35. Why we say SAT NAAM?

Why do we say SatNaam, meaning God’s Name Is "Truth"? Because everything else is temporary.  Our family will depart, our houses will crumble and we will also leave our body behind.  Everything around us is ever-changing, except for SatNaam.  SatNaam is forever stable. 


The ones who become absorbed in it become permanent too.  They merge into the Light of SatNaam within themselves and are no longer in the cycle of birth and death.  That’s why we say “SatNaam".  SatNaam is the primal seed from which the whole Creation has sprouted.  The SatGuru is the fruit of billions of years of evolution.  Within the SatGuru the seed of Satnaam is manifested.   The SatGuru plants the seed of Satnaam into the disciple, so their life will be fruitful too.  This website is dedicated to promoting true understanding of SatNaam – the greatest of all spiritual pursuits.


Articles on this website are written by an enlightened soul – Dassan Das (Servant of God’s Servants) as they came to him from God.  The divine knowledge comes to him whilst he is absorbed in SatNaam meditation – merged with God the Truth.  God wants the Truth to be revealed.  God wants you to complete your journey to Him.


May Satguru bless you with the gift of Satnaam.  You have not arrived at this website by accident.  Your blessed soul is on a spiritual journey, it knows it needs SatNaam to complete its journey.  Now is your chance to make the most of your human life and become an enlightened soul – become a Gurmukh.     Please use the FORUM above to post your prayer and request Dassan Das ji to bless you with Gurprasadi Naam.

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