowing everywhere.


Gurinder ji and Niti ji (Local Sat Sangis) sons vikram and harbin, and daughter gurleen brought lunch langer and served everyone with delicious food cooked with a lot of love.  We all had blessed lunch and listened to ongoing gyan.  One has to experience the bliss by being in the company of great sants and pooran sants who are the house of kirpa.  Little by little sangat was arriving eagerly waiting to get blessing from Sat Guru.  A little bit later Balveen and Rabab joined the sangat.  Balveen and Rabab are related to Sant Arvinder Singh ji who visited us in summer this year.  Balveen also brought some langer that was served.  Around 3:30 p.m. Bandana, Bindu and Jorawar came in.  They drove all the way from Yuba city (about 8 hr drive) to stay with us and be blessed by Sat Gurus.  The love, kindness and kirpa was overflowing and getting into each heart as the time was passing by.  There was a lot of food, snacks, sweets etc. as everyone wanted to bring for sant sat guru and sangat sat guru.  We all were in sach khand.


Roma ji called from Michigan to do her dandauts to Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji.  Dhan dhan Roma ji, her pyar, seva and bandagi. 


As it started to get dark in the evening, Swaraj and kids lit up the candles around the heart made on the driveway.  Swaraj then requested Sat Gurus and the sangat to come out so we can really celebrate diwali with our beloved ones.  It all looked very pretty outside.  Sat Gurus came outside and all sangat stood in the middle of the heart under the moonlight.  Dassan Dass ji showered a lot of kirpa and asked sangat to make a desire that would be fulfilled.  Ever giving Sat Guru!!!!!!  Rasmalais were served by sangat to sangat.  We all had a ball.  The weather was perfect.  After that all of us came back in and Sat Sang continued.


The evening Sat Sang was very powerful.  Swaraj sang the shabad by Bhagat Kabir ji:


Sun sakhi peeya mein jeeo basai, jeeye mein basai ke peeo

Jeeyo peeyo boojhai nahi ghat mein jeeyo ke peeyo


Listen, O my companions: my soul dwells in my Beloved,

and my Beloved dwells in my soul.

I realize that there is no difference between my soul and my Beloved;

I cannot tell whether my soul or my Beloved dwells in my heart. ||236||


Mata ji blessed the sangat.  The energy was high.  Mata ji told that there was milk (amrit) in the middle at least one foot high where all sangat and Sat Guru ji were sitting.  She also said very subtle that whoever wants can drink this amrit.


Some sangat went with Gurinder and Niti ji to stay in their house while other sangat stayed at Swaraj’s place.  Dassan Dass ji and some of us went for a short walk.  The weather was beautiful and it was a lot of fun as we listened to Sat Sang while walking.  After coming back, we all went to sleep around 11 p.m.


All these photos and videos are available for the sangat.


Date 23 Nov 2012, Friday


The day was scheduled to have Sat Sang at Gurinder and Niti ji’s house followed by lunch.  After that we would go to Balveen ji’s house for Sat Sang and dinner.  Then we would return.


At about 11:00 a.m. we went to their house.  They had prepared the lunch for the sangat.  Sat Naam Baba ji gave a lot of gyan there as well as Dassan Dass ji showered kirpa unconditionally.  Aman deep ji’s mother was blessed with the higher vision and could see from the inner eye the presence of Sat Guru nanak ji, Guru Gobind Singh ji, chaar sahebzade, mata gujri ji.  There was chandoa in the middle where Sat Naam Baba ji, Dassan Dass ji and sangat was sitting and flowers were being showered.  Swaraj sang a shabad of vairag where the mind realizes the zillions of errors within itself and falls at the feet of Sat Guru who is always so merciful.  Mind dies and soul takes over.  The true bliss!!


Swaraj sang the shabad where the heart is crying out after realizing how much dirt and filth it carries and only Sat Guru has the power to bless and forgive forever. Gurinder ji, Niti ji, Amandeep ji, Gurvinder ji, Bandana ji, Bindu ji, Ajit ji,  Joravar ji and other sangat served the delicious lunch that everyone enjoyed. Sat Naam Baba ji was explaining the true meaning of Bani (God’s word)and importance of being nimana (humility).  He asked the sangat to bring the shoes from outside (He said bring any pair) and then cleaned it with his beard. Dhan dhan Sat Naam Baba ji and his vaddi kamai.  Dassan Dass ji was singing very beautifully


 – Tu mera jajmaan karte tu mera jajmaan……….  He was making the lines as he was singing.  It was precious.  Such time cannot be explained in words but can only be felt.  Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji are giving their treasures to all of us although we are not worthy of anything. Niti ji’s mother had a conversation with Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji.  They were explaining to her the importance of being nimana and truly understanding the bani by bringing it into the karni.  Dassan Dass ji did dandaut to her. So much humility Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji have. All of us are so lucky to see our sant Sat Guru being so nimana as he teaches Eeha ka neech dargah ka ooch (lowest here, highest in god;s court). True reflection of their teachings – difficult to find anywhere else.  Dassan Dass ji told us that entire dargah is present here and enjoying this Sat Sang.  It was not possible for her to do dandauts.  Sat Naam Baba ji told her that she understands the bani but has not yet earned it.


Then we proceeded to Balveen ji’s house.  She was waiting for all sangat.  She had just moved in her new house 2 days ago.  What a blessing – moving to a house and then having sangat with pooran Sat Gurus and their sangat.  Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji blessed the sangat.  Mata ji also blessed the sangat and one could feel the love flowing in every corner of every one’s heart.


Sat Gurus kept giving gyan to sangat without taking a break.  The dinner was delicious and we all ate plenty.  We left Balveen ji’s house around 10 p.m.  Some sangat went back with Gurinder and Niti ji to their house for the night and rest of us came back to Walnut.  After coming back Sat Naam Baba ji continued explaining the path of truth and what it takes to follow it all from your heart.  We all loved every moment of it.  A little bit later everybody retired for the night.


Date 24 Nov 2012, Saturday


In the morning Swaraj prepared the fruit tea.  It was the fruit from her yard along with herbs from the herb garden.  Dassan Dass ji liked the tea.  He also walked around the garden and enjoyed it. Everyone liked the greenery, trees and the quiet environment. Sat Naam Baba ji had a chair in front yard under the tree.  He relaxed there on and off and explained how beautiful it is when you are next to nature, how the trees are in sehaj awastha, how they absorb the negativity of all of us and keep on giving amrit.


Swaraj prepared the tub of water with rose petals and we all washed the feet of Dassan Dass ji and Sat Naam Baba ji.  It was amazing time full of divine charge all around.  Then we all got ready to go to the Swaraj ji’s clinic ‘Dr. Kaur’s Wellness Solutions (DKWS)’ in Glendale that is about 45 min drive from home.  There was a seminar organized at 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. and a few people had registered to attend.  We got there and some American/Armenian sangat was already waiting for Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji.  Without making the delays, Swaraj gave a brief description about self realization true meaning and then introduced Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji to the attendees.  Sat Naam Baba ji then talked about self realization, God realization and path of the truth.  He explained simple but forcefully that penetrated through the hearts of sangat.  Dassan Dass ji also added on many parts of self realization discoveries that follow when someone takes what a sant says in all obedience and gives away his body, mind and wordly possessions i.e. maya.


There were some questions about anger, mistrust, miseries and hurt that were asked by the attendees.  Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji very patiently and lovingly answered all the questions.  Dassan Dass ji showered lots of amrit to the attendees by directly giving them amrit by blessing them with his hand on the head or by holding their hands.  This relieved the attendees tremendously and they could feel the peace within.  As the inside cleans, the tears flow and that was seen a lot.  After the session was over, lunch was served and everybody enjoyed the different kinds of food.  The western sangat left while all of us stayed.


At around 2 p.m. the Sat Sang began again.  It became stronger and stronger with Sat Naam simran.  The energies became higher and higher.  Mata ji was showering blessings to the sangat – the state was extremely high.  She was first in the position of holding the flowers and then her movements were extremely fast and powerful.  Satnaam simran was at its highest.  Some of the sangat that was blessed with higher vision saw parbraham parmeshwar doing dandauts to sangat, Guru Nanak dev ji doing chauhars and presence of other gurus.  Gurinder ji became suhagan at this session (His wife Niti ji also became suhagan afterwards at a different Sat Sang session).  It was truly amazing charging that is hard to find unless previous punya karams are there in the store house and it is the time for them to bloom.  Bindu ji got into a lot of vairag and kept repeating that we are not worthy of anything.  Sat Naam Baba ji please keep us at your charans forever.  Sat Naam Baba ji explained that when inner cleaning gets to a higher level then one starts to see the filth within and realizes how we are saved moment by moment with the grace of pooran sants who are one with parmeshwar ji.  Lot of sangat went into vairag and got cleaned.  Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji gave love in abundance to everyone.  No soul was left behind.  Everyone could see the immense power of love. 


Mata ji’s seva, bhagti, pyar is all dhan dhan.  She is a shining jewel among all of us.  She kept on blessing sangat nonstop.  Our head is always at her feet.  Grant ji and Helen ji helped with a lot of langar seva and got lots of blessings from Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji.  We all took group pictures.  Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji blessed the clinic and infused special charging to Himalayan crystals that were hanging from the ceiling (You can see the pictures of these on the website www.drkaurs.com).  At about 4:30 p.m. we left from DKWS to home.  Gurinder ji had to pick someone at the airport. So some of the sangat left with him and rest of us drove to walnut.


Pritam Anand ji called from Canada to do his dandauts to Sat Gurus.  Dhan dhan Pritam Anand ji, his love and devotion for Sat Gurus.  We, sangat, are blessed to have Pritam Anand ji among us – a true living model of teachings of Sat Gurus.  We bow down to his feet.


The evening session began at home only after few minutes of arrival.  The charge was high and everyone was in it.  Satnaam simran started and we could see the sangat getting high as the simran got more and more strong.  Sat Naam Baba ji was blessing the sangat and had intoxicated laughters.  Dassan Dass ji was blessing the sangat.  Mata ji’s asans also were beyond imagination with higher powers and Amandeep ji was also in the state of asans.  Gurvinder ji and her little baby Brahmajot were also in the sangat.  Jorawar ji was massaging Dassan Dass ji back and realized that the snake from his arms moved on to Dassan Dass ji’s body.  Later on Dassan Dass ji explained how guru eats and drinks venoms (hard karams) of his disciples to help them move on to sat parabrahma parmeshwar ji.  There was lots and lots of energy.  Dassan Dass ji told sangat that there is whirlpool of amrit in the house that will never end and it is not only in the room but going everywhere in the house as well as outside the house to the plants, trees and the environment.  Mata ji told that that there is milk in the middle of the room where sangat is sitting and the flowers are being showered at the sangat.  The sangat who was blessed with visions told that guru sahebs, sahebzade and mata gujri ji were observing this divine Sat Sang and blessing with flowers. 


Bindu ji who is from Yuba city had the most wonderful experience.  Her energies became very high and hand moved to a state called ‘hans’ (swan soul).  She could not move the arms and hands even if she wanted.  They stayed in that position while Sat Naam Baba ji explained how body asans go along as soul transcends.  Her whole body became very cold.  She went through this experience while Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji explained more about the path of truth ‘satnaam’ and the blessings that shower on the one who follows his guru’s guidance ‘bachan kamana’.  After Bindu ji came back, her body got warm but she did not want to leave the charans of Sat Naam Baba ji.  Dassan Dass ji said that this is the most powerful Sat Sang that he has seen ever. 


Dhan dhan Dassan Dass ji, Dhan dhan Sat Naam Baba ji, Dhan dhan mata ji and Dhan dhan sat sangat ji.  We are at the feet of all who made the house a true gurdwara.


At around 12:30 a.m. the sangat dispersed so everyone could sleep for next day.  There was no outside program arranged for the next day at it was very hectic all these three days.  Some local sangat was expected to visit the next day.


25 Nov 2012, Sunday


As usual everybody was up in the early morning.  We were all relaxed as there was no plan to go out.  All sangat from Gurinder ji’s house came and the satnaam parivar was together.  We all had breakfast and enjoyed the gyan given by Sat Gurus.  Mr. Keith and his wife Linda came to see Dassan Dass ji in the morning.  Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji blessed them and shared with them the true knowledge that comes with experience and not by reading.  Dassan Dass ji then helped them by infusing gur parsaad naam.  They were blessed, felt very good and enjoyed their time in the house.


It was about 12 noon and we planned to do back yard lunch.  At that time the relatives of Guddi bhanji came to meet with Sat Naam Baba ji.  They spent some time with Sat Naam Baba ji and listened to the amolak practical gyan that Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji gave them.  Balveen with her two boys, and Rabab ji also came.  Later on, Param jit Singh ji (local sangat) came to join the ongoing Sat Sang. Grant ji came to the house to cook some part of lunch.  Bandana ji, Bindu ji and Jorawar ji wanted to leave in the morning but did not want to go.  Swaraj and Sat Guru ji asked them to stay for lunch and then leave.  Then we all set up the table outside for lunch.  The weather was perfect like every part of universe wanted to get blessed by free flowing love coming from Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji.  Since it was getting late for lunch, Dassan Dass ji requested Sat Naam Baba ji to come outside and start the lunch. 


Sat Naam Baba ji came out and the entire sangat follwed him.  We all had the greatest time.  Amrit, sweetness, true gyan, Sat Gurus altogether – just a blast!!!!!  Grant ji had made some special dishes in addition to a lot of food already there.  Lunch was delicious and everyone enjoyed.  Sat Naam Baba ji kept on showering his blessings.  Bandana ji, Bindu ji and Jorawar ji left for home.  Dassan Dass ji sent them off with lots of blessing.  All sangat took pictures with Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji at different times. 


We all decided to come back in when it started to get a little cooler.  Inside the satnaam simran began again.  Swaraj ji sang shabad.  Sat Naam Baba ji asked her to make a CD of satnaam in various ragas.  Lucky ji and her husband Roy (Local sangat) came to to join Sat Sang and got blessings from Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji.  Mr. Mann (local sangat) also visited to meet with Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji and ended up getting the connection.  We all listened to Sat Naam Baba ji for how to become a sachyara in day to day life. 


Although Sat Sang never ends but physically Dassan Dass ji’s flight was early next morning.  Other sangat also had to leave next day to get to their jobs and other duties.  So the sant samagam was finishing.  In reality no one wanted to leave this sach khand on earth plane and separate physically from each other.  However, at about 11 p.m. we all went to sleep so we could handle the next day.


26 Nov 2012, Monday


We were up early morning.  Swaraj and mata ji were ready to take Dassan Dass ji to the airport at 5 a.m.  Sat Naam Baba ji was up as well.  Sat Gurus did dandauts to each other!  A scene that can never leave the heart of the observer – so much nimarta and haleemee.  May God bless us all with pooran bandagi, naam seva and nimarta.


At about 10 a.m., the sangat from Texas got together at Walnut to leave for Texas.  They all received blessings from Sat Naam Baba ji and then left.


We all had a wonderful time in Sach khand that came down with Sat Naam Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji.  As Dassan Dass ji told Swaraj before the trip – “Whatever will happen in California has neither happened before nor will happen again”  How true the words of Satnaam Dassan Dass ji and Sat Naam Baba ji.  We are under their charans forever and forever.


We are so thankful to all sangat from LA, Las Vegas, Virginia, Texas and Yuba city to take the time and drive all the way to our house to bless it as well as did the seva.  Without this gursangat and their seva it was not possible to have such blissful Sat Sang.  We are under their feet.  Siri sangat is dhan dhan jis wich aap parmeshwar vasda hai ji.


Our kotan kot dandauts to every one forever in the entire creation of lord God.


We hope that we covered majority that happened.  However, we might have made many many mistakes during this write up.  So sangat is guru and is always forgiving and merciful.  We ask that we may be forgiven for whatever we could not incorporate in this narration, and our errors.  Dhan dhan sat Sat Guru and dhan dhan gur sat sangat!!