28. The Steps To God Realization




The entire journey of spirituality is under God’s will. Only the ones destined by God are going to be able to do it (all of us must pray to God. He listens to your truthful prayers and destines them). The process starts with getting the Gurparsadi Naam (initiation) from a Sant Satguru ( a Saint who is authorized by the God to initiate people on the path of Truth). After that your entire life is spent living a life of truth. It is described as follows, in an extremely abbreviated form:


  • Complete Surrender to the Sant Satguru: You cannot pay the price of Gurparsadi Naam even if you sacrifice million lives over the Sant Satguru. Your attainment in spirituality depends on how much you surrender to Sant Satguru. You must believe that your body, mind and wealth and everything about you belong to Sant Satguru. So, you must surrender your wisdom, take Sant Satguru’s divine wisdom, and, live life acting on it.


  • Sant Satguru and God are the same: Sant Satguru and God are the same infinite soul except Satguru has a body and God does not. All prayers to God go through your Sant Satguru. So all prayers must include Sant Satguru and God. Without Sant Satguru you have no communication with God.


  • Meditating on Naam: It is through meditation that you realize your level of purity and get divine guidance. Also, the nectar you get during meditation washes away the impurities. Other than meditation, remember God all the time and express your gratitude for the blessings you got from him.


  • Living under God’s will: You must realize that all happenings are taking place due to God’s will. You are required to take them without judgment and you must not attach any emotions to them. There is absolutely nothing that you have control over. So, it is of no use to worry about what is going to happen.


  • All the creation is God himself: You must realize that all the living or non-living forms in all the universes are God’s creation. He as a Creator, is part and parcel of all his creation.


  • Winning over five vices: Every second of your life you watch your conduct and refrain from Lust, Anger, Greed, Emotional Attachments and Ego. Also, you must stay away from jealousy, judging others, slandering or praising others and duality.


  • Living a life free of desires: Desires detach you from God. You take whatever comes to you naturally, under God’s will and desire nothing.


  • Confession and Forgiveness of Sins: Until you become God like, you are not going to be perfect. That means you are going to do some sins (deviations from Truth) inadvertently. In your mind, confess the sins that you are aware of and the ones you are not aware of, and, ask God for forgiveness. Do this several times a day.


  • Control over speech: Avoid trifling conversations. Say that you must and say that is nothing but the Truth.


  • Sacrificing over Truth: You must stand for Truth and if needed be prepared to sacrifice whatever it takes to defend the Truth. If needed you want to minimize the company of people who are not truthful.


  • Being a humble Servant: You must live for others. You serve God by serving his creation. That means love for everybody indiscriminately and helping the needy while staying humble.


  • Belief  and Commitment: Always be 100 percent committed to the spirituality and have unshakable belief in God and Sant Satguru.


  • Attribute all spiritual attainment to Sant Satguru and God


This article has been written with the divine knowledge and blessings of the Sant Satguru. The author, though striving, does not make any claims to have mastered this wonderful set of divine rules of spirituality.       


A Humble Servant.