2012-11 Sangat in LA, USA – Dassan Dass


Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad
Dhan Dhan Sat Paar Braham Parmesar
Dhan Dhan Gur Guru Satgur Gurbani Satsangat Satnaam
Guru Pyare Satnaam Parivaar Jee:
Kottan kot dandaut parvaan karna jee shukrana parvaan karna jee.
Please welcome another suhagan to the satnaam parivaar, Sandy jee you are doing really great, please keep focused on your satnaam simran, these body movements are all good, these will remove all negative blockages from your body and clean it up. These are called smaadhi assans, in Shaster it is called Kirya, this happens to many people whose kundalini shakti is awakened and the sat sarovars are enlightened, so it is a deep divine blessing. There are a lot of people in satnaam parivaar who have been through these kinds of experiences and are currently having these kind of experiences. You have become a suhagan now, all your simran is going direct in to the dargah as your naam dhan account has been opened in dargah, so please keep focused on your simran.
In last weeks sangat in Los Angles, California sangat came from Texas, Yuba City (CA), Manteca (CA), and Woodbridge Virginia, there have been several satsangis (7-8) that have been blessed with suhaag too, so please welcome them all in to satnaam parivaar, more details will follow. But for now some highlights are: Satnaam Baba Jee & Mata Jee Graced the sangat with their highly powerful presence, the LA Sangat was blessed with a very high level of Amrit, we have rarely seen so much Amrit before, Sunder Nagri have become 10 times bigger than before, Sat Paar Braham Pita Parmesar’s presence was seen by the sangat members in Dr. Swaraj Kaur’s Clinic (she is a doctor of holistic medicine and has been helping people get healthy physically and mentally), where the sangat enjoyed the highest level of the amrit barkha, some highly blessed sangat members saw Sat Paar Braham Parmesar doing dandaut to the sangat, some highly blessed sangat members saw the flowers being showered by Guru Nanak Patshah Jee, He was also seen doing chaur to the Sangat, we all experienced a hurricane of amrit in Dr. Swaraj Kaur’s house, There was a vortex of amrit and parkash formed which extended infinitely in all directions at Dr. Swaraj Kaur’s house, at Gurinder Jee & Nitie Jee’s house (both are now suhagans) some highly blessed sangat members also saw that there is a chandoa all over the sangat and the flowers are being showered by Guru Nanak Patshah Jee on the sangat & Guru Nanak Patshah Jee is doing chaur to the sangat. Almost all of the sangat went in to deep bairaag at various points of time, some of them cried a lot and their inside got cleaned up, some of them really opened up and went in to peace, all of them experienced the amrit vibrations when they were being blessed with satnaam.  There were several Americans they came in to Dr. Swaraj Kaur’s clinic and were deeply blessed with amrit. At beti Balween Jee’s house some sangat members saw Guru Nanak Patshah Jee doing chaur to the sangat and showering flowers all over, Dassam Patshah Jee, Sahib Jadey Jee and Mata Gujree Jee remained all along with the sangat along with Guru Nanak Patshah Jee. IT WAS EXTREMELY BLESSED AND THE MOST POWERFUL SANGAT THAT WE HAVE EVER SEEN SO FAR. THE AMRIT LEVELS HAVE GONE TO ALL TIME HIGH. We all enjoyed every moment of this most powerful and divinely blessed sangat.
God bless you all, Dassan Dass  
Dassan Dass Ji,
Thank you for giving my wife and me so much your time and your expressions of love last Sunday morning and Dr. Kaur’s home.
Words fail to express the depth of the experience I shared with you through your kindness, patience and gift of Satnaam.
If I may follow-up with you now, I would appreciate any guidance you could now offer me about the particulars of how I should continue the process of my meditation and any other guidance you deem appropriate.
In humble gratitude,
Keith (Kit) Smith
Satnaam Keith Jee, god bless you both with the highest level of his grace, we thought we have already sent you a reply for your message, please focus on satnaam meditation as we explained you while you were sitting with you, long sessions of meditation will help you transform your heart and bring your mind to complete silence. You can communicate with us at any time via e-mail. 
We deeply appreciate your thirst for truth, satnaam meditation will for sure help you discover your own self and god will appear in your own heart one day when your soul reaches those heights in spirituality when you will be able win over five vices and your desires.
Dassan dass


We just felt like sharing our experience at the LA Sangat. Just want to let the new people know that  Satguru Dassan Dass ji is very very kind and loving. They showed us so much love and they really took care of us like their own kids. Baba ji and Mata ji and Sawraj aunty and everyone else were also very kind and humble people. We’ve never seen anything like that before. It was literally the best break of my life!!!! Satguru Baba ji showed so much kirpa on this pappi, which we did not deserve at all. We are full of so much kood that we didn’t even deserve to go to their holy sangat, but it was Satguru Dassan Dass Ji’s greatness that they invited us. Satguru Dassan Dass ji is the best and we love him so much. We want to thank GOD zillion times for making us meet Dassan Dass ji. Upon meeting them, our quest has finished and we no longer have anymore questions. Everything is their kirpa. Shaib mera mehraban. Satguru ji thank for reconnecting us back to Satnaam and our one and only prayer is that may be never turn away from satnaam. Make us desperately fall in  love with satnaam, so we can have baraag all the time and that’s it. Dandout to everyone. Satnaam.

REPLY FROM Anahata Shanti Kaur


Your love and light is heartfelt….I am not online much, and was uplifted by your post.