34. Every religion calls God SatNaam

Ik Oankaar Sat Naam Satgur Parsaad
Guru Pyari Sat Sangat JI:
Dhan Dhan John Ji has given us an incredible piece of divine wisdom.
JOHN: I think the expressing forth of Sat Naam is going far beyond the group that thinks of itself as “Sikh”. The Naam is truly universal and is the root and Name of God of every major religion. I personally am finding interest in the Naam arising in many religious groups. Sat Naam is a Name of God which can be universally understood and is consistent with all beliefs. In a world where people argue about “which God” they are worshiping this is sorely needed. I suspect the impact of this internet group and the ability of people to receive the blessing of Naam is, and will be much farther reaching than anyone now imagines. To paraphrase Guru Nanak Ji’s original statement, There is no Moslem, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or seeker for a higher Truth no matter what form.  
DASSAN DAS JI COMMENT: That is an absolute truth – SAT means divine truth and that is the Naam – God is represented by the eternal truth, never changing. remains same, not perishable, stable and is infinite, no dimension, no depth, no boundries – same for the entire creation, same for every manmade race (human race is the only race though created by the Creator), so it is for the entire human race, we will say for the entire creation, because it is not only humans that can do meditation, it is the entire creation that is based on the Naam, for the entire creation the foundation is Naam, the Naam of the Creator. So when there are no boundries that means there are no Hindus, Muslims, Christians or Jews – it is the Human Race. So Naam is same for the entire creation – for the entire human race – eternal truth – and God Himself is defined by His Naam and that is SAT – Truth, divine truth.
So you are absolutely right the Sat Naam is for the entire human race.
JOHN:   Judaism-
Ex 3:14 “God said to Moses: I AM WHO AM. He said: Thus shalt thou say to the children of Israel: HE WHO IS, hath sent me to you“. God is saying He is the identity of existence.  Sat Naam means the Name or Identity of Absolute Existence. Sat means Absolute: Existence, Truth, Being, and Good, while Naam means the name of, or identity of. Sat Naam is therefore the Sanskrit translation of the Name of God, as understood in the scripture of Judaism and the Old Testament of Christianity.
DASSAN DAS JI COMMENT: This is an excellent piece of divine wisdom and thank you for bringing this up. It is very simple to understand – Naam is the identity – If we want to reach you then we would need to know what is your Name, once we know your Name is John then we can find your address and once we find your address then we can make arrangements to travel to your place and meet you. Same way Naam gives the identity of God – so here God is the entity which we want to meet and this is identifieable by the Naam SAT – Truth, and once we have the Naam – SAT then we will be able to find Him or realize Him or feel Him or exoerience Him in all physical senses. This path to the eternity has been defined as Gur Parsaad (God’s Grace)– and only the one who is chosen by the God to receive this Gur Parsaad will be able to get this Gur Parsaad – and who can be chosen according to the law of Karma – law of destiny – as you sow so shall you reap, it depends upon your deeds – if they are truthful or not and when you accummulate enough truthful deeds that are considered by the God as enough and makes you capable of receiving the eternal grace then you are blessed with this Gur Parsaad of Naam, and when you serve the Naam then you keep on getting closer and closer to the Almighty and when your Heart becomes as pure as SAT then Sat physically appears in your ownself. So basically it is the SAT that matters – eternal truth that matters, that is why TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.
JOHN:   Christianity :-
John 14:6  "Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life"
When Jesus says He is the Truth, he is saying his identity is Truth. Sat Naam means the Name or identity of Absolute Truth. Sat Naam is therefore the Sanskrit translation of the Name of Jesus, as understood in of Christianity. It is also the way to the Truth, for by transcending on Sat Naam we follow it to it’s source.
DASSAN DAS JI COMMENT: Excellent piece of divine wisdom, there is no difference between Guru Nanak, Mohammad and Jesus Christ – they are same and ONE and they belong to the entire creation, similarly at the present time the ones who have become SAT – Puran Braham Gyanis belong to the entire creation. The life element that keeps the creation going is the SAT – in the human being the life power is the God’s power, it is the God’s Jyot – divine light and that divine light is SAT – Sat is life and SAT is truth, that is why Sat is the Naam. SAT NAAM means SAT is the Naam – truth is the Name. So the teachings of Christ were same as teachings of Guru Nanak or for that matter any Puran Braham Gyani.
JOHN:   Islam:-
A Name of God, in the Qur’anic verses is stated: "That is because God, He is the Truth" (22: 6) and "God, He is the manifest Truth" (24: 25). He is the Truth means His identity is Truth. Sat Naam means the identity or manifestation of Absolute Truth, or Sat. As can be readily seen the Name of God, Sat Naam, expresses the same understanding of God, translated into Sanskrit, as the understanding of God held by the three major monotheistic traditions.
DASSAN DAS JI COMMENT: Excellent essense of the Quran – eternal truth and nothing else. Excellent description of the essence of Quran– this is an incredible piece of divine wisdom. Basically it boils down to the eternal truth – and there is one and only one eternal truth – God himself, everything else is born in time and space and is so destroyble and perishable in time and space, that is why the name of God is SAT – OR TRUTH – ETERNAL TRUTH.
Dassan Dass