4. The Truth



You are listening to the absolute truth (these articles) , you are enlightened to recognize the truth, and you are moving on a path of truth, that is all it is about – sat naam, everything else is perishable, sat naam is chaar yugan ka sacha tirath, this is the real tirath when you travel to sach khand, not the ath sath tirath (external places of pilgrimage). You will be realizing yourself to realize him, because he is inside you covered by a dark sheet of andh agyaan (blind ignorance) by panj doots (5 thieves). Now that dark sheet has started to perforate, when truth goes inside that is what happens, the doots start to run away, they can’t stay before sat naam, no evil can survive before sat naam it is unlimited power.




A truthful person will always tell you the truth.




ek oankar satnam karta purakh nirbahu nirvair akal moorat ajuni saibhan(g) gurprasad ||


Mool manter is upto gurprasaad.


The Mool Manter is beyond description, the entire Gurbani contained in Shri Guru Granth Sahib is the detailed description of the Mool Manter only – Mool Manter is Beej Manter – and – Beej Manter Sarab Ko Gyan.  There is a continuous flow of Gurbani through all ages and time which means that the description of the properties and qualities of the Akal Purakh, Sants and Bhagats are a continuous function, it never stops, it is infinite because it is the description of infinite, there is no end to the description of the infinite.  The only thing you all need to understand is that the Sat Naam is Gurparsadi, and if you accept and understand that and have complete belief in it – Puran Shardha Te Vishvaas – Jiske Ridhey Vishvaas Prabh Ayea Tut Gyan Tis Man Pargatayea – then if you are able to get the Gurparsadi Naam then your journey to Sachkhand can be very easy one, and this can’t be achieved without the Sangat of a Puran Sant Satguru, Braham Gyani, Param Padvi, Jivan Mukt, who is  authorized by Akal Purakh to give Gurparsadi Naam to Sangat. 


The ones who are blessed with the Gurparsadi Naam are very lucky, and those of you are not yet blessed with Gurparsadi Naam should pray for getting the Gurparsadi Naam. And if you are lucky enough and if your prayer comes from the true heart and also if your deeds – Karni is good, and have Purble Karma Ke Sanjog, then you might meet a Puran Sant Satguru who might bless you with Gurparsadi Naam, hold your hand and give you Jivan Mukti – salvation – Bhag Hua Gur Sant Milayea Prabh Avinasi Ghar Me Payea – Esa Sant Milawo Mo Ko Kant Jina Ke Paas – Sant Sang Anter Prabh Ditha Naam Prabhu Ka Laga Mitha – Sarab Nidhan Nanak Har Rang Nanak Paie Sadh Ke Sang – Sadh Jana Ki Mango Dhoor Nanak Ki Har Locha Poor – Sant Japawe Naam – Satgur Sikh Ko Naam Dhan De – Naam Amolak Rattan Hai Pure Satgur Paas – Satgur Maha Purakh Paras Hai – Sat Purakh Jin Janyea Satgur Tis Ka Nao – Satgur Sat Purakh – Satgur Nirankaar – Braham Gyani Aap Parmeshwar – Braham Gyani Aap Nirankara – Braham Gyani Mukt Jugt Jee Ka Data – Braham Gyani Puran Purakh Vidhata- Ram Sant Dohe Ek Hai – Nanak Sadh Prabh bhed Naa Bhai – Sadh Ki Upma Tre Gun Te Door-Sadh Ki Shobha Ka Nahi Ant-Sadh Ki Shobha Sada Beant – Braham Gyani Gurparmeshwar Ek Hi Jaan.  So only Braham Gyani, Puran Sant, Puran Sadhu Pargatyeo Jyot is capable of giving Gurparsadi Naam to Sangat. Gurbani is full of these Shaloks and Braham Gyan which prove this verdict about Gurparsadi Naam and where will you get it.





“Hum santan kee ren piaray hum santan kee ren”


This is from the Primal Lord (turqi bani) try to understand its true meaning, look at the humbleness of shree akal purakh ji, he is saying that he is the charan dhuli of sants that is how much he loves a sant, all his dealings are with the sants, and what does sant do – sant japawe naam, sant’s love for him is without boundaries and this love is sat naam.


If we want to become like Him then we will have to bring all the qualities of his to ourselves – and this is the height of humbleness.




Gurbani’s braham gyan (divine wisdom) is naam simran (to remember the Naam)–


prabh ka simran sabh te uncha  ..remembering God’s naam is the highest…sukhmani.


“Waheguru” is not the Naam of akal purakh.  And we have said that in above text as well.  It is very important to understand the mool manter, which says “sat naam” is gurparsaadi.  And also gurbani says –


kirtam naam kathe tere jihva sat naam tera para purbla

…My tongues describes you with praise Names (Allah, Waheguru, Gopal, Ram etc meaning god is Great, God is Wonderful, God the Protector, God the Cherisher and so on)

but the name “Sat” (, the SAT NAAM meaning TRUTH) is your Primal Original name  (chosen by Yourself).

                                Guru Arjun Dev Ji.


And also


“jap man sat naam sada sat naam”

..o my mind meditate forever on the name “SAT” , the SAT NAAM.

Guru Ram Das Ji

“Wahe guru” is gurmanter and is given by Panj Pyare nowadays.  But because panj pyare (nowadays are not brahmgianis like the original punj pyaray) they don’t have  Sat naam (havent reched the highest consciousness).  So they can’t give “sat naam” to sangat.  Only a puran sant braham gyani who is at param padvi (highest God consciousness – Truth ) – and abhed (absorbed in Truth) in Akal purakh can give sat naam, not only that he has unlimited spiritual powers and can institute you in smadhi – karam khand (realm of Grace ..sant prasad)  very soon.


To  understand these things, as well as what is naam simran and what is japna – read  our article on ajapa jaap – that explains the stages and their rewards.   Read all the articles and understand them with open mind  ( https://satnaam.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=58&Itemid=14 )   The question of how can only be best answered if you  forget everything  done so far, and without any doubt and dubidha, with full commitment and belief – puran shardha and vishvaas – and pray for getting the gurparsaadi naam, and if  one is  lucky one will get it, and then one  has to follow the gyan – and do simran then only the question of how will be answered. Unless one tastes it how can one know how it can happen ?





Disciple : “Thank you to Baba Jee and the Satnaam sangat for the wonderful experience of the weekend.  We feel wonderful and blissed out.”


Dassan Das :  Naam ki daat is the highest daat which one can get from a puran sant – je wad app te wad teri daat, jisdi keemat kahi naa jaye keemat daee naa jaye, there is no value for this naam, it is the anmolak rattan hira – it is akal purakh’s para purbla naam – kirtam naam kathe tere jihva sat naam tera para purbla – it is the aad jugadi naam of akal purakh, which was instituted by himself – aapi ne aap sajyeo aapi ne rachyeo nao fir dui kudrat saaj ke kar assan ditho chao.


You are one out of the millions who have been blessed with the GURPARSAADI NAAM when Baba Ji were in His top Smadhi.


The sangat was sitting in Puran Parkash, it was dhan dhan kirtan, this is what happens when you meet a true sant – tan man seetal hoye – this is the pehchaan of a puran sant there is no other way to know a puran sant– because braham gyani ki gat braham gyani jane – your feelings and a change in yourself just by listening to the words brings a change in yourself when you meet a puran sant, and you have done it just over the phone, now imagine if you come over here what can happen ! One of the panji who came became a suhagan (bride) of akal purakh – she went into smadhi – she was instituted in karam khand – her jyot has been ignited – her bhagti account have been opened in the dargah. So it was a wondeful day – you folks gor gurparsaadi naam and this panji became a suhagan. 







We do have children but they are grown ups, they are doing thir medicine degrees now. But we do have a full time job, you are right when you say waking up at 12:30 am ? Infact you are doing good getting up at 4:00 am, but getting up earlier will be more beneficial, and don’t worry about less sleep, now when you do simran you will get so much spiritual energy that you will not feel tired at all, no matter what time you wakeup, whatever time you get to sleep, your sleep will be complete, you will feel as if you have slept long hours.also your kids will start to become more and more sober and they will start to go to sleep earlier. All your sleep defficiency will be compensated by simran. We used to do the same thing, and never felt lethargic during the day, no yawning at all during the day, feel absolutely fresh all the time, this is what cosmic energy – spiritual energy does – and as you said you felt power in your head you will feel that power all over slowly and slowly – infect this power you guys are feeling is the naam amrit going inside you, this feeling will continue to increase, and then slowly and slowly your body and soul gets more and more cleaner from inside, more energy you will get inside, so when you go to sleep at night just do ardas inside your hirda that please wake me up at 12:30 or whatever time – and he will wake you up. Now since you folks have been blessed with gurparsadi naam you have also been put under the protection of at least one sant – and this sant will be always with you in his suksham dehi (astral body). When you do simran for 2 hours you are sitting on earth, in the third hour your simran will go in dargah and in 4, 5, and so on hours your simran will be in dargah, so try to go beyond 2 hours in the morning, at least 2 and half hours if you can, for fast progress. We used to sit in for 4-6 hours. Now our bhagti is complete and also our rom rom (every hair and cell) have become sat naam – physically every bit of body is reciting sat naam – and we feel this spiritual energy all the time in each and every cell of our body, so we don’t sit in long smadhi anymore – actually at this level you are 24 hours in smadhi with open eyes, walking, talking, sleeping, and whatever you are doing will always be in smadhi.




Keep one thing in mind you have to do simran everyday, don’t miss a day – morning and evening – evening can be less time but will help you a great deal, and doing simran doesn’t take any physical effort while driving, walking, sitting, standing, doing something not requiring any brain work, so try to do it on a 24 hrs basis. This will prevent any bad thoughts entering your mind, and you will remain truthful in the day time.







That is what is  – dohan sirian ka aape swami – He (the Brahmgiani) is the one who ties both ends, brings amrit on earth from dargah in a continuous  stream and gives it to the sangat. Exactly Baba ji’s presence in dargah and on this earth makes that happen, when he was giving you naam sitting so far away just over the phone he was in a top smadhi and giving you that highest amrit which you said you felt in your head. This is just unlimited power, but it depends on you how clean are you from inside, more cleaner more amrit, dehi (body) is like a pot which is inverted, with a lot of dirt around it and holes in it – janam janam ki mail and panj doot are the holes, so we have to turn it upside down – by stepping forward on this marg with gurkirpa, then it will be cleaned as you move forward and do simran, the more you do the more rewarding and enjoyble it will be, the mind will become more and more under control, the doot holes will start to fill, and eventually the pot will start holding the amrit, then slowly the pot will be filled with amrit, pot – dehi will become pure mind will be under complete control, no doots business around you, that is when the amrit will start to overflow from the pot, this is the point when – panj doot tudh vas kite kaal kanth ko maryea – then you will be jivan mukt. During this process you will go through smadhi, sun smadhi and so on. It is hard to tell everything in one short note, and there is so much to tell you, which we will keep on as we progress.


So with the agami anant apaar and beant kirpa of the guru and akal purakh you folks have realized the divine knowledge – tat gyan, so you are not in dharam khand anymore – you are now in saram khand – you know what needs to be done and how it can be done, so you should be concentrating all your efforts on simran – don’t miss a day – if you do so then it takes more time to collect amrit and you are left behind – it is like missing a lecture one day and next day it becomes difficult to understand the lecture, so no break – morning and evening. If you have to take a break for some time from your seva at gurudwara then you can do that too. If the simran is in mind very good, if it is in hirda better so when you sit for simran concentrate on mind and hirda.




Naam will answer all your questions, just believe in naam and stay away from all distractions, we have already spoken about distractions, these distractions come when negative mind works, and doots come in to play – now when you have start bhagti these doots are getting upset on you so they will try to distract you more and more, but you have to be persistant in your efforts to win over these doots, and naam simran will do that, infact some people see these doots in the form of giant demons when they leave the body – kaam doot resides in lower portion of your body, krodh in stomach, lobh and moh in heart chest area and ahankaar in the head, so they have to leave your body and stay below your feet to serve you and naam will do that. So concentrate all your efforts on naam simran.