21. Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s teachings for today

N’s experience


The following is an experience that was had by N Bhenjee in Jun 2004.


Lately she had been under strain as a result of my father’s subtle change of attitude towards her since she has taken her keski off and also his strong personality can sometimes be a little overbearing.  She often goes for walks at a nearby lake, on this particular day she took the personal CD player with her and some kirtan to listen to on it.


While walking around the lake she was thinking about why she is finding this test of her father-in-law so difficult, she says that she often has open-eye experiences while walking around the lake.  In this instance she was given the darshan of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaaj, as he came towards her she could see that he was dressed in a pinkish robe and had a kalgi on his dastaar….


In this vision he said to her ‘You are still my daughter, you are still a khalsaa.  Do not think that you took your keski off yourself, it was with my agyaa (blessing/permission) that you removed it.  Do not feel guilty, you are now following truth and you have left the outward show behind.’


While N was having this experience she said that she could hear the Khalsaa armies behind her all chanting ‘SAT SAT SAT SAT…’. 



(Guru Gobind Singh Ji writes the following Dohira that is in artee


Aisay chand partaap tay
dayvan badhi-o partaap
teen lok jai jai karai
rarai naam sat jaap


After exalting Ad Shakti (God the Primal Power)
All divine beings were exalted.
The three worlds resounded with ‘Hail ! Hail !’
and all repeated the NAAM of "SAT" )


She said that she had darshan of Guru Gobind Singh Jee when she was about to take amrit 6 years ago and not had darshan from him since, until this day…


Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Jee continued ‘I see you in Dargah, when I see you there I say to all that you are my daughter…do not be afraid.’



S’s experience


Baba S ji’s experience in smadhi


  • Fought against evil with Guru Gobind ji and Guru Hargobind ji
  • Guru Gobind Singh ji let me put the nishan sahib for the gurdwara just outside of sundar nagari       


A’s experience


There were also times when A’s family would go to visit her that she would ask them to sing Bhajans of the various Devi/Devte of Hinduism and everytime a certain Bhajan of a certain Devta was sung, A would go into the posture (asan) of that Devta.  Yet A does not profess to be knowledgable of her religion and says in fact she knows very little about it.  However, when A did simran (repititon of SATNAAM – God’s name with love in the mind) – there would be no picture in her mind, just peace and bliss.   Guru Gobind Singh Ji writes that God is


“Na Roop, Na Rung, Na Rekh, Na Pekh”


 meaning “No Form, No colour, No Marks, Not Seen”.


R’s expereince


I asked Paa Ji’s 10 yr old daughter R, if she ever went to Baba Ji’s sangat.  She said that she did and it was good fun playing with the other kids and that Baba Ji was really nice.  I asked her if she ever sat down in the sangat.  She said “yeah” sometimes they had to sit down.  Then she said that she saw Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh ji and lots of other things too.  To which she innocently added, “I never knew you could see thing with your eyes closed!”


J’s experience


My aunt J was very devoted to Gurbani , but when she got cancer she held on for two years until she was barely a walking skeleton.   Then everyone stopped praying for her to survive and just prayed to be able to accept God’s Will.   The week before she died she had darshan of Guru Gobind Singh ji and the Punj Piaray.  May Dad told her they had come to get her soul.  She didn’t like the fact she was finally going to have to die.    



Baba Ji on Guru Gobind Singh Ji


I told Baba Ji that I am not a brave person and have been close to many groups in my search.  But in the end I saw a lot of things which were more to do with pride than God, so I backed away from the majority as I never had the confidence to speak out against the falsehood.   But I  started receivng your emails and read the same things I had felt being said openly, it gave me so much hope.  Baba Ji said, “You must speak the truth and speak out against what is wrong – that was what Guru Gobind Singh ji inititated the Sikhs for.”


“Quieting your fears, become fearless, and you shall cross over the impassible world ocean. Meeting the Guru, your affairs shall be resolved.”  (SGGS JI 1113 )


Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Guru HarGobind ji had 3 wives one of whom was a Muslim. Guru Har Rai Ji had two wives.  Most of the other Gurus had one wife and Guru HarKrishan wasn’t married.  So just in the house of Nanak we have so many different combinations.  There’s no point comparing two Brahmgianis.  God makes everything different.  God is always experimenting.  Testing new ways and combinations.    A Muslim can have four wives.  But in Africa woman can have four husbands.  And even in one tribe, a woman get married and chooses a lover at the same time.  God is doing it all. 



Once, in meditation Sant Baba ji asked Guru Gobind Singh ji why he did what he did i.e. created the Bana – the external rules and regulations that have now become blinding rituals for most of the Sikh Panth.  Guru Gobind Singh ji told him that it was the Hukam at that time and place, and that Baba ji should do what his own Hukam was for here and now.    Baba Ji said that Guru Gobind Singh ji is my brother, meaning Guru Gobind Singh ji was merged in the Truth and so is Baba Ji.  Baba Ji has the Supreme Light of the Lord shining in his heart and enjoys “Atam Rus”.  That is the definition of Khalsa.  And the following tells you how much Guru Gobind Singh Ji loves Khalsa and hence loves Baba Ji.


Guru Gobind Singh Ji on Khalsa


Guru Gobind Singh Ji writes that the only one worthy to be called a Khalsa, is the one whose heart lotus is filled with the Supreme Light of the Supreme Lord.   And the Khalsa is only that one who enjoys ATAM RUS.   Guru Gobind Singh Ji emphasises that the one within whom there is God’s Perfect Light (POORAN JOT) and God’s enjoyable union (ATAM RUS) – then there is no difference between that one and God.  No difference between that one and Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself!



The one within whose heart  the Perfect Light is lit is Khalsa, all others are not Khalsa.”






The one who enjoys ATAM RUS is the Khalsa.

There is no difference between them and God or them and me.”


The Tenth Father, Guru Gobind Singh Ji has said the Khalsa is his body and breath, the very life of his life, friend and companion, perfect Satguru and brave friend.  Guru ji gives the Khalsa endless praise and glory and greatness.  Guru ji even says that his method of meditation is to sit and focus on the Khalsa!


Guru Gobind Singh Ji on Atam Rus


Divine union gives rise to the greatest joy – MAHA ANAND.    In the heart of  God’s bride, the perfect divine light of her soul is united with the Supreme Soul.   This give rise to blossoming love and divine intoxication.  The one who enjoys this ATAM RUS is the Khalsa.   Guru Gobind Singh Ji :




Infact only the Bramgiani (Knower of God) – the Sada Suhagan (Eternal Bride) – the complete Satguru (Pooran Satguru) –  the KHALSA has experience of ATAM RUS.   This state is higher than AMRIT. 


There are three types of Amrit that people think of :

1)       Khanday bhattay da pahul – commonly called “amrit ceremony”

2)       Naam and Bani Amrit.

3)       Ek Boond Amrit.


The only ones who can enjoy this highest level of divine joy – ATAM RUS – are those upon whom the Eternal Being has bestowed his mercy.  The ones who have taken support of the Perfect Lord.   The ones who have meditated upon the perfect Satguru and followed his instructions.  Not being separate from the Perfect Lord, they have become one and the same.  The Perfect Lord has come to reside in their heart.  And they are totally engrossed in always singing and praising God.





“Take the support of the Perfect Lord, who’s Name is also Perfect. 

Nanak:  merging into the Perfect One, sing the praises of the Perfect One.”

                                                                (Sukhmani Sahib)