22. Bandgi And Divine Qualities

“Bandgi” Spiritual Labor (Lovable remembrance + Loving Devotional Service Of Lord  (“Simran + Seva”)) and accumulation of divine qualities supplement each other.  Spiritual journey  (“Bandgi”) can’t be completed without bringing in all the divine qualities inside your (“Hirda”) spiritual heart centre.  You can’t reach a state of completion (Unshakeable Stage “Atal Awastha” , Supreme Status “Param Padvi” , Complete Spiritual Labor “Puran Bandgi”) without bringing in all the divine qualities into your Spiritual heart centre (“Hirda”). Thereby making it a Saintly spiritual heart (“Sant Hirda”). 
Actually it’s the Spiritual heart centre  (“Hirda”) that is the Saint and not the body or dress of a person.  The Saint part of the person lives in the spiritual heart centre (“Hirda”).  Saint means a heart full of God’s unlimited love and all the divine qualities.
The divine qualities supplement the Spiritual Laboring (“Bandgi.”)  Doing Spiritual journey/pilgrimage (“Bandgi”) brings in the divine qualities inside your  spiritual heart centre (“Hirda”):
“Bin Gun Keetey Bhagat Naa Hoi”
…. Without doing divine deeds you cant become a “Bhagat” (lover of God).
Spiritual journey (“Bandgi”) is done to bring all the divine qualities inside your spritual heart centre filled with extreme love ocean (“Hirda”).  Qualities like :-

  • Contentment,
  • Patience,
  • Humbleness,
  • Love,
  • Devotion,
  • Forgiveness,
  • Kindness,
  • Non-violence,
  • Being truthful,
  • Seeing truth,
  • Speaking truth,
  • Hearing truth,
  • Delivering truth,
  • Serving truth,
  • Faith and trust,
  • Commitment and belief,
  • Sacrifice,
  • Generosity,
  • Winning over mind and Maya,
  • Desirelessness,
  • No doubts and double-mindedness (“dubidha”),
  • No illusions and delusions,
  • Complete surrender with full and complete commitment,
  • Faith and trust,
  • Devotion and love to the Supreme God-Guru  (“Gur”) and Guru,
  • Loss of your own identity (me, mine, my)
  • Giving everything (Body, Mind and Wealth) to the Supreme Guru-God (“Gur”) and Guru.

You keep on accumulating these divine qualities by doing them practically in your daily life and becoming very strong in exercising them.  Then your Spiritual pilgrimage (“Bandgi”) will keep on enhancing and you will make a place for your soul away from the three-parts of Maya.  A place for your soul in God’s court (“Dargah”). If you don’t concentrate on Spiritual laboring (“Bandgi”) and bringing in these divine qualities in your spiritual heart centre (“Hirda”) by practically doing them then you can loose the spiritual laboring (“Bandgi”).  Or your spiritual laboring (“Bandgi”) will not see any progress (this is the reason why all of the masses are in realm of religion (“Dharam Khand”) or below realm of religion (“Dharam Khand”).
Similarly if you don’t concentrate on Spiritual Laboring (“Bandgi”) (Recitation of loving God’s ever Lovabler name “Naam Simran” and Selfless service of all in one and one in all  “Seva”) and give more than “Dasvandh” (tenth of time and money for Selfless service “seva” and Loving Recitation Of God’s name “simran”) every day, then you can loose everything you have gained.  You can lose all the divine qualities that you have gathered:
“Har Bisrat Terey Gun Galyaa”.
…Forgetting God your goodness rots away
Spiritual Laboring (“Bandgi”) and accumulation of divine qualities complement and supplement each other.  Spiritual Laboring  (“Bandgi”) is not complete without all the divine qualities.  And divine qualities will not come in unless you do Spiritual laboring (“Bandgi”).  What is Spiritual Laboring (“Bandgi”)?

  • Doing Remembrance of Holy God’s Love Name (“Naam Simran”) and Selfless Service (“seva”),
  • Bringing in all the divine qualities inside you by putting them into practice,
  • Checking that your behavior and deeds are all truthful,
  • Practicing Love God-Guru’s divine blessed blessed Divine word-wisdom of Truth  (“Gurbani”) and the Guru’s words.

By doing this you will never fall down.  You will always keep on flying higher and higher in the realms of the truth and will eventually become a complete truth in yourself.  You will become “SAT ROOP” (Truth’s form, God manifested inside you) by yourself.
Please watch your daily actions, reactions, deeds, thoughts, visions, behavior, thinking on a continuous basis and try to practice all the divine qualities in your daily life.  Little by little you will be able to bring in all these divine qualities inside your Spiritual Heart centre (“Hirda”) and make it a Saintly spiritual heart centre  (“Hirda”) and take your spiritual laboring  (“Bandgi”) to the acceptable standards of the God’s divine Court (“Dargah”) and become a Forever Bride Soul (“Sada Suhagan”).
Slave Of Slaves

(“Dassan Dass”)