3. The Shabad Guru and the Satguru

 The one who knows the True Lord God, is called the True Guru.

SGGS 286


There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding among the Sangat about the place and role of a Sant, Satguru, Sadh, and Brahmgiani in the spiritual world.  For achieving your spiritual goals, it is very important and necessary for the Sangat to understand the definition, role and place of a Satguru, Sant, Sadh and Brahmgiani in the spiritual world.


The misinterpretation of these words creates all kind of confusion, misunderstanding and doubts in the minds of Sangat- Dharam De Bharam – which divert their attention from reality presented in the Gurbani.  These doubts  – Dharam De Bharam – are serious road blocks to one’s spiritual progress – these doubts are defined as Dubidha – double mindedness – distortion of your mind, distraction of your mind, disbelief and take you away from the core of the Gurbani – away from Tat Vastoo – Tat Gyan  – deep divine knowledge and understanding and hence keep you in Dharam Khand or below it for ages.


This is the main reason for 99% of the people being in the Dharam Khand or even below it.  Dubidha is a very serious mental sickness- Mansik Rog – it blocks your mind and stops you from progressing on the Naam Marg – Sant Marg. As long as you are in Dubidha – in doubts and you are not confident that you are doing the right thing, or you are not aware of the fact that you are not doing the right thing due to the miscommunication to you by various sources, you will not be able to reach anywhere.  You need to have crystal clear direction to follow for your spiritual advancements. A lot have been explained in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji about Dubidha, however, please try to understand following llines from such a Shlok on page 237:



Gauree, Fifth Mehl:
One who kills this (double-mindedness, doubts, duality) is a spiritual hero.
One who kills this is perfect.
One who kills this obtains glorious greatness.
One who kills this is freed of suffering. ||1||
How rare is such a person, who kills and casts off duality.
Killing it, he attains Raja Yoga, the Yoga of meditation and success. ||1||Pause||
One who kills this has no fear.
One who kills this is absorbed in the Naam.
One who kills this has his desires quenched.
One who kills this is approved in the Court of the Lord. ||2||
One who kills this is wealthy and prosperous.
One who kills this is honorable.
One who kills this is truly a celibate.
One who kills this attains salvation. ||3||
One who kills this – his coming is auspicious.
One who kills this is steady and wealthy.
One who kills this is very fortunate.
One who kills this remains awake and aware, night and day. ||4||
One who kills this is Jivan Mukta, liberated while yet alive.
One who kills this lives a pure lifestyle.
One who kills this is spiritually wise.
One who kills this meditates intuitively. ||5||
Without killing this, one is not acceptable,
 even though one may perform millions of rituals, chants and austerities.
Without killing this, one does not escape the cycle of reincarnation.
Without killing this, one does not escape death. ||6||
Without killing this, one does not obtain spiritual wisdom.
Without killing this, one’s impurity is not washed off.
Without killing this, everything is filthy.
Without killing this, everything is a losing game. ||7||
When the Lord, the Treasure of Mercy, bestows His Mercy,
one obtains release, and attains total perfection.
One whose duality has been killed by the Guru,
says Nanak, contemplates God. ||8||5||


SGGS 237


There is an unlimited divine knowledge presented in the Gurbani about how and what these doubts – Dubidha – do to the person, there is not much need to explain these shaloks, the bottom line is that if you are in Dubidha then you can’t achieve salvation – jivan mukti no matter what you do. You will never be able to reach anywhere. You will be able to control your mind and go into meditation only if you are with out Dubidha – no doubts.


And how will your Dubidha will go away


One whose duality has been killed by the Guru,
says Nanak, contemplates God. ||8||5||



Only Satguru will be able to relieve you of this mental.  Gurparsadi Naam given by a Satguru can institute a person in Karam Khand Smadhi and worship in Smadhi is the real bhagtee which kills mental sicknesses like Dubidha, Panj Doot, Nindya, Chugli and Bakhili.


The misinterpretation of the Braham Gyan of Gurbani is counted as a very serious crime in the Dargah of Akal Purakh Ji.  This is a very serious matter and requires a lot of attention of the Sangat in understanding these words – Sant, Sadh, Satguru and Brahmgiani, their role in the spiritual world and the entire universe.  Developing a good understanding of this subject will be very helpful in advancing your spiritual condition and achieving your spiritual goals. We will very humbly request the Sangat – Sangat de charana vich done haath jod ke benti karde haan ji – to be very patient in listening to what we are going to say in this message and benefit from it.


Basically there is no difference in the meaning of these words in terms of the spirituality  – Satgur, Sant, Sadh & Brahmgiani.  The word Satgur has been most extensively expressed in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – over 1400 times, the next one is the word Sant which counts over 600 times, then Sadh – over 300 times and then Brahmgiani.


What is Shabad Guru?


Most of the Sikh sangat consider Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the Satguru.  However, Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is described as :


Pothi (Holy Book) is about the Transcendent Lord God.
 In the Company of the Holy sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord (from the Pothi)
(they are the) perfect knowledge of God (Brahm gyaan). ||1||Pause||

SGGS 1226


Which means it is the Braham Gyan and Gyan Saroop of Akal Purakh.  It is the ocean of divine knowledge – Mansarovar of Braham Gyan – directly transmitted by the Akal Purakh – Turqi Bani, it represents Par Braham Ki Deh – Pothi Parmeshwar Ka Than- every word contained in Gurbani is a complete truth and tells us how to become truthful, act truthful, serve the truth and if it is so then what is the truth – only Braham – Akal Purakh is the truth everything else is perishable, then isn’t the Granth the Gyan Saroop of Akal Purakh. 


Some of the sangat understands it as Shabad Guru – or many times it is interpreted as Shabad Guru, which means the same thing as Gyan Guru or the Braham Gyan. The combination of Shabad Guru and a soul is required to realize the Akal Purakh, once a soul realizes the Almighty becomes one with the God by practicing the Shabad Guru – which is Gurparsadi Naam – Satnaam, then such a soul becomes a a Pargatyo Jyot in the form of a Sant, Satguru, or a Brahmgiani.


This is why Guru Nanak Patshah, who was a Pargatyo Jyot Himself, Nirankaar Roop, Puran Brahmgiani, instituted Bhai Lehna Ji with the Jyot, who later on became a Pargatyo Jyot Himself with the blessings of Guru Nanak Patshah, and became Guru Angad – a Satguru and a Puran Brahmgiani. This institution of Jyot and Pargatyo Jyot continued until the Dassam Patshah (Tenth Guru).  


Infact, the word Guru means the person or the entity which takes the darkness of your mind and soul away and enlightens your soul and mind, makes you aware of the truth and puts you on the path to see the truth, speak the truth, hear the truth and serve the truth, and by doing so He puts you in reality on the path to salvation – Jivan Mukti, He institutes in you the divine knowledge and makes you to follow the divine knowledge and divine laws for making your soul and mind free from the Panj Doot, Dubidha, Nindya, Chugli, Bakhili, Asaa, Trishnaa and Manshaa and by doing so prepares you to meet with the Paar Braham Parmeshwar, and become like Him.


This service of the truth and Akal Purakh continued until the Dassam Patshah, and then through the Panj Pyare, who were instituted by Dassam Patshah. Later on this service has also been continued by other Brahmgianis such as Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji, Sant Baba Ishar Singh Ji and other Brahmgianis. The entire Granth sings in various Rags in praise of Akal Purakh, Naam, Sant, Bhagat, Satgur, Brahmgiani & Sadh along with the other truths about the universe and the life on earth. 


God lives in a Sant, Sadh, Satgur and Brahmgiani –


naanak saadhh prabh bhaedh n bhaaee ||8||7||
O Nanak, there is no difference between the Holy people and God. ||8||7||

SGGS 272


Let us concentrate on the word “Satgur” first of all.  Who is a Satgur ?


It is very clearly explained in various Shloks of Gurbani –


 The one who knows the True Lord God, is called the TruthGuru (SatGuru).

SGGS 286


The Satguru is the  individual who has


  • realized the presence of  God the Truth Being (Sat Purakh ) in himself,
  • been enlightened with the Param Jyot,
  • become a Pargatyo Jyot himself,
  • been elevated spiritually by the Akal Purakh to the Sach Khand level in spirituality,
  • merged in Akal Purakh,
  • had their bhagti  (devotion) recognized by Akal Purakh as complete
  • attained the Param Pad (Highest Spritual status)
  • become a Sada Suhagan.


In the company – Sangat – of such a person all the people who become his sevaks will achieve salvation – Jivan Mukti – Satguru has the spiritual power to give Jivan Mukti to His Sangat.


Let us concentrate on following Shalok from page 1421.  It is very hard to explain the complete and full meaning of any word of Gurbani, it is unlimited Gyan, no boundaries – Gurbani Beant Hai, it can only be felt, and the person who does it and achieves it, he is the one who feels it, and such a feeling is beyond description, but the following words might help you to feel the depth of the Mansrover – Braham Gyan contained in Gurbani:


Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the True Guru, the Primal Being,
who has realized the True Lord.
Meeting Him, thirst is quenched, and the body and mind are cooled and soothed.


The discovery of the Truth is the key to become a Satguru – a Puran Sachyara, and what is the Truth? The only Truth is Akal Purakh Himself – Sat Naam – the name “Sat/Truth”.  Everything else is perishable and a part of the Maya that runs the show. The person who discovers the Truth and reaches the highest levels in spirituality – Sach Khand and above, and merges with Akal Purakh, becomes a Satguru – the person who can teach the truth to the Sangat, who can guide and walk the Sangat through the same path He has followed.


The word “Sat” means the Truth and that is Sat Naam.  The word Guru means who takes away the darkness and enlightens the inside of the Sangat with Sat Naam.


And how do you recognize a Satguru?


When you go into His Sangat with full and complete belief and commitment, you will have a very unique feeling that will calm down your mind and body, your inside will feel the difference, your mind will stop flying, distractions of your mind will disappear, you will have a very soothing and contenting feeling, your desires start to disappear, and eventually you achieve a complete contentment.



Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the Truth Guru, the Truth Primal Being,
who looks upon all alike.



Sat Purakh is Akal Purakh Himself that means that at that level of spirituality – Atmik Awastha the Satguru becomes a roop (form) of Akal Purakh Himself – that means at that stage of Atmik Awastha there remains no difference between Akal Purakh (Sat Purakh) and the Satguru. He is Single vision – Samat – who sees everyone without any discrimination, for whom everybody is equal – Ek Drisht – that is what a Satguru is. At such a high level of spirituality a bhagat attains or the Akal Purakh fills in him all his vital qualities, and that is what is explained in this Shlok.



Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the Truth Guru, who has no hatred;
slander and praise are all the same to Him.


Satguru is with out animosity for any one, Nirvair is one of the most important characteristics of Shri Akal Purakh Ji – please read the Mool Manter – and so is the quality of a Satguru as well, means the Satguru becomes like the Akal Purakh, He inculcates in himself all the qualities of head and heart which are vital attributes of Akal Purakh Himself, for a Satguru the praise and criticism are equal, He doesn’t get effected if somebody praises Him or criticizes Him, and such a Satguru is just great – Dhan Dhan Hai.



Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the All-knowing Truth Guru, who has realized God within.



Dhan Dhan Satguru is a living Granth of Braham Gyan. The person who has completely realized the Almighty, becomes like Him, so by virtue of this achievement of spirituality all the divine knowledge starts to flow in to Him from the Almighty.



Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the Formless Truth Guru, who has no end or limitation.


Now in this one it has been made absolutely clear that Dhan Dhan Satguru is Nirankaar – means Akal Purakh Himself, who is infinite



Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the Truth Guru, who implants the Truth within.



Satguru is a great soul because He serves the truth. Serving the truth is the highest service to the Akal Purakh and that is what a Satguru does.



O Nanak, Blessed and Great is the Truth Guru,
through whom the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is received. ||2||

SGGS 1421


Satguru is great because only He has been blessed by the Almighty to  give Gurparsadi Naam to the Sangat. So one can get Gurparsadi Naam from such a Satguru only.


There are numerous other verses  which sing the praises of a Satguru. If we understand even just a few of them and develop a commitment and belief in them our spiritual goals can be reached with ease.  The bottom line is that a Satguru is a Pargatyeo Jyot – living God on Earth.


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)