2012-05 Bhai Arvinderjit Singh Ji’s Experience


Re: Recent “Sat” Sangat in USA: An Email from Bhai Arvinderjit Singh (Kittu Veerji) from Chandigarh

FROM Dr Bhupinder Singh Bhoop on beahlf of Bhai Arvniderjit Singh Ji


Param Satkaryog Maanyog Poojneek Parbraham Swaroop S Surinder Singh Jio:



Dandaut Bandana Parwaan Karni ji from Saari Sangat at Chandigarh 
Anjali Parwaan Karni Ji… Fateh Parwaan Karni Ji… Dargahi Asees Bakhshna Ji…
With the Choicest Beatitude and Grace of Akaal Purkh Satnam Waheguru, we hear utmost celestial words of you all from our Most Revered and adored Veerji, Bhai Arvinderjit Singh (Kittu Veerji) …
He told us that you and your Satsangi people are blossomed like lotuses in the muddy world of carnal grossness…
“US visit and Satsang with you and Satnam satsangis at Washington was like a pilgrimage. A sojourn to the highest echelons of spiritual word (Khand, Brahamand…)”, He states. 
“The celestial experience we had in the charged atmosphere of your presence and of the blessed souls will be Everlasting”, He exclaimed. “At times,I felt that Nirgun is uniting with the Sargun in the lap of Dargah, inside the Sachkhand”
He has conveyed to all the members of Satsang family to “Go ahead with the job…. of Simran?…”
“Please lead the task of Simran Japaana to entire populace burning with maladies and vices. Please come up and unite the world with the Ultimate… In this era of mounting Stress, this is the ONLY STRESS BUSTER to take care of the sick globe… THIS IS THE BIGGEST INVESTMENT OF GOOD DEEDS TO SEEK HIS HAPPINESS AND GRACE… Please do have such Satsangs more frequently amongst your own Sangat too. Parmeshwar willing and if you tell quite well in sufficient advance, we can join you all in UK too…”, He advises
Special words of appreciation, love and regards for all including the venerated souls of the likes of Shri Om Chauhan Ji, Swaraj Ji & her mother (of LA), Gurinder & Niti (LA), Roma Ji (Michigan), Sangat from Dallas, and many others whose names Veerji told but I the Moorkh mayn’t be remembering…
Longing, beseeching and soliciting for the Charan Dhoodh of you all the blessed jots…
Neech Nacheeze Maha Moorkh

Dr Bhupinder Singh Bhoop


Ik Oankar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad

Dhan Dhan Sat Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Jee

Dhan Dhan Gur Guru Satgur Gurbani Satsangat Satnaam


Guru Pyare Bhupinder Singh Jee God bless you with the Gurparsaad of Puran Bandgi and seva.


Out of your divine love you have been addressing this bishta kaa keera with high sounding words, which we don’t deserve at all because this is all the mahima of gurkirpa and gurparsaad that is making all these divinely things happen among the satnaam parivaar. All the praise is for Dhan Dhan Sat Paar Braham Parmesar Jee we are just a worthless creature.


Secondly this is all the mahima of the divine love of Bhai Sahib Jee and his utmost Nimrata and kindness due to which he gave us a chance to collect his charan dhoor. We all are indebted to his devotion, love and trust. He is simply dhan dhan, his bandgi is dhan dhan, his seva is dhan dhan, his maat pita are dhan dhan, his kul is dhan dhan. We are also indebted to all the Chandigarh Sangat whose love is beyond description, beyond any words.


Let us all in satnaam parivaar  carve  the message of Bhai Sahib Jee in our hirdas and dedicate ourselves to the highest level of satnaam simran, let us all dedicate ourselves to just giviing, giving and only giving: tunn munn dhan at the sat charans of the satguru, completely surrender ourselves at the sat charans of the satguru, so we all could be blessed with jivan mukti in this janam. By doing so we will all not only bring our own mind to complete peace, win over Maya, earn and fill our hirdas with all infinite divine powers and qualities, but we will all make these eternal treasures available to all the masses across the globe and make their lives a source of divinity as well. THIS IS THE HIGHEST SERVIVE OF THE TRUTH THAT WE ALL CAN DO, THIS IS HOW WE CAN BECOME CAPABLE OF DELIVERING PURAN SAT TO THE MASSES, THERE IS NO SERVICE OF MANKIND AND ENTIRE CREATION BIGGER THAN THIS SERVICE.


Dassan Dass