3. Guru


Doubt (Dubidha) was a reason for obstructions in your way as you have accepted you have  been having trouble doing Simran. But now you should be doing better and better. Even during the Guru’s times people were in such Dubidha, lots and lots of the people  didn’t believe the Gurus, otherwise all Sikhs would have become Jivan Mukt.  THIS IS THE BIGGEST DUBIDHA SIKHS ARE  CURRENTLY IN, AND ONE CAN’T GET JIVAN MUKTI IF YOU ARE IN THIS DUBIDHA.Consider  Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji – their mother and father never believed Him until the  last moment, that too because being the parents of the Puran Sant Puran Braham  Gyani – Akal Purakh’s Roop, they had to get Jivan Mukti so that was when Guru  Sahib’s mata ji got enlightened just by accidentally touching his feet, and so  His father got the Gyan as well. Guru Patshah Ji’s wife and her parents had the  same problem. This why it is said in the Gurbani – BANI VIRLE KE GHAR JAYE –  KOTAN ME NANAK KOI NARAYEN JEH CHEET – in ten millions there is one person who  knows the value of NAAM RATTAN – LIKE ONLY A JEWELLER  CAN KNOW THE VALUE OF A  DIAMOND.


Nirgun saroop (No Embodiment) – param  jyot puran parkash (Supreme Light) – mansarovar – complete silence – in braham khand where  there is no other naam. 

Sargun saroop (All Embodiments) – in all  of us and all his creations.   har tudh me jyot rakhi taan  tu jag me ayea  … O Lord you placed your light in me when I came to the world.

Gyaan saroop  (Divine Knowledge Embodied in The holy Scriptures) –     Shri  Guru Granth Sahib ji

And a Satguru / Braham Gyani  is His Roop (The one who Knows God one on one , has no more ego and only God’s Light blazes through them.  That FORM of God is a God-conscious human being ) – that is why

Gurbani says on page 273- 

breham giaanee sabh srisatt kaa karathaa || …  
The God-conscious being is the Creator of all the world.
The God-conscious being lives forever, and does not die.
The God-conscious being is the Giver of the way of liberation of the soul.
The God-conscious being is the Perfect Supreme Being, who orchestrates all.
The God-conscious being is the helper of the helpless.
The God-conscious being extends his hand to all.
The God-conscious being owns the entire creation.
The God-conscious being is himself the Formless Lord.
The glory of the God-conscious being belongs to the God-conscious being alone.
O Nanak, the God-conscious being is the Lord of all. ||8||8||


“gian dhaian kich karam na jana sar na janaa teree
sabh te vadhaa satgur nanak jin kal rakhee meere.”
Akal Purakh Is Saying ‘Hey Nanak!  The Satguru Is The Highest’
That means Satguru is the greatest.    Nanak Patshah was a Roop of Nirankaar he was a Puran Satguru
“dhan nanak teree vadee kamaee,
sidh bolan subh bachan,
dhan nanak teree vadee kamaee”

Indeed guru nanak patshah was the one who brought the mool manter and so much braham gyan on this earth from dargah, so no match with his contributions to uplift the souls on this earth. He is the one who made bhagti so easy and so easy to achieve jivan mukti on this earth, he should always be praised for that, and he did that by unbeleavable walking over 82, 000 miles – nobody else could do it. Guru nanak is dhan dhan, guru gobind singh is dhan dhan, guru granth sahib ji is dhan dhan and all the patshahis are dhan dhan who gave us so much of braham gyan that we can become jivan mukt by following their Primal Words (turqi bani).


Only a fully enlightened soul who has a Puran Jyot Parkash and is a Sada Suhagan is the one who makes it to Sach Khand and higher khands; and Guru Nanak Patshah Ji was no doubt the one in the Braham Khand (God Realm) ; He was Nirankaar Roop Puran Sant Satguru; that is for sure is true.  But Naam only came to Guru Nanak Patshah Ji looks untrue; there have definitely been Sants,  Bhagats and Braham Gyanis in all ages before Guru Nanak Patshah’s arrival in this world,  and even after His departure from the world, so other theories are untrue, Sant Kabir a nd lot of other Bhagats were Shree Ramanand’s  disciples; and for sure Sant Kabir was a Puran Sant Satguru, a Puran Braham Gyani and was for sure a Sach Khand and Braham Khand Vaasee; a nd so are the other Bhagats whose Bani has been included in the Shree Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  Do you think that Mohammad and Jesus got to the heights of spirituality without Naam ? sounds absurd;   the laws of divinity don’t change with time, they were there right from the Aad (Primal Beginning) and will remain for ever.  To be honest and absolutely truthful to you and we hope you believe us this time; spending time and efforts in knowing and trying to get an answer to such questions is
just a waste of time and effort, and will not do any good to you in anyway, you will rather get  trapped in the doubts and distractions, and will not bring you closer to the Almighty. 


How could Jesus reach the heights of spirituality without love ? That is true for  other Bhagats and Sants. Gurbani says:  Har Jug Jug Bhagat Upaayea (God sends his saints in every Age); these kind of thoughts prevailing in the minds of the sikh masses bring the duality and hatred in us; it fills ourselves with ego and doubts; we are nobody to measure anybody’s spiritual levels, we should not be engaged in measuring and judging the others for their spiritual levels, whosoever he may be, every Bhagat is different, every sant’s bhagtee is different, so what is the point of getting involved in such thoughts and discussions, We guess you are so by nature, and you need to work on yourself to stop asking such questions which are not going to help you, naam simran is the only thing that will help you at this stage, naam simran is the only thing which will answer all your questions.


It is the same Jyot in all the Bhagats and Sants, whosoever it might be.   The only difference is the extent of purity of the Jyot, the extent of the brightness of the Jyot, the more brighter the Param Jyot is the higher the spiritual level is, and there is no limit of this purity, it is like a deep sea – mansarovar without any dimensions, whose depth or boundaries are beyond the imagination of a human mind.  So whether it is Guru Nanak Patshah or it is Jesus Christ or Shree Rama or Shree Krishna, the Jyot is same, and this is the most important thing to understand. The Guru Sahibans have lead us to the Bandgi of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar: Pooja Akaal Ki, whereas some of the Hindu Devtas have lead the masses to their worship, therefore the Guru Patshahian’s Jyot probably was much more pure than others. Guru Sahibans have not preached their own worship, they preached Ik Oankaar Satnaam Dhan Dhan Shree Paar Braham Parmesar’s worship. 


For a normal person this spritual journey can be commenced but can’t be completed with out the blessings of Akal Purakh Himself – and Gurkirpa of a Puran Sant Satguru – Bin Satgur Bhagat Na Hoi – Bin Satgur Kine Naa Payea – Bin Satgur Mukt Naa Hoi.  In order to accomplish your journey to Sach Khand you need to have a Gurparsadi Naam and Puran Sant Satguru is the only one who is capable of giving you the Gurparsadi Naam – Satgur Sikh Ko Naam Dhan De – Naam Amolak Rattan Hai Pure Satgur Paas.  It is well defined in the Mool Manter that the True Naam – Sat Naam is Gurparsadi.


The entire Gurbani is just the praise of Akal Purakh, Naam,  Sants, Bhagats, Sadh, Braham Gyani and nothing else. The Naam Rattan resides in  SACH KHAND (the heart of a saint is where God resides hence is sach khand)  and can only be brought on this earth by a person who reaches SACH  KHAND and becomes abhed(absorbed) with Akal Purakh and becomes His Roop and he can only by  a Puran Braham Gyani – a Puran Sant or A Puran Sadh, that is what our Gurus were  that is what they did,  the divine  rules can’t change with time, they remain forever , bhagti doesn’t change in a  yug, it stays the same. 

Now your bhagati has increased gurbani is coming inside you – jiske ridey vishvaas prabh ayea tat gyaan tis man pargtayea – this is an excellent sign, now when you listen gurbani more and more deeper meaning of the gurbani will start to flow inside you – gurbani is amrit too – but we have to stir it to get amrit from gurbani – it is a mansrover of braham gyan – sarvar ander hira moti so hansan ka khana – the hans – sant will keep on retrieving these gyan ke moti from gurbani and a manmukh will just keep on reading it and keep on doing path and path and path – it is no use reading gurbani if you don’t bring it into your karni and understand it – the amrit is these priceless jewels of gyan which are hidden in gurbani and whosoever  reterives them he becomes a braham gyani others just keep on fighting on fake issues of dharam. So we have to concert our efforts on naam and tat gyan.
All the brahm gyan is from gurbani only, there is nothing outside gurbani, the only difference is that it keeps on coming inside you as you move along, the gurbani has come from sach khand, and one can’t understand it completely unless he reaches that level, even at sach khand level it will be difficult to explain it completely, it can be explained in better terms, but not completely – it is unlimited mansarover of braham gyan whose depth and boundaries are limitless. We have repeatedly explained that guru granth sahib ji is akal purakh’s gyaan saroop – infect we are undermining the Granth by saying it is just the Guru – because it is actually God’s Form  – pothi parmeshwar kaa thaan sadh sang gobind gun gao puran braham gyan – it is paar braham ki deh.



The word Guru means who takes away darkness of agyanta (ignorance of God) from your mind and brings in light of gyan (divine wisdom).



Ek pita ekas ke hum barak – dassam patshah ji’s unlimited contribution to uplift the society is unquestionable. He was nirankaar roop – a puran braham gyani a puran khalsa and we are all proud to be following his path of truth and serving the truth. You should all take him as your role model and try to become like him.



He is PARAM DYALOO –VERY KIND so don’t worry, the moment you accepted your fault or sins, He forgives you the same moment. HE IS DANA DINA – BAKSHAN HAARA.



Baba ji’s biggest blessing is SatNaam which has already been given to you, so it is your devotion and love which is pulling you to come and see him, but he is always with you, however, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t come to see him.

Brahm gyani ka daras wadbhagi payye – your visit will be a an  incredible gift for you. You are very lucky to make up your mind to visit Baba ji and get his blessings. We will give you a very warm welcome, you must never have seen sach sangat before.

It is all Baba ji’s kirpa and paar brahm parmeshwar’s kirpa only – bhag hoa gur sant milayea prabh avinaasi ghar me payea – sant sang anter prabh ditha naam prabhu kaa lagaa mitha – esa sant milawo mo ko kant jina ke paas – gyan anjan gur dia agyaan andher binaas har kirpa te sant bhetyea nanak man pargas – all this gurbani is coming true for you all. Baba ji’s sangat is just beyond description, you must not have seen a sangat like him, when we are sitting in his sangat it is like sitting in dargah, there are no doots around you in his sangat, you get a complete concentration of mind and body and soul,  his bhagti is very pure and extremely high, every second he is in the hukam of shri akal purakh ji, he gives puran gyan for puran bhagti and helps you through your bhagti at every step. Bhagti can’t be done without puran gyan.

There are several people who can see the divine sangat sitting around us – souls of saints and sadhus from sach khand  – in our sangat, can see a lot of parkash all around, most people get darshan of guru nanak patshah and guru gobind singh patshah ji. We had darshans of the gurus several times, once vishnu was in front of us for well over an hour or so but we didn’t bow to him as Satguru is higher than him. Many a times our soul leaves to go in sach khand, there are just incredible number of instances happening with us, will keep on sharing more and more with you.



Dandaut Bandhna (greeting the Guru by lying on your belly) should be physically done when you enter the Gurudwara, that will help more and more. Anytime and every time you go to gurudwara you should do dandaut bandhna, and dust shoes, and you should give the same teachings to the kids as well. This will be a great help in making these kids the humbleness.  And also at the end of the simran session daunaut bandhna will be very beneficial.

Sit down with closed eyes and doing Sat Naam Waheguru will be more beneficial (than just WAHEGURU WAHEGURU.   it doesn’t need to go with the  breath, just do it silently in the mind, doing Simran in mind will help a lot more, your mind becomes to start pure  – read the article on Ajapa Jaap.
There is nothing wrong in chanting, but the Sangat will benefit more with internal practice. Again not just Waheguru but Sat Naam Waheguru.

Again Simran is done internally only, with the tongue it is not Simran it is Jaap – Simran is the most rewarding and powerful.

If you are doing kirtan, then chant – dhan dhan paar braham parmeshwar – several times then ‘sat naam shri sat naam’ and ‘sat naam waheguru’ either at the beginning or at the end of the kirtan.



It is great seva, keep it up. We will suggest you to follow this sequence – ek oankaar sat naam (for few minutes), sat naam waheguru (for few minutes), dhan dhan paar braham parmeshwar (for few minutes), jaaps when singing along with sangat on harmonium. We have explained the difference between naam and gurmanter in one of the articles, sach khand vich sat naam da sikka hai, waheguru can take you to at the most to karam khand then you will move further only if you have sat naam, sat naam is the key to the dargah. Waheguru is not naam it is just akal purakh’s praise – it means dhan dhan only and when we say sat naam waheguru – means sacha naam dhan dhan hai. Sat naam is the destination – the origin and nirgun saroop of akal purakh and you are sargun saroop and you have to merge from sargun into nirgun to the origin to obtain jivan mukti.jivan mukti is in sach khand only. Again for the seva of sangat it is good but you should conccentrate on simran – sat naam waheguru at the amritvela.



The third eye will open by guru’s kirpa only (not through position (asans) and breathing technques), and sat naam will help you, you should not even think about it, and same is true with kundilini rising. Once you are blessed with gurparsaadi naam by Baba ji. Your progress should be much faster, we even didn’t know when our dassam duaar opened, so please don’t think about these things and just concentrate on simran – for more understanding please read the article on ajapa jaap again. Just do simran in a sukh assan (comfortable position) only.